Saturday, August 13, 2016

It's Not Official... But...

I know it's not Officially Autumn yet, but quickly we're moving into my Favorite Season.  I shouldn't probably say I have a Favorite Season, since every Season certainly has it's merits that I also Enjoy the Uniqueness of, so in all Fairness I Like them all... but I Love Autumn!  There is something about Autumn and it's Vibe, Hues, Holidays, Smells and Visuals that I'm deeply Attracted to on a visceral level. 

Once the Retail Shops start the early Decorating with it and for preparation of it, I'm reveling in the Atmosphere it Creates, I get the warm fuzzies, I could wander the Shops soaking it all in longer.  I also almost always end up doing some early Seasonal Purchases while the selection is excellent.  I've found that hesitating can mean it's gone long before the masses begin to think upon the next Holiday's Decor.  The best stuff goes to the Early Birds!  I don't want leftovers, nor do I care to scoop things up at a fraction of the cost since who wants a fraction of a leftover or a fraction of anything?!  *LOL* 

So when the Dollar Store was stocking their Dia de los Muertos Decor for the upcoming Holidays, I snapped up one of each Style of Sugar Skull Poster-board Artwork for Ninety-Nine Cents each!   Along with some insulated Sugar Skull Tumblers with built in straws and some Sugar Skull Bunting.  Last year they Sold Out of all their Dia de los Muertos Inventory so fast that if you weren't an Early Bird you didn't have a chance of getting any!

Around New Villa Boheme' I'm still trying to get things off the piles on the floor and hung up. I'm almost thinking that if I can get some more Edison Bulb hanging Industrial Light Kits, we'll be ready to install all the Ambient Lighting with my Antique Lampshades by Autumn too?  It's a short range Goal, we'll see how that plays out?  *Winks*  I'm longing to have all my Lighting and Shades up again to further personalize our Home and put our Stamp upon it.

I did get some more Taxidermy hung up this Morning.  With not feeling 100% I'm only tackling very moderate and small Projects.  But it still gives me a feeling of Accomplishment to slowly be getting things Done and building some momentum.   Once the Weather Cools off I Hope to be able to get back into the Garages and tackle unpacked Storage to rid myself of all the boxes from the Big Move and continue to Cull, Edit and Curate possessions.  That's more of a long range Goal that I know will have to be paced reasonably.

With The Young Prince coming down with Strep Throat after only four days of School Attendance, spending all of Thursday Night at the ER with him and getting Home past Midnight, then Working Friday Night, Today I've been drained.  He missed School on Friday due to still being contagious, Lord it doesn't take Kiddos long to Share diseases at School does it!?!  *Le Sigh*  He had a healthy Summer and succumbs to a contagious illness only four days into being around his peers!!!  

Because Sick Brother is getting the Sick Kid Attention lavished upon him... and BTW he's an Easy Sick Kid since he's not a High Maintenance Sick Person like some people in the Family *Winks*... a certain Diva has been overcome with Jealousy!!!  When the Spotlight shifts and she she's not getting everyone's full Attention and Center Stage there is a disturbance in The Force and she goes positively Mental about just any trifle one could Imagine!  I have a very fertile Imagination but I cannot possibly Imagine what she will go Mental over next, it always blindsides us all!

I made Home-Made Vietnamese Chicken Pho {Soup} from scratch since two of the four of us aren't feeling 100%... she Loves Chicken Pho, it's her Favorite.  But due to the Universe not revolving around her, there is a trifle she went Mental about that I couldn't possibly Imagine nor Predict and caused her to refuse to eat her Soup.  Storm off in true Diva Fashion to sequester herself in her room: The Asian Soup Spoons are different Colors and hers wasn't the Red One... we could not find the Red One!   Lord Jesus... it won't taste any different with the Pink, Lime Green, White or Floral Decorated Spoons I says!!!

Nope, she was stubbornly holding out for the Red One... it's probably packed somewhere, who knows, I don't Care!  *LOL*  I don't DO Diva Moments... I have Zero Tolerance for Diva Behavior, Passive Aggressive Folks and High Maintenance People in fact.  If you've known me any amount of time you realize my zero tolerance means I react instantly since it pushes my Dark Side button.   Swiftly Dealing with any of the above aforementioned behavioral challenges some People might have and too many others tolerate even tho' it makes everyone miserable.  I won't Engage them long but I will not be Pretty in my Swift Dealings with them... and in this instance her!  *Winks*

 Since Obedience and Respect are Cornerstone Values for me and I demand both we immediately had a Face Off... and thus now I'm labeled The Big Old Meanie!  *Ha ha ha*   Don't mind the Old and Meanie part... but the Big part kinda stings a bit!  * Bwahahahaha!*  Needless to say she's eating Soup with whatever Color spoon Gramma now gives her and she hoisted up the White Flag for that Face Off and it tasted just Fine with the other Color spoon, Imagine that!  *LOL*   I knew she wouldn't miss such a tasty Favorite meal... and while everyone was having seconds, she was having second thoughts before it was all gone!  *Smiles*

 Kids and especially prepubescent Girls with Special Needs, can be absolutely Cray-Cray sometimes in what matters to them and they go Mental about!    But honestly I think it was her feeling starved for Attention... being the Soup Meal was all about those of us not feeling 100%!   It's often Caregiving duties along with mini meltdowns, with any one or more of the trio in my Care, that can throw me off track for getting things done that I had Plans to do.  I often abort Missions and Projects due to Family matters.   I think anyone running a Household has had to deal with juggling various responsibilities... as I get Older I'm just not the Circus Juggling Act I used to be!

