Monday, August 22, 2016

Sweet Salvage ~ Top Five ~ Part II

I did manage to go back a second day to more leisurely soak in the Vignettes, usually I take at least one or more of the Kiddos.  But this day Princess T was having an epic Dramafest, so her Brother negotiated a successful bribe asking her what it would take for her NOT to go with us?   I owe that Child a debt of Gratitude, we dodged a bullet that certainly would have made for a more tense outing otherwise!  *Bwahahahaha!*

He had to give up his room and his X-Box for the entire day, which is no small Sacrifice for a Teen Boy allowing his little Sister to occupy his most Sacred Spaces in the entire Home.   He knew that when he got Home it would be likely that she would have been into and gone thru everything with the pretense of 'Cleaning Up' and Organizing for him. 

 Needless to say her own Spaces look ransacked and she's not the least bit Motivated to Clean nor Organize all that!  But she'll do anything to covertly see what he's squirreling away in his Spaces that she normally wouldn't gain access to!  So at least now one of their two Personal Spaces is Clean and Organized, and we didn't have to drag The Dark Princess along this day and endure Torturous Mood Swings... Praise God!  *Smiles*

And having two Teen Boys in tow was no Big Deal, since once Boys become Teens they typically aren't as Emotionally draining and tend to ditch you right away and do their own thing where ever you are... which Works for me too!  *LOL*   Plus they dig what I Enjoy, go figure... and I genuinely Like The Young Prince's Friends, he rolls with a Good Posse of Young People that I get along with really well and besides, they help me with all my Tech stuff.  *Winks*   Since his Crew are the Brainiacs of their Generation, the Creative ones and the Child Prodigy Types who are likely to Change the World... and Lord knows we Need that, right!?!  

There is a new section in the Warehouse that I really like the addition of called 'Source'... with a wealth of all your Architectural Salvage, Antique Hardware and Fabrication Needs.   For someone who has previously Restored Old Homes, you can't Imagine how much the Valley needed a Source of true Salvaged Elements from Historic Era Properties for those doing Restoration Projects and needing the Real Deal Elements to work with!!!

Victorian Corbels...

Antique Door Plates...

Antique Knobs... and a Host of Old Doors, Windows, Hardware, Trims, Light Fixtures etc. etc. etc...

I've been in a Funk lately due to health issues complicating an already complicated Life, so just having a couple of days to myself {well almost to myself} really improved my head space.   I'm taking it one day at a time and therefore really look forward to those rare days when I am not feeling completely exhausted, physically and emotionally depleted or extremely overwhelmed.

What were the Lustfest spendy items I would have liked to have snagged?  Well, this beyond Amazing Bookcase for one.   Don't have any Idea where I'd put it since I don't really have any space except the Boudoir for it and I have nothing French Grey in there so it would necessitate a complete Re-Do of Styling the Room.  *Ha ha ha*

I do Love French Grey and this Styling of Furnishings tho', so I could Transform a Room around a Statement piece like this and be Okay with it.  But I don't know that The Man would be comfy in a Frenchy Foo-Foo Bougie Boudoir Vibe?  *LOL*

But what IS our Vibe and existing aesthetic is this Black Antique Mantle with the Victorian Ceiling Tin insert... that is a piece I'd Love to drag Home to our Lair!

And though it would totally be the wrong hue for our Home and not practical with Men and Kiddos... I was Loving this Couch upholstered with Linen and an old U.S. Mail Sack, so Unique.

And I was totally diggin' the Vintage Industrial Cart under it too.

I always have to take a gander at the Boutique to see what new Creations the Artisans have come up with...

My Friend Cyndie has some more Gorgeous European Antique Meerschaum Religious pieces she has Created Necklaces out of.

And though I failed to get a good angle, Loved this Vignette with oversized Urns and a trio of very Interesting Exotic Animal Skullies.

Now the Black upholstered Sofa with Burlap accent is more my preferred Hue and would be more practical here with this Crew.

And I'm a complete Fanatic when it comes to Cloche Displays... everything always looks more Important and Interesting displayed under Glass IMO.

And this just goes to show you what you can overlook that is a Killer Piece but because you're in Sensory Overload, well, you just don't always Take In everything at a glance.   See that large piece?   Well, I failed to notice that it's actually two pieces and the top part is so Killer when I was there on Opening Day... completely overlooked it even though I Photographed it!

But then on the second visit, after someone had already purchased it and was readying to load it up I suddenly notice how Awesome it was... along with several other peeps in fact!   That is also why I often go back on another day, because you just can't take it all in during one visit and especially on the shopping frenzy of Opening Day.

Loved all the Grain Sack Pillows with Boro patching... though I have enough Pillows to last several Lifetimes I still have a Passion and actually somewhat of an Obsession for Pillows!  *LOL*

Well I Hope you will return and come along with us again... still have a wealth of Imagery to Share with you all.


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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