Saturday, August 6, 2016

My Rabbit Hole Escape

The Monsoons have gone into high gear dumping record amounts of water on the Desert, which we really need, just not all at once... like three inches in an hour in some places, which is more than we usually get annually!  So, it's cooled things down but made it sticky humid and kinda Crazy flooded... uggh.  That means Energy sapped so I've spent an inordinate amount of time Indoors practicing with my nifty New Camera honing Photography skills and now Sharing some of the results with you in this Post!  *LOL*

And averting Crisis, such as The Young Prince missing all of last week's beginning of School due to the High School's mess up... which was Epic and not done legally so there were some face to face Meetings about that.   Since nobody was returning my calls anyway I decide to load The Man and Young Prince up while Princess T was in School and just spring a Surprise Visit on the alleged 'Alternative School' placement after I used Google Map to find this remote location in the Desert!!!  Yeah, this place was out in the middle of nowhere... probably to avert Escapes by the looks of it?!?  *LOL*

Right away our Observations indicate to us that this is NOT an appropriate Placement... we're just an Observant lot like that!  *Winks*  Like the fact they called it Intake rather than Enrollment... the Young Prince catches on to that terminology quickly and states, "You Intake Prisoners and Patients... you Enroll Students..."!!!   Yeah... I know... but lets scope this out further just to give the benefit of any doubts about where the hell are they trying to send you?!??! 

 Now we notice all the doors have Security Card Locks too that only Staff can let you in or out of... uh oh total Lock Down like a Juvenile Correctional Facility or Mental and Behavioral Health Facility, this is not good.  Plus they have no record of said Transfer or if he's even a suitable candidate for "Reform" Education, WHAT!!!!  Is this a Reform School?!?  Then why the hell are they sending him here?!  He's not a Juvenile Delinquent, Court Ordered for 'Reform' nor "Behaviorally Challenged"... he's a Good Kid with Academic barriers and poor grades due to a diagnosed Medical Condition, he doesn't belong here... these are not Kiddos "Just Like Him" as the School Psychologist tried to shine us on! 

So they want us to meet with the Principal and Counselor since we all now have more questions than answers about this recommendation!!!  They take us thru the locked doors towards the Conference Room, loud blood curdling screams from a Female Student are heard from just down the hall and go on for about the first five minutes of the Meeting!!!  OMG, Lord Jesus, now that's all we can think about and we're all unsettled!!!!!!!!!!   The Young Prince is scared and looking down said hallway where the screams are coming from and the Counselor says, "Is anything Wrong?"   WTF, is anything Right, like don't you HEAR that?!?!!  

Yes, something is Wrong the Young Prince says, this looks, feels and definitely sounds more like a Mental Institution or Correctional Facility than a School, I have not done anything Wrong.  And I know I could never Learn anything, concentrate on School Work or Deal with all THAT going on, I'd be thinking about trying to Escape, I don't feel Safe and I don't want to be here.   I don't even know why they've made a referral to transfer him here to a place like this because CLEARLY this is unsuitable placement and I never got an addendum to his IEP or a Meeting to even discuss this I add!  So I'm totally Confused now.

  Well if he has an IEP the Principal concurs, then this isn't even a Legal Transfer... yep, I know, been telling the High School that all along... mebbe you need to fill them in on the Letter of the Law for Persons with Disabilities I suggest!   I also fill him in on The Young Prince's diagnosed Disability, including the extreme Social Anxiety and Panic Attacks... this place would paralyze him with Fear and Panic... The Man and I are even unsettled by this Environment I says.   Not to mention we'd been witnessing the other "Intakes" of the day as we'd sat in the waiting room... what a Sideshow of Humanity that had been, I felt like I was back at the DA's Office reviewing files!   No, this is not the Peer Group I'd want him exposed to or have to endure being around... period!

I could tell they did not think this a suitable placement either and Clearly our Grandson was not on board with being a Guinea Pig for this Experiment on being gotten rid of out of the Public High School system for the sake of convenience!!!   Needless to say we barely got Home before the High School calls to say the Principal of the Alternative School had a Conference Call with them and would not accept the recommendation and suggested the IEP Meeting should be addressing suitable options and that this Child should not be denied attendance and his Education for any further days.  So... he's immediately enrolled again in his High School, I've demanded Compliance with his IEP by ALL Teachers this year and he starts on Monday.

He's Delighted and Relieved... that's all he wanted in the first place, to begin 11th Grade with the Peers he already knows and has Friendships established, not have to change Schools for a fourth time in less than two years and try to do better Academically this year.  I know this is not the end of said Battle but we've held our ground and Liability Issues for now have been squashed.  Which is a good thing since I just got the annual paperwork from the Adoption Subsidy Caseworker wanting to know how School is going and if he's enrolled and where?   Now I can fill it all out on time to tell her by the deadline!  Otherwise they'd be doing a formal Investigation to find out why he's being denied an Education and the School could Deal with that Inquisition because I'd certainly be on his Caseworker's Team to wanna know why as well?!?

