Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Happy Sweet 16th Birthday To The Young Prince

Today The Young Prince turned Sweet Sixteen!   My how time flies, he's quickly become a Young Man!

As each Grandchild quickly becomes a Young Adult it still boggles my Mind, can we really be getting that Old that even most of the Grandbabies now are Adults?!   *LOL and a Gasp!!!*

Sure, we still have some Grandchildren that aren't Grown yet... but even the Great-Grands are getting bigger quicker it seems!   Time seems to fly and ramp up the Older one gets!

I still fondly Recall the Tender Years when they were small and still Children though.   Though The Young Prince has always been rather an Old Soul, even when he was very little!

He was always one of those Profound Deep Thinking Two Year Olds that would slay you with his astute Observations and Insight into what usually is considered the Adult Thinking World!!!

Nobody expects a Cherub Faced Toddler to have such inherent Wisdom and make such Profound Statements!!!   He was like a Two Year Old going on Thirty... and that hasn't changed, it's only Magnified his above average Intelligence and extremely High IQ as he's Matured and Grown Up!

But he's also always been a Creative Soul with an Amazing Imagination... a contradiction of sorts since he's also always been very Scientific and Fact Driven... the dichotomy of that is so refreshingly unexpected.  A Factual Driven Dreamer... who thrives Inventing things and thinking outside of the Box.

He's also perhaps my most Serious Grandchild out of the bunch.  Though he does have a Wry Sense of Humor that I totally Appreciate, given my Dark Humor tendencies... most of the time he's as Serious as a Heart Attack about everything.

He's also very Experimental, not just about things to Invent, see how they Work, Interact, etc... but also with his sense of Style and Fashion.   We've been thru just as many Hair Styles and Hair Colors as we did with his Mother!  *LOL*

And he not only Enjoys the Typical things most Guys do... but also many of the things us Gals do too.  Which has made him extremely Popular with the Girls indeed.   He'll be the Guy to Happily go Wardrobe Shopping with you and give you an Objective Stylish Opinion because he notices such things in our Feminine World.

He'll also give you tips on how to successfully apply Make-Up, Style your Hair and have long conversations with random Females he Admires the Look and Style of... making an Instant Impact and Impression... and usually a New Friend!

He Loves Skateboarding, Rollerblading, Goth Fashion, Anime, Gaming, Role Play, Sculpting, Art, Science, Zoology, Music, Dance, Archaeology, Technology and many intense Subjects that are completely over my Head and beyond my comprehension!  *LOL*   SO HAPPY 16th BIRTHDAY MY YOUNG PRINCE!  He's spending the day after School with his Honor Guard Practicing 'til 10pm Tonight... that's just how Serious a Soul he is... Commitment before Celebration!

He also took the entire Cheesecake, Pizza and Italian Cheese Bread to Share with his Honor Guard, Band Members and Friends during Practice, because he's a Caring Soul as well.    That's what we all Love about him, he's got such Heart!  So Tonight, rather than Celebrate Birthdays I'll be at Work and Princess T will be re-Styling some things that annoyed her about Gramma's Decor!  *LOL*

You might recall her prolonged annoyance at my Styling of the Antelope?  She didn't think the new Crown was the right size... I'd bent some of the beading up like Bug Antennae she said... and Please Gramma LOSE the Hippie Headband of Vintage Millinery!    She'd look at it with annoyance and disgust every time she entered the Living Room and frown with deeply furrowed brow!   Her OCD about it was kicking into hyper-drive like seeing a Friend of hers Badly Styled and looking like a Hot Mess!!!   She HAD to therefore run an Intervention!  *Bwahahahahahaha!!!*

There she says as she stood back and Admired her handiwork... now it looks Right, it looks Regal and not like a Bad Joke!   What, my Styling looked like a Bad Joke?!?   Say it ain't so Child!!!   *Winks*   Yes, she's the Tim Gunn in Critiquing Fashion, Style, Decorating, Organization and anything else you might want an unabashed Opinion of.   The Young Prince might be Gentle with you about a faux pas in Style, Decor or Fashion Sense... she will definitely NOT!  If you can't handle the unvarnished Truth... don't solicit her Advice!!!  *LOL*  Yep, The G-Kid Force couldn't be more Polar Opposites than they are!  *Smiles*

Now that a Disturbance in The Force has been Corrected... all is right with her World!  *Winks*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Your such a great grandma Dawn! They are a pair of lucky kids!!

  2. Happy Birthday to youf beautiful grandson and well done to their wonderful grandmom.

  3. Happy Birthday to the Prince! Gosh, 16 .... seems so very long ago. All that promise and adventure ahead of him. Enjoy! x

  4. Happy Birthday! Being 16 is great, childhood is still somehow near, and the road is open for future! You got awesome grandchildrens, all the best for your nearest :)

  5. Please tell the young Prince, I love his new hair color and hair cut. I think that looks the best of all the pics you posted. And 16 is always a landmark! Congratulations, Sandi

  6. Yes, the years are spiraling by and our grand babies are young people and almost adults. I don't mind as they get more and more interesting as the days go by. Your grandson seems the same and is also a very handsome boy. Happy Birthday to your young prince.


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