Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Italiante Fantasy... Or The Shining?

I ain't gonna lie, I LOVE a Good Fantasy... the more Outrageous a Fantasy the better in fact, my Imagination runs Wild!  The only thing I Love more than an Imaginary Fantasy is one that is actually Real enough it could become a Reality... then the Fantasizing runs rampant on the Canvas of my Imagination... WHAT IF?  Victorian Homes... the Real Deal ones... has always been a Lifelong Fantasy that never will be a Reality, but I can't help but go to Fantasy Land when I peruse the National Listings of these Grand Old Dames.  Fabulous Historic Homes that have Survived the ravages of Time and defied 'Progress' and typically much Neglect and Indifference, Sentinels of a Lost Era that barely exists in most places Today.

So when I find a Magnificent one that has been Lovingly Preserved and Cared for, clearly Cherished and Invested in the Maintenance of, my Heart skips a beat when I see it for Sale!  I Salivate over the Imagery Shared in the Listing... and sometimes the ridiculously low price is jaw-dropping... surely, SOMETHING must be Wrong, right?  *LOL*  

 Typically with the Victorian Era Homes it's almost ALWAYS Location... Millionaire's Rows of the 1800-1900 and Lavish Estates typically end up in ruin or decline in Value due to the area becoming blighted over time.  Or sometimes it's just some place few want to live for a variety of other reasons.  But when the Images of such Breathtaking Details Captivate me like this Grand Old 1900 Italiante Fantasy Mansion and Estate... I just gotta delve deeper into the Fantasy, I can't help myself!!!

OMG just look at the Spectacular Real Italian Barbola on the Chandie Medallions and Crown Molding I gasped!!!   Look at all of the Original Victorian Chandies!!!   

Look at the Sublime Detailing on the Ceilings and the Woodwork I exclaim!  I fairly felt Faint I tell you!!!  I was falling in Lust... and on the Canvas of my Imagination I was already Owning this Property and Imagining us Living there, traipsing around all this Splendor like a Queen in my Castle!  *LOL*

The Fireplaces and Mantles were Exquisite and numerous, some rooms had TWO!!!  Over 5300 square feet of utter Architectural Excellence that you couldn't even replicate Today at any price!!!  Nestled on seven Pristine heavily wooded Acres, set way back in the Woods in fact, Secluded and Private, positively Estately. 

 And yet, the price was unbelievably AFFORDABLE and actually low even in this immaculate condition... WHY?  I'm not sure I really Cared, I was just getting carried away with my Fantasy to really Care about any Realities you know... you do know, don't you, when you just Ignore possible Facts and are just caught up in the Fantasy!?!??!  *Winks*

I was gleefully showing my Family and Friends... the G-Kid Force were quite sure it must be Haunted, that's why it's a Bargain?  I Wonder how many people have died there they mused?  *LOL*   A Young Co-Worker who actually is from the State it's in tells me it's fierce weather in that part of the State and nobody really wants to Live there, he wouldn't even want to Live there and he Loves his Home State!   Did you ever see The Shining he asks?  Remember Jack Nicholson's Character after a Winter sequestered in an equally Historic Grand Hotel?  Yeah, well... that would be you guys he says!!!  *Bwahahahaha!*

The Man reminds me that I already whine about being only 15-20 minutes outside of a Major Metropolis and think this place is out in the boonies... you'd lose your Mind in that Seclusion he says!  You'd have to put a Snow Plow on the front of your Truck half the year to get out of the Woods and onto the Main Street!!!  *LOL*  The Kiddos for sure would have to be Home Schooled coz we'd be Snowed In he adds!  

 Another Friend says he lived in that particular State for about two Months... which was enough before he moved back to Arizona.  It was 100 miles to the nearest Home Depot or Restaurant, the Wind never stops blowing!   Nothing to do... nobody around for miles... yes, you'd BE Jack, I don't Care how Fine that house is!  *Smiles... by now we're all hysterical!*

Okay, Okay, so Location is shattering the Fantasy, I Get It, you all are probably Right?!  *Winks*  But just look at those Ceilings I Sigh!   Now my Fantasy takes a turn to it just being the Summer Home... why not, we're in full Fantasy Mode, right?  We'd only Summer there, surely the Summers are Divine?  We'd stick some unfortunate Caretaker there during the Winters, like they did Jack's Family in The Shining, and haul the bodies out after the first thaw!  

