Thursday, August 25, 2016

Grand Re-Opening Of Rust And Roses ~ Part I

As many of you in the Valley know, one of our Favorite Shops closes for the Summer to Source more amazing Inventory and re-style the entire Shop for the kickoff of Fall, re-opening right around my Birthday in Mid-August.  Perfect timing for some Birthday Indulgent Retail Therapy, right?  *Winks*   So the Grand Re-Opening of RUST AND ROSES is something I look forward to with great anticipation.

I'm never disappointed since the Vibe and Style are so very appealing to my Aesthetic so I can always Source some Found Treasures to feather my Nest at Home.   The greatest Challenge I have in fact is not wanting it ALL!!!   Okay, so I DO want it ALL actually so the bigger Challenge is not buying it all!!!  *Smiles*

Especially since so much yummy Black, Sepia and Indigo abounded in the Inventory this Season so my Ideal Palette for Decorating New Villa Boheme' was indeed everywhere I looked!  *Swoonfest of Epic proportions!*   I have to confess I felt fairly Faint when I entered my Friend Katie's Magical Space... it felt like Home Sweet Home... Yes, I couldda moved right in!!!

So much Wanting was going on inside my head... the checklist of Treasures I J'Adored was like a Laundry List!   Chippy Blue Shutters in Image No. One along with Deer head Taxidermy wearing dried Hydrangea.   Butterfly Entomology Display, Black Victorian Gingerbread Architectural Salvage and Black Mantle... etc... etc... etcetera!  Good thing the Bank balances were too lean due to School starting in August and several G-Kids having Birthdays too had tapped me out sufficiently that I had no choice but to avoid undue Temptation!  *Le Sigh*

But you Hate that tho' dontcha, when you see so much Ideal Decor offered up and budget constraints leave you with just the Wanting and the Hope that when you are more Flush perhaps some of it will still remain?!?   You see, in my Great Edit and Purge here at Home I'm Selling Off a lot of what I've had in order to re-style with Fresh Decor that goes better with this Home's personality and Style.

Some staples abide of coarse but they will be enhanced with whatever Fresh Found Treasures I glean during my Thrill of the Hunt to replace some of what I've Sold Off.   I'm actually falling out of Love with a lot of stuff for this Goal and Vision I have of a completely re-worked Space here at Home.  Funding for said Project will come from the Sale of what I'm Letting Go of so it's a Guilt Free Project as well that really doesn't tap the Bank.

Alas, due to School starting I've had to tap my Secret Stash of Cash from Sales of my stuff more than I intended to.   And of coarse who can deny any Grandchild their Birthday Indulgences, not I!!   Yes, I'm a total Pushover Gramma and there are so many of them now!  Is there actually any Month left that doesn't have one or more of them having a Birthday?  I think not... *LOL*  And of coarse I did Indulge myself early this Birthday as well, so there was THAT!  *Winks*

And it seems this year we've just had so many other things come up... like lately I've always got a Kiddo at the Doctor or ER it seems!   Today was such a day as I spent the entire Morning and mid-Afternoon with The Young Prince in the ER again!!!   Significant enough health issue that we'll have to now do follow-up with his Primary and get a referral to a Specialist since the ER could not figure out what was going wrong!  

 Oh... and while I'm waiting for hours to get the results of his Tests back in the ER I get a call from my most recent Surgeon referrals office informing me that this Doc doesn't take my Insurance!!!  So they cancelled my Surgery Tomorrow Morning at the last minute... after I'd already given up my Friday Night Shift and prepared everything and everyone at Home for me getting Surgery and needing the Weekend to Recover from it!

This was actually the THIRD Podiatrist Referral since Assigned Doc No. 1 had been way over in the far Southeast Valley and we live in the far Northwest Valley so that wasn't happening!  I didn't need to try to drive Home with a driving foot that just had Surgery and have a three hour commute one way!  And re-Assigned Doc. No. 2 doesn't do the less invasive type of Surgery so he'd referred me to Doc No. 3 who does.  All the while I'm getting new Approvals from our crappy Insurance for each change which ain't easy lemme tell ya since it's a convoluted Process!

But it does no good to have an Approval if the Doc ends up not taking said crappy Insurance... which is happening a lot lately with the Military Insurance Package... more and more aren't accepting it anymore... guess they're not getting Paid reasonable amounts... on time... or at all?!?   Don't blame them... but it does make it more complicated.   So, rather than wait more Months to find yet another Doc who might do what I need... and in the less invasive method... and accepts said Insurance... I defaulted back to Doc No. 2.  After all, he's already given me a consultation and takes the Insurance... and it cuts the wait time delays and convoluted dog and pony show to a minimum.

Not because I'm eager for a more invasive Surgery with longer Recovery time and stitches.  But because I'm in a lot of pain and trying not to risk infection and complications from waiting too long to address a worsening Issue that has already had to wait too long for all the Red Tape already behind us!   So, now we're waiting on Insurance to Bless the current turn of events... let us Hope they do not tarry too long... Holiday Season is rushing up on us and I wanna try to Enjoy it without being freshly Post-Op!

Besides... next Month kicks off the Halloween Shows and I'm not missing any of that!  *Winks*   Last year the Big Move sidelined the Holiday Season somewhat as we were still busy moving over here and unpacking the necessities to just be functional in our New Home.   So I don't want another year to pass being sidelined with any particular Issue that has come up!!!

In fact, as I'm seeing Fall Decor coming forth I'm chomping at the bit to Transform our Home into an Autumn Vision of Bohemian Valhalla!!!  It is absolutely my Favorite Season to Decorate for and I'm overdosing already on early Inspiration presented!!!   Note to Self: HAVE to get some dried Artichoke Blossoms... LOVE them!!!

And I still have a wealth of Gorgeous Imagery to Share of the Shop so be sure to come back... and I'll keep you in Suspense as to what I didn't Resist in a future Post...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Oh Dawn Too Much!! Hope this #2 Doctor accepts your insurance and you can move right along SMOOTHLY for a change!! God Bless you and yours!


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