Because even tho' I Adopted these Grandkids, since their Needs and Disabilities are so Profound, The System still tracks their Well Being and Placement Suitability for the sake of our entire Family and to get us Services they might Need or Qualify for.   Which is a Good Thing and I don't mind, because Lord knows I don't mind having a Team of Caseworkers on our Side and Advocating on behalf of these Children because otherwise it could be a lopsided Battle for sure!!!  As it is Princess T is referring to his High School as The Evil High School now!  *Le Sigh*  And since she'll have to go there in another four years, I want to change her Sentiments about that.   All she knows is what the past week has done to her Big Brother because of them and had to Witness that Trauma firsthand as I run damage control!!!  It made her Angry for him and Fearful of ever going there herself.

But, we've weathered another Storm successfully and will just continue to take it one day at a time as we always have.   So being down my Rabbit Hole Escape and surrounded by my Lovelies, Photographing them with nifty New Camera has been quite Relaxing and Therapeutic.   Especially since the follow-up with my Doc on the Bad Blood Work results didn't go so well either.  Seems my Pancreas is crapping out and my numbers for the Diabetes, in spite of following current Medical Intervention Suggestions and Diet, are dismal and at critical mass.  Gee Doc you're just full of Good News aren't you?!   Yikes, knew I didn't Feel so Good lately, but overall didn't think I was tanking like this!!!   So... how do we develop a Game Plan to keep me Vertical and above dirt?

More Western Medicine, more Western Medical Specialists... ugggh, she knows how I Feel about that, but she's very Sensitive and Respectful of my outlook and preferences for Eastern and Holistic Medicine as well so I Like her.   For sure when the Old House Sells I'm going to see my Chinese Doctors again to see if they can turn this around more successfully with the type of Medical Practices I have more Trust, Belief and Confidence in but Insurance won't pay for!?   Can't hurt that's for sure.   And speaking of the Old House, we're at the end of some current Negotiations with another Serious Buyer who got Development Project Plans approved by the City so they'll be moving forward on trying to Close a Deal with us for the Purchase... yay!

We could be on the Home Stretch for Closure of that Chapter of our Lives and thus more Financial Freedom as well.   I'm more than ready and the Current Potential Buyer is The Salvation Army Church, who I have Mad Respect for and would Love to have own the Property.  They are right next door and they've been Great Neighbors and Friends for decades and will Develop the site as an Expansion for Youth Services as a benefit to the entire Community, which is Awesome and will bring Glory to God!!!   So I am Hopeful the Negotiations go very well and we reach a mutually Beneficial Agreement through their Agents and mine to Close the Deal and transfer Ownership quickly.

I do Believe with all my Heart that any previous doors that the Lord Closed were for Greater Good and I've therefore Trusted in that and His Wisdom and Purposes completely.  We've had many Interested Buyers but nothing ever worked out satisfactorily and was a Divine Delay the way I looked at it.  So though disappointing and Creating a certain amount of stress and hardship for us, I had to be Patient and Trust God for whatever Outcome would work out in the end.   I Feel we could be near the end and I'm Hopeful and Pleased with how this potential Outcome looks and Feels right now in my Spirit.  It would not only be answer to Prayer for me to have a Sale I have a Peace about, but to know the Old Homestead will belong to the Lord for His Purposes thru the Church.

After all, that is what Mike, the Original Owner of that property always wanted... in fact, upon his Death his Will had attempted, many years ago to Gift the Property to a Church and that Church declined, he had no heirs, they had no Use for it and after years of waste and neglect it got Condemned and eventually put up for Sale to pay off some existing Liens the City refused to pay for... so I did... and Rescued it.   Some things just come Full Circle for God's Glory don't they?  As if it was always meant to be that way... which makes me very Happy indeed!  

And that my Purpose and part for that Beloved Property's Story was Fulfilled and my Job to Protect and be a Steward of it is now Done.  It had been a Crazy almost Scary Calling and Ride to buy a Historic but Condemned Homestead and be Stewards of it during a particularly difficult time of our Lives, but we were Obedient to what we truly Felt in our Spirit to be the right thing at the right Time.   Time now to pass the Torch perhaps back to a Church and fulfill Mike's dying Wish finally, almost two decades later?!!!  I know Mike would be Smiling broadly from Heaven since he Loved that Old Place so much... as much as we did!  And whatever God's Purpose for it is, well, it's something I can have total Peace about as I Let Go of something I truly Love... after all, God gave us this Wonderful Dream Villa in Exchange, and made it Possible to be Living The Dream, didn't He!!!!!   Hallelujah and to God be ALL the Glory!  Amen!!!!!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Yes! To God Be The Glory! Praying for a closing very soon! So glad you took that visit to the "alternative school" and they got the ball tolling for placement back at his high school! God Bless You as always!!

    1. Your visits and Encouragement are always such a Positive reinforcement my Friend! Yes, it has been Wonderful to finally have some Good News mixed in with the Challenges. Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. I am absolutely horrified at how close your grandson came to being "enrolled" in that alternative school. Good for you in investigating further and rescuing him from this travesty.

    1. I agree Colette, the damage done with irresponsible and inappropriate Placement, of especially a Special Needs Child or Vulnerable Adult, can be devastating to them and the entire Family. This is why I Advocate strongly on behalf of Vulnerable Disabled Children and Adults to ensure travesties can be averted and their Rights are not being Violated. There are Laws in place as protective measures so that they are not victimized or exploited but you, as their Advocate, have to be aware of what is not being done legally so you can Protect their Rights and ensure their Well-Being and Safety. Thanks for coming by for encouragement and a Blog visit. Dawn... The Bohemian


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