Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Open Road Beckons

While it is True that I've been happily traipsing around the house with my New Camera practicing with it, the rest of the Family have been getting restless in these final days of their Summer Vacation.  They've felt like Bears secluded in their Den Hibernating and Freedom of the Open Road was beckoning strongly!

I Sensed they all were getting a bit stir crazy cooped up in here when each independently asked what would I be doing this Wednesday {Today}?  Since I didn't have to Work and the Calendar was finally free of appointments and other commitments precluding a spontaneous Family Road Trip most other days.

Summer Vacation for the G-Kid Force is winding down quickly and School begins the first week in August.   Though I think they are all ready for School to begin again, it also means less leisurely days of doing whatever strikes our Fancy.  Less days of sleeping in and waking bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready for an Adventure down the Open Road!!!

So I loaded everybody up this Morning and with no particular place to go and absolute spontaneity we hit the Road.   We didn't know where we were going, but we were on our way... towards where ever we ended up, that unknown destination??!??!

We ended up in several places we'd never been before, but perhaps the best by pure Serendipity just happened to be a Familiar Favorite spot in Carefree and Cave Creek.   We had looked at Homes there when we were in the Market for a New Home, we Love the Location.  Just couldn't find that Perfect Home for Sale... or we very likely would have ended up there rather than here.

The entire Family just likes the Vibe there... and it's a very Artsy Community filled with Artists and Amazing Art... which we, as a Family, fully Appreciate and like to be around.   It's also a very Friendly Community and people always stop and talk with us, we truly miss that Social aspect of Community more than I can find adequate Words for.

We often discuss among ourselves whether this place will, or will not, have a permanence for us?   Since we absolutely Love the Home... Love the Natural Views... but the Community itself, not so much.  I'm really trying to Create a Home Environment that will attempt to make up for the lack of a Social Life and total lack of a tight sense of Community out here... that's a tall Order.

We do joke about it tongue in cheek, coming up with humorous possible solutions... the Kiddos Fav one is, well, we'll just have to take MORE Road Trips when being inside of our Dream Home just isn't Enough!?!  *LOL*  Yeah, that could Work... to Justify more Road Trips when the Walls of New Villa Boheme' are closing in on us!  *Smiles*

I did Contemplate why that is tho', since this is a much larger Home to knock around in than the Old Homestead and yet we never felt those Walls closing in on us... nor did we ever Feel Socially deprived there.   Rural Living is definitely a Transition we did not fully recognize would be such an adjustment.  Probably because this is a Rural Subdivision, so it's not as if nobody else is around, you just rarely ever SEE them!

Kinda like one of those Twilight Zone Episodes where the folks wake up and walk outside of what should be an inhabited Community and yet it's desolate and seemingly abandoned and devoid of any Human presence!  Eerily Silent... and tho' the Solitude and Tranquility can be nice... for the Kiddos and I sometimes it's deafeningly Silent!

The Young Prince likened it to a Pretty Cemetery... only at a Cemetery at least the Living would be occasionally Visiting the Dead he deadpans.  *LMAO*  Nobody comes out here tho' Gramma... maybe nobody even knows out here Exists... he jokes?!?  You could be right.  *LOL*

A Shame really since they built some Fabulous Homes out here and I haven't seen very much that rivals this one's floor plan and attention to Architectural details in the City.   Not unless you get well beyond the Million Dollar Listings anyway... and that's way too Rich for our Blood.  

 I like the Look of our entire Street too, every Home is Fabulous within the immediate Block... Visually Ideal.  Every Home on our Street and the Street at the end of our Street look similar in Architectural Style to the Santa Barbara Tuscan Villa, which I J'Adore the Appearance of.  There are lots of Green Spaces and of coarse the Majestic White Tank Mountain Range to the immediate West.

So the Loves It List is longer than the cons side of the List... the biggest con being a Boring Community with no Social Life pretty far from anything but Natural Desert Beauty.   Our Hope of coarse is that some of the important City Conveniences and Recreational Opportunities eventually move closer and it looks as if they already are fairly close by, so that is encouraging.

Not enough to Spoil all Natural Beauty elements, just enough that the drive to any Store, Restaurant, Gas Station or Recreational pursuit isn't an actual Road Trip.   But until then, we realize that for us anyway, the Open Road beckons quite frequently and we just have to Escape and go Nomad for a day!  Ideally more than a day... circumstances and budget permitting!  *LOL*

Because in actuality, the Family wanted to take that Long Road Trip but it just wasn't in the budget and I have to Work on Friday Night... bummer.  We discussed some of the places of Interest we're long overdue for a visit to and would be high on their Road Trip Destination List?

No. One for every single one of us was the Disneyland Of Funky Places, Jerome, Arizona... so that's Unanimously the Choice Road Trip Destination next time budget and circumstances line up for a two or three day Getaway!

You know how there are just some Places you Connect to strongly so just being there is your Happy Place?  For me it has been this tiny 'Ghost Town' Community that was resurrected by Artists and fellow Bohemians to become a small but Vibrant Community again and Tourist Destination.

In the Seventies I wanted to buy Property here and my Parents talked me out of it thinking me absolutely Mad and too far into my Hippie Aesthetic to be thinking Logically.  *LOL*   Yes, my Parents were City Bohemians so Living and trying to find Work in a Ghost Town made zero sense to them and they envisioned me being the Starving Hippie Artist with no Future and living in a crumbling Victorian Ruin if I relocated there.  *Ha ha ha*

In fact, in the early Seventies, Wonderful Old Buildings in Jerome like this could be had at a good price though they needed a lot of Work back then... since few were getting the Vision to resurrect the Past Glory Days.   So my Path took me down the Corporate Life Roads instead, Prosperous, but not nearly as much Fun and Raw Passion of Living The Crazy Dream I'm sure!  *LOL*

But now that you're Old Gramma, the Young Prince muses, and you followed the Green instead of the Crazy Dream... would you do it NOW?   In a Heartbeat my Child I says... so... if that Perfect Ramshackle Historic Property in the Disneyland Of Funky Places was possible in the Future... Hell yeah!  *Winks*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh, we visited Jerome in 1988 or 89, and I know exactly what you mean. LOVED the vibe of the city---there were a few aging hippies there then, but the panorama of the landscape and all the quaint buildings and history---just were so overwhelmingly interesting and beautiful, I would have happily opened a shop there--but hubby had a great job here in Chicagoland, and no humidity and sculptural pottery making probably wouldn't have agreed. But, I would have loved to try. Can't wait for you to take that trip, so I can visually tag along. Nice post, Sandi

    1. I Loved the Jerome of the 70's and 80's too... when the most Bohemian of Artists were the norm. Now it's a bit more Touristy, but it's breathed Life into the Old Town and preserved many of the buildings that never would have otherwise survived had the popularity of the place not taken off! Tag along for sure Sandi, when I can make it up there you will be Welcome to Join us! Thanks for stopping by for a bloggy visit... Dawn... The Bohemian


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