Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Positive And The Negative

Yesterday was one of those Positive and Negative kinda days.   Where there was Good News and Bad News all rolled up into a single day.   The Positive Energy flow was me being motivated to get not one, but two, of my Dead Heads off the floor and hung up finally after a year of fearing whether or not I knew how to hang them securely and safely on the walls of a New Build?!  *Yay!*

It didn't help much that I had Mister Negativity telling me what couldn't be done and criticizing my Methods during the whole Process.   Yes, apparently I was attempting the Impossible and doing everything all Wrong.  *LOL*  But, if you get those that say it can't be done out of the way you can be about actually doing it and apparently accomplishing the Impossible!  *Winks*

The tools I was using were not the right ones, placement was a problem, that will never work, the Predator Wrap will make hanging it Impossible... etc. etc. etc.   Okay, finally I had to ask The Man to step off and quit telling me what WOULDN'T work because it was driving me Crazy!  Because I made it work dammit!  When anyone would just keep from telling me what allegedly can't be done I can be about doing it.  Since I don't know any better, and not knowing something is supposed to be Impossible you just might make it Possible.

The Man has a tendency to come over as the Authority on everything and micromanage my Projects because he thinks I don't know what I'm doing.  He's right in that respect, I usually don't, so my Methods are unorthodox to say the least and I know that drives him Crazy.  But sometimes his two cents worth complicates things, he knocked the Wrap and Millinery off trying to assist and was so Negative about everything I was doing, he had to go away and leave me alone and do what can't be done.  *Winks*

I was Happy with the results even tho' his placement suggestion would have been my third choice of Ideally where I wanted it to go.   But third choice placement aside, I didn't compromise anything else about my Vision for it except the Antique Metal Flourish Swag being added.  Since he insisted I hadn't Centered it properly and by God I wasn't starting over since Perfection isn't my aim, EVER... so I banged a random Accessory up there hastily to balance the Aesthetic for him, Tada... Done!  *LOL*


I'm very Organic about Styling and Decorating, I'll allow a Project to take on a Life of it's own, I'm Okay with relinquishing Control to Serendipity, Adaptations and Improvisations.  In fact, anything being Created without preparation is less Contrived and more My Style anyway, I thrive on Spontaneity of all kinds.  I am a Dream six Impossible things before Breakfast kinda Gal mos def!  *Smiles*  The Man on the other hand is Logistic and a Planner down to the minutest details.   He'd have charts, schematics and graphs, mathematical calculations and all the other stuff that makes my head hurt, before attempting anything... and forget about attempting what he deems to be Impossible!  *Smiles*

So when my Positive Energy flow wasn't being diverted, and I was left to my own devices, it all came together just Fine and was Possible.  He had to Confess that it turned out really Pretty even though he reminded me again that my She was a He, in fact they ALL are.  Okay, so now they're NOT, just like Caitlin Jenner, I have no Issues with Transgender Styling for my Taxidermy or People, it doesn't matter to me one iota in my World.  

But none of all that disagreement was the Negative of the day, The Man and I quite frequently Agree to Disagree, it's all Good to me, we're polar opposites on a lot of fronts and that's Okay.   What wasn't Okay was The Call... the one where my Agent had to tell me Negotiations with the City's Purchase of our Historic Homestead had fallen apart at the eleventh hour due to one person in the laundry list of people of a Municipality that has to Bless any Project!!!  Uh oh... dammit, we'd been so close to getting the Deal Blessed and Closed!  But you don't dare Celebrate any Deal 'til it's a Done Deal!  *LOL*

I've dealt with and worked with Municipalities before regarding Real Estate and it's always a convoluted Process that takes forever and a day to finalize and get everyone into Agreement to move forward.  We'd hammered out many details over these past three Months working with the City and it was looking very Promising.   Planning and Development were on board, Historic Society on board, City Attorneys on board, Inspectors on board, Structural Engineer on board, newly designated Arts and Cultural District the property lies within the boundaries of on board... City Manager NOT on board and he pulls the plug regardless of everyone else's enthusiasm about the Project.  *Le Sigh*

The Deal has no legs and no traction if anyone is Opposed so it's not worth wasting anymore time and energy pursuing.  So I pulled the plug too and we'll pursue other Options, I'm over it, I have to be from a Business standpoint.  I had given the City first Option due to the Historic significance of the Property to the area and the Community, along with my Wish to see it Preserved and Cherished. 

 It is the last existing structure of the Old Ranch that is the City's Namesake.  But not every Public Servant has a penchant for History or Preservation and in that Municipality I had run into that a lot during my years of attempting Preservation Projects so I'm not completely Surprised.  It is also why they have hardly any Historic buildings left, they've all been razed and redeveloped. Typically by Developers throwing up hideous high density low income housing units for maximum profits, blighting many Old Town areas over time.  Hindsight will unfortunately be twenty-twenty one day when it's all gone and not revitalized to attract Positive outcome. 

Sadder still because Planning and Development has thrown a considerable amount of money and Vision at some Charming Projects to revitalize the area already in a Positive way that have gotten approval.   But balance is key and I only Pray in the end it all works out for the greater Good of the overall Community?  I'm skeptical that attracting a Pedestrian Friendly and quaint Indie Business Arts and Cultural District Vibe without protecting any Charm, Integrity and History of the original Old Town is the way to go.  Vintage is "In" now for many Historic Hoods and being sought after, Yay!  But cheap reproductions and facades on New Builds don't usually cut it and can't compare to the Real Deal Architecture.  Cheaper maybe, not better... and you get what you pay for... always!

Someone will eventually pay for our Property and what they then do with it will ultimately be the City's loss and problem to work out with the new owners.  Now it will just have to be Offered up to whoever has Interest and their own Agenda, coming down to cold hard Cash.  I hate to have to get all Business and no Conscience about it, and so to me that is the Negative part of doing a Deal in a City that has no designated Historic structures within it's borders.  Sometimes for maximum Profit you have to put Emotions and Passion aside, not that I like to when doing a Deal, I want to do the Right thing.  But I've done what I can from an Emotional and Passionate stance due to my Love of Old Architecture and significance of History. 

I cannot pretend that doesn't bother me and grieve me greatly, I'm disappointed that it hasn't worked out better for my Beloved Old Homestead.  I suspect it's Time has come and it cannot Survive the indifference and ambivalence of what has grown up around it. Now surrounding it like Vultures circling an Old Survivor just waiting for the right moment to take it down and devour it.  Out of a hunger that can't be satiated and is cloaked in a disguise called Progress.   It wasn't the first to meet with that fate, but it will have been one of the last bastions in that area.  And I Salute that tenacity to have lasted this long in spite of all adversity over the past Century of it's existence in that stronghold it's occupied against many odds.  And I know I will Mourn it's
Death Knell.


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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