Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Star Gate Captain's Log...

Ever have one of those days where it's almost as if you've traveled to a Parallel Universe and there's unexpected stuff around every corner that you have to instantly react to?  Star Gate Captain's Log... August 2nd, 2016... it started out like any other day might only I'd been trying to keep The Young Prince's Anxiety levels in check since it would be Meet The Teachers Night at his High School for his start of the Junior Year TODAY.   At least that's what we thought and expected when we arrived to pick up his new Schedule.

We arrived early so we'd be first in line since I would have to leave immediately afterwards for my Night Shift at Work... and High School has a gazillion Kids so we'd be knee deep in Families quickly and he gets Panic Attacks in huge crowds swarming around him.  We'd cut and dyed his hair for the beginning of Band's Honor Guard to be in compliance for having Natural Color Hair.  He'd been working his arse off Attending and even Leading his Honor Guard for over a Month of long Nights at Band Camp since the Teacher never showed up and quit.  Nobody had said anything in all that time, no contact had been made.

So we didn't realize we'd be entering a Den waiting in Ambush to blindside us with shocking news and put our backs up against a Wall... we were like sitting Ducks.  I had never received an answer to my question about when his IEP would be scheduled to discuss his accommodations... with his Therapist and Caseworker on our Team in attendance for my backup.   I had been told the School Psychologist slash Caseworker assigned to him from School would be there that Meet and Greet Day to talk with us, Okay, we didn't expect an Ambush though!

To heighten my own Anxiety levels into overdrive, just before the doors opened I receive an Emergency Call from the Base Lab where I'd had my blood work done that Morning, saying I needed to come back immediately for more workups since something was wrong with my blood!!!   Uh oh, that doesn't sound good, but in actuality my blood hadn't looked good to me when they drew it and I even voiced that Concern to the Technician and then to The Man when I got Home, so this just Confirmed my gut instinct something was wrong.  That and I've been pretty much feeling like crap for a while now.

But I'd have to put that potential Emergency on Hold for the Morning since right now I was dealing with a whole new Beast of a Situation about to rear it's ugly head and throw us totally off Guard and into Defensive Mode!  We walk up to receive his Schedule and an Administrative Leader intercepts us and calls him by Name.    Oh, we've been trying to reach you she claims, he's no longer enrolled here, we've already Transferred him to an Alternative School she says!!!   WTF??!  We're in Shock and I know a meltdown is about to unravel for The Young Prince since he needs to know in advance whatever is happening to prepare Mentally and Emotionally due to his Disability!  They know this too, it's in his IEP... the one I'm sure by now has likely not been in Compliance or mebbe even read?!?

 And Funny, we've had no calls or attempts at Contact recently, I'd been in to the Office last Week making inquiries in Person and he's been at Band Camp all freakin' Month every Night!  So how hard HAVE you been trying to reach us I demand... to relay this critical information a DAY BEFORE School starts?  You DO know School starts TOMORROW, right?!  We don't even know where this Alternative School even is or anything about it, haven't had any Contact from them either! 

 I was only told much earlier this Summer that because whoever Called me the one time to even suggest an Alternative Placement didn't even know he was a Special Needs Child, so I hadn't consented to any Changes due to that ignorance, that nothing would Change behind our backs.  She said we'd discuss it further at his IEP and due to his IEP Status he'd be on a waiting list for the four Special Ed slots at said Alternative School now anyway since that was a Game Changer!  So we'd have plenty of time to prepare him if that was the best placement Plan and we consented?!  Clearly none of that happened and now here we were suspended in Limbo and Outer Space, less than 24 hours before School would start and not knowing where the hell he would be shipped off to?!

Well, he can't attend here, she says matter of factly, he's no longer enrolled but here's what his Schedule WOULD have been... she hands me his Schedule, you know, the one he won't actually have!!! {WTF????, yeah it's getting really Freaky and Other Planetary Like now!}   Like that was the end of the Story and we'd just Go Away... au contraire Silly Woman!!!   Besides, he's got a Host of his Peers and their Families in a long line behind us during this whole Embarrassing Ambush clearly eavesdropping... and getting annoyed our Crisis is holding up the line!  So by now Young Prince is Mortified, Angry and ready to go Postal from how Humiliating and Shocking it all was for him!!!

Some of the Kiddos he knows are Curious now and try to ask him what's going on... Hell we don't even know... so I'm sure the Rumor Mill will run rampant now, you know how Teens are about Juicy Gossip!  We don't speak to anyone else, I'm now on a Mission to Hunt Down the School Psychologist, where is she I demand and she BETTER be here Today because I want answers STAT!???!!  No more Avoidance Techniques for her, this is the eleventh freakin' hour and we're just now being informed of all this we never agreed to and knew absolutely nothing about... there's some explaining to do!

We find her in crowded Lunchroom with the Underclassmen Crowd and pull her aside.   She instantly goes into Hi how are you as if nothing is wrong Mode... all Smiles and asking how his Summer has been... yeah, it's so Mad Tea Party Cray-Cray now I'm not sure what to think of these people and I can be pretty far down a Rabbit Hole myself... but DAMN, this is too Trippy for even me to wrap my Head around?!??!   This is one Mad Tea Party I don't really want to be attending, I'm expecting the Red Queen to bounce in any minute and say Off With Their Heads and be seeing a White Rabbit rushing by with his Watch saying we're definitely gonna be Late now to start 11th Grade with how this Scene is playing out!