 My Young Co-Worker whose Home State it is recounts how the Mosquitoes are as big as Dragonflies in the Summer!!!   Yeah, already I'm seeing the glitches even on the Canvas of my Imagination, it's looking less Dreamy and more Nightmarish, I gotta admit.  *LOL*

But I can't help but think how Idyllic this would be if it were here rather than THERE... dammit!   Of coarse here it would be a several Million dollar Listing and only viable for the exceedingly Wealthy Client... rather than under three hundred Thousand and my Imagination just can't make that stretch.   Because that's not Economically Reality based by any stretch of the Imagination!   *Bwahahahahaha!!!*  But at the price this was, it was AFFORDABLE, even way less expensive than New Villa Boheme' had been so the Numbers were enticing!  So much bang for your buck!  Fantasy bang for your buck in fact!

It's been in the same Family for the last forty years... so clearly they Loved it dearly and they Survived... so couldn't be THAT bad, lest they are super hardy folks.   Most people who live in very inclement Climates where few else wanna live usually are though... super hardy Pioneer Types.   I'm not a Pioneer Type Woman... Nomadic World Traveler but not a True Pioneer... likes my Conveniences and City Life too much to go totally off the grid.

And though this isn't what I personally call a Fixer-Upper, since it's been Completely Restored and immaculately Cared for in what they've kept Original, and I've certainly Endured Fixer-Uppers most of my Adult Life... I could notice Challenges and what I'd have to Change.   I would have to update that Fridge... though I am still totally diggin' many of the Original Features that have Survived and I wouldn't alter.

I've cooked meals on a Stove as Old as that one... so no problemo there... and that looks like a couple more Ice-Boxes, Commercial Grade, so we'd be good.  But then I'm remembering that lack of Civilization... and me not necessarily being Suzy Homemaker in the Kitchen. 

  More importantly no Grocery Stores nearby probably and that would make me Crazy... I'm already lamenting lack of Grocery Stores, Restaurants and Gas Stations around here but at least they're not ridiculously long drives away.  I'm already lamenting lack of a Social Life out here, Lord knows how few people there are even around there???!???!  Yeah, Rural Living ain't my Thing for sure!

Nice updates in the Bathroom though, sometimes Old House Bathrooms and Kitchens are the most scary of rooms in a Historic Era Home, we're so Spoiled nowadays!    Loving the Real Deal Italian Marble walls!!!   The Listing said a new Slate Roof had been installed recently which cost almost as much as the Ask Price!   So really this is being given away... that indicates to me True Love of the place by the current Owner, they don't want it Abandoned and Lost to Time due to not being able to Sell it!

I don't blame them, if this were mine I'd be wrought with anxiety about what might happen to it when I had to leave it?!?    Nothing of this Caliber is being built Today and when they are all gone... it will be grievous to those of us who have mad Passion and Love Affairs with such Historic Structures!   When any are being torn down I Mourn as if a person died!   Just look at those Floors and how expansive even the smaller Bedrooms are!

That Bronze Statuary Light on the Stair casing is Divine and still works!  What I particularly liked about this particular Victorian is that the walls were not too busy.   I Love over the top Detailing but that coupled with the busy Wallpapering of most Victorians is Visual Sensory Overload I can't always handle!   The Man and I agreed that this one is so Tasteful and Welcoming that there wouldn't be a lot of Change necessary, almost everything could stay Original and just Maintained as it is.