I've slowed way down and Accepting and Embracing the limitations Time can impart is a Process.   I Wish I could say I'm flowing with the Changes better of Aging when it comes to slowing way down and being Okay with that, but I tend to be a very Driven Person so going slower is hard for me to Accept or Embrace!  As the Seasons Change I'm Excited to get things in Order so I can Decorate for the upcoming Holiday Season more completely than we could the first year of Celebrating them here.

The first year was Exciting because it was the first Holiday Season in our New Home, but so much was still up in the air after the Big Move and packed away, so we had to Make Do or do without.  This year I'd like to be more Organized and unpacked so that the Holidays are more settled and like we usually Celebrate and Decorate for them.  I Love Decorating for Autumn especially, the Color Palette for that Season is my all time Favorite Hues for the Home.

Yes, we do have some Lightness here and there... but the Warm Color Palette is so much more Enjoyable for us to Live with.  I'm a little ahead of the Game because last year I didn't even put everything Seasonal away that could just stay out and be Enjoyed year round.  I wasn't Obsessed about banishing Seasonal Elements from our World completely, I'm not a Purist when it comes to anything and especially not about 'Rules' in Decorating. *Winks*

So, Velvet Pumpkins and the Rich Shades of Autumn have been Present all year long, I'll just add to it now.  I should probably work on a Holiday Theme for my Showrooms too, but I'm not certain I can get the complete Make-Over done in larger Showroom 114 that I've been intending to in time?  That's another short range Goal I want to kick into overdrive, Curating the Showrooms and revamping the whole Style and Inventory to reflect an Aesthetic more near and dear to my own Heart.

I know I've been saying that for a while now but I need to get around to the actual application of it, which will require a fair amount of Work and Time devoted to it, which are in short supply right now on my Schedule.  Haven't felt like hard Work lately due to health issues and haven't had the Time to do any major Goals either.  Same old story... whaddya gonna do, right?  *Smiles*

I've been Encouraging and Inspiring myself lately watching Old U-tube Videos of various Shows from the Past that had a Vibe I really Enjoyed and Connected to... and bringing back some of that Vintage Vibe of Styles from about a decade ago.  I'm just not Feeling some of the newer Shows and Styles coming out, not my particular Aesthetic... and though Pretty and Interesting... I know I'd never Decorate with nor wear the current Styling I'm seeing right now.

I am still an Old Gal that prefers decadent Velvet, Brocades, fringe and Bohemian Elements that I realize aren't everyone's cup of Tea, but they are my Boho Vibe and Aesthetic and I don't wanna Change.   I still prefer the Weird and the Wonderful over the Trendy or the Flavor of the Month when it comes to Decor and Fashion.  I know there are others like me dying to be able to Throw Back to some of those Styles and Fashion or Decor we J'Adore... so why not bring it to them I say?  Why stash and keep it all to myself like a Greedy Ole Nomad Hippie?  *LOL*

I'm often asked why my Showrooms don't look more like our Home... and I've been asking myself that very Question.   And Transformation is therefore absolutely necessary even tho' it may mean shutting down one Showroom at a time while I work on the task... for however long it takes to get it done with fewer interruptions than keeping it Open during The Process.

Doing that during the Holiday Season isn't that Wise tho' since Sales always pick up so I'd want both Showrooms Open for business, so I'm wondering if I should lay out my Plans and work it into the New Year?   Makes more sense since it might be by New Year that I can actually make an impact upon a more complete Transformation anyway in earnest.

I actually like Making Over my Spaces either here at Home or in the Showrooms when I feel up to it and have the Time set aside to do it properly and give it my Full Attention.   So... that's the Autumn Game Plan... not yet Official... but... I'm Scheming on it and Dreaming about it daily now!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I love all the pumpkins, especially the velvet ones.

    1. I know Colette, I have a Passion for the Velvet Pumpkins as well... I like to hang my Antique Brooches and earrings on them for display and to easily access my Jewels. *winks* Thanks for coming by for a Blog Visit... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Gather the stuff you want to change your booths too and put The Princess on it! She can pull out before she gets to change them as well! Then you can tweet them later while they're in school!

    1. She will likely volunteer for the project when I get around to it... I just would like to have an entire day to devote to it when I begin, since I'd like to empty the room out and start with a blank canvas if I can manage that. Thanks for coming by for a Blog Visit my Friend... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Seriously FALL? I can't do it...still sweltering even this far North...and can't even begin to think of Fall..or Autumn or Halloween, even though it is totally my season. But then, my enviornment is busted drywall and dust---and only my porch is untouched. So green it is still for me. Thanks for the peek and reminder I'm always behind here in blog-land, lol

    1. Ah I all too well remember restoration and remodeling going on forever and ever it seemed when we were so young and Game for a Project and a Challenge! *Ha ha ha* Intense satisfaction but so much Work... so now just Decorating is Challenging enough in a Turn-Key Home for Yours Truly and Decorating for Holidays, well, if I don't start early enough, it will never be seen thru to fruition! LOL Dawn... The Bohemian


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