She goes into her convoluted Explanation of the turn of events and how we have to make a decision whether to decline and have no freakin' School he can attend or accept the Transfer right here and now coz there's this long waiting list for his coveted Special Ed slot and they need to let the other Parents know our decision!?!   What!!!???  But, since they haven't even ACTUALLY given the Alternative School a firm decision or know if he's been Accepted, so we'll have to wait 'til that School contacts us... he could still be Welcome to come to their School Today and go to the Classes he won't really be attending!??!!  What's the Point he demands?  Oh, so you won't have any UNEXCUSED ABSENCES she says!   Are you Nuts we're thinking?!?

She's looking straight into his Face, which by now indicates strongly to anyone whose ever dealt with someone with Serious Mental Illness, that he's about to Pop Off and is as rigid and tense as an overwound seven day clock!  She's supposed to be a Psychologist this Woman... she's pushing him hard and saying all the wrong things and she proceeds to Grin and ask him to give her Fist Pumps and a High Five like he's on Board with this Insanity!!!!!!!  He's not THAT Crazy Lady to get aboard your Crazy Train and he happens to be highly Intelligent so don't Patronize him... or me! 

 I thought he might put his hands on her and I'm feeling quite sick to my stomach now, so I tell her to back off, he's too Upset and Angry for trite levity in a very serious Situation we never expected and are trying to Process in Real Time under Coercion no less!!!  He stands firm and calls her Out, grilling her on what kind of Alternative this School actually is?   Oh, they're all Kids like YOU she says!!!   And WHO ARE Kids LIKE ME he responds, Define US? 

 She goes on to say what portion of the Student Body is typically a Candidate, yep, just what we Suspected, mostly Seniors with more than Academic Issues.  He tells her he's got Firsthand Experience with such Alternatives since he was already sent to one at the other District.  He tells her it was mostly filled with Juvenile Delinquents, those on House Arrest, Gang-Bangers, Future Drop Outs and the "Behaviorally Challenged"... along with reminding her those are NOT Kids LIKE HIM!  It was not a Safe Environment and he got Victimized in such a way by some of the Older Students that we had to get our CPS Caseworker at the time involved... and the Police!  Yeah, we don't wanna revisit that kinda Alternative again... EVER!

 She claims Oh No, these Kids at this School aren't like that, they're just like YOU she insists... and the Teachers are Wonderful, lets give it a Go shall we?  Besides, you're 'Special' enough and had such a Credits Crisis we put you to the top of the Waiting List.  And besides, you'd end up there anyway in your Senior year and never Graduate with your class, it would take over three years for you to catch up, blah blah blah ad nauseum!!!   Now he's talking about just dropping out and take a GED Test Online, it would be easier than the Stress of facing such "Alternative" Educating and being Warehoused in an inappropriate setting!  My Heart sinks to my feet and I'm thinking just Shut Up Lady are you trying to push him over the Edge, Seriously, right here in front of God and Everybody?!!  

 Honestly, I thought I might have an out of Control Psychotic Episode hit him from trying to Cope with all this without any Warning of what they'd be putting him through!?   He's way bigger than me now so I only Hoped Security was nearby if we needed them?   I was trying to restrain myself, more for his Sake, since I could have gone quite Mental myself in Defense of my Child the way this was all being handled so inappropriately!   I Wondered why I thought this allegedly Highly Rated School would be any different, had I made a bigger Mistake moving here... and knowing Princess T will be in this same spot a mere four years from now made me feel quite Sick actually.

I quickly get us out of there while either of us was still in Control of our Emotions... I was fighting back Tears, of Frustration, Sorrow and Anger... I'm so Sick of this shit, you have no Idea.   Now he's trying to Comfort me knowing I'm under too much Strain and my Mind is racing with backup Plans if things get even worse than they already are.  Naturally I'm not going to Work now, so I call in to tell them I'm handling an unexpected Crisis with my Grandson regarding School.  He waits til we're away from the Campus to break down and Sob uncontrollably, all I could do was get him Home and hold him tightly until he could Cry no more and be Convinced Gramma would ENSURE he would Succeed, I Promise it!  Some kind of way I'll find a way... you know I will... I will not let you down or Give Up on you... ever.

He felt he needed Emergency Counseling with a Therapist, but that's another System and Story, we couldn't even get a Call Back from the Crisis Line... not that unusual... I left a Voice Mail.   We still have no response, he's not going to attend a Schedule of Classes at a School Today he's not even enrolled in and won't be attending, that's just Stupid and added Stress he does not need.  I'll be locating this Alternative School after I get Princess T dropped off for her first day of School and my Emergency Lab Work done this Morning for my jacked up blood Situation, whatever it is? 

 I need Answers to a myriad of Questions.  He needs to Rest and Recover from Yesterday's Ordeal.   This Morning he said forget about a Therapist, he's pulled it together sufficiently not to feel in Crisis Danger now of hurting himself or others... and they can't Change anything anyway... True that.  He's a Strong Kid, he's always HAD to be, we'll get thru this like we always do... I'll Trust in the Lord for that Strength to Endure these new Storms.


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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