He was Pretending to Warm Up to it... because it has a huge detached Man Cave Style Garage... full Attic and full Basement he could commandeer as Man Space!  *LOL*   And seven heavily Wooded acres and actually being out in a Wilderness type of Town setting also Appealed to him... after all, this is a Guy who braved several Seasons in Alaska, which was far more off the grid than this location!  *LOL*   This is near a mighty River, a Great Lake and probably Hunting galore!  So it's not as if he couldn't handle it mentally... but he was thinking of The G-Kid Force and I turning into an episode of The Shining and he'd be stuck there with us going wheels off our rails!?!  *Bwahahahahaha!*

You don't even LIKE Snow and four Seasons he reminds me... he's Right, I don't.   I do prefer the nine Months of Blissful Weather I Enjoy here and not having to shovel Sunshine.   Sure, Summers are Insane... but we have Air Conditioning in Cars, Homes and Stores.   I'm now thinking more along the lines of how do you keep a huge Old Antebellum Home like this Heated sufficiently during onslaughts of Blizzards and Icy Wind Chill Factors?   Our beds would probably look much more like Princess And The Pea with Goose Down Duvets stacked halfway to the ceiling to climb under!  *LOL*

Of coarse I've heard that the Pickin' and Junquing in this particular State is the stuff of Pickin' Lore and Legend.   I'm noticing in fact many of the Lovelies this Owner has that I'm Salivating over too... Wonder if they'd leave it Furnished?  *Winks*   My Friend who lived in the State briefly reminds me that most folks around the parts he was at didn't even have Internet yet... but yes, the Pickin' was Legendary, it's all there was to DO around there!  *Ha ha ha*

Look at that Bar Countertop tho' I says, Wonder if it's Original to the Home, was this perhaps a Bed and Breakfast, Hotel or Gentleman's Club?  The History of the place would be fascinating I'm sure... oh the Stories I'm sure these Walls could tell!!!   This Room would be the Saloon... or Cozy up to like an Old Fashioned Soda Shoppe with me as the Soda Jerk serving up Vintage eats and refreshments!   I'm totally diggin' it, even with all the Cons I'm still Fantasizing on the Pretending Pros of Ownership.  *LOL* 

And here it was in it's Glory Days at the turn of the Century... I don't notice the thick Old Wood Forrest around it though so perhaps it was planted at the time the Home was built?   And certainly some things have Changed over time, some Porches and Sun Rooms are now missing...

As you can tell by the After Imagery, which is still Impressive in how structurally sound it still is.   With New Slate Roof already installed and the exterior being almost all Brick it could probably stand for another 116 years and probably out perform any Modern Build for structural integrity for sure!

Yes, I was in total Lust with this Grand Old Italiante Dame hidden deep in the Woods on it's own Private Estate.   And I really do Hope it Sells to someone who will Cherish and Care for it... as for myself, I downloaded every Image for Inspiration and Future drooling over!   And I decided to Share it here in the Land of Blog too so that you could Enjoy it's Splendor. 

  I do Hope anyone who happens to Live in and Love that part of the Country realizes the Humor was intentional and no Offense intended?   I'm fairly certain if you came out to the Arizona Desert you could touche' me in equally Dark Humor about our Shortcomings of Desert Dwelling!!!  *Winks*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh it is super gorgeous! BUT! The Big But! Reality!

    1. I know, Reality SUCKS when it dashes our Fantasies, huh? LOL Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. I'm in love! In future could you please warn us with a 'spoiler', when you're going to do a post like this. I almost wish I hadn't seen it. This is my dream home and to Hell with reality. However, having said that, I'm really not too fond of mozzies, although they can't get enough of me! Ah well, I shall have to incorporate this house into my dreams. I can do that. I already have a complete 'dream town' that I visit every night, and if I don't like the way a dream is unfolding I change it. Am I the only weird person that does this? (I'm willing to bet you do too!) Blessings

  3. OMGosh Dawn can you imagine this as a bed and breakfast...totally awesome. Of course you would have to spend for that, but rattling around in that place would be divine, imagine roller skating, LOL. I bet that top floor had a party room/ballroom. Amazing piece of architecture of the time. And all that plasterwork. Thanks for sharing! Sandi


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