Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Niche Painting Projects

Well, I had Intended to keep my 'Where Bloggers Create' Post up for about a week as the lead Post so that all the Visitors could easily find it, but then my ADHD kicked in and I was too impatient to show off my latest completed Project of Niche Painting and Decorating here at New Villa Boheme'!  *Smiles* Our New Villa Boheme' came resplendent with loads of Cathedral Covent Archways and Niches of all sizes, features and details that I just J'Adore about it!  But the background of each Niche was the same Sepia Hue as the Walls around it and I wanted Depth to Showcase my Lovelies better.  So I've slowly been painting the background of each Niche Black... The Niche Painting Projects I've been calling it.  Not an easy one for me as the Ceilings are so high that I have to get up the Ladder of Death to paint high enough... so I have Procrastinated... a LOT!   Not to mention my entourage always wants to Assist in some Projects they're not qualified to be my recruited Minions... and then the Debate begins til I'm too worn out to Paint!

But painting the last two Niches in one of the Hallways Downstairs had really been a delayed Project irking me a lot too.   So I got up really early, before the rest of them.  THEM, the bane of my existence in me getting very much done Project wise.  One of THEM in particular tends to stalk me around the Home so much she has to have a Mattress Downstairs and opts to sleep on the floor of the Livingroom, often at my feet so I don't Get Away if I stay up later!  Even tho' she has a whole Lovely comfy Bedroom Suite Upstairs!  This way she can be within Eyeballs distance from me waking up and coming out of our Boudoir trying valiantly to be undetected!  *Le Sigh*   So Shhhhh... tread lightly as we get the Paint Supplies!  She's got her Lineup of plush Soldiers standing Sentry Duty and their little beady Eyeballs keeping a close watch of us and what we're up to as she slumbers!?!  *Bwahahaha!*  Yeah, among other things the Kid has serious Separation Anxiety Issues bad, what can I say!?!

Now, tho' I am not at all opposed to having Minions at my beck and call for most Projects... like the unpacking of most of my Beloved Religious Artifact Collections of Statuary, Rosaries, Altered Bottle Art and Crucifixes... the G-Kid Force, though they like to Paint, are too messy and can't do the detailing work aptly enough.  Not to mention their attention span for a Paint Job is about a millisecond and then they get slaphappy and totally lose interest anyway.  So I'd rather they didn't Assist in that part of The Project at hand.  But they desperately WANT to, or at least they THINK they do, which is why we have to be Covert about our Operations this Morning!  *Winks*  They had done their part to help Gramma unpack everything, they're delicate about that part so I could entrust it to them, but a bad Black Paint Job in New Dream Home, can't handle it, I'd lose my freakin' Mind!  Give hyper impulsive Children paintbrushes and loads of Black Paint said no-one EVER!  *Smiles*

After all, The Young Prince already had Friends over one day helping him to Paint one of his Suite's Walls with Black Chalkboard Paint.  Oh they were all so Gung Ho and exuberant like a little Teen Army of Painters!   They faded out before it was finished and got sloppy on the detailing so I've already gotta run Damage Control behind that debacle they thought they could handle unassisted.  But a New Project still lures him like a Moth to a Flame, even tho' his unfinished failed Project is still in Limbo.  He doesn't even seem to Care if his Project remains in Limbo, he's lost Interest completely and on to the next... he's ADHD like that too, we are a Tribe of the Afflicted. *Ha ha*

Nope, they didn't wanna go Upstairs the day before and do his Wall instead and leave me be, they were adamant Niche Painting would be ever so much more Fun!  Lord have Mercy, have you ever tried to successfully convince Fixated Children something is NOT Fun?  But we WANT to HELP you Gramma they pleaded!  The Angel on my shoulder kept Whispering that the Road to Hell is paved with Good Intentions, don't let THEM do it or sway you!  Or mebbe it was the voices in my head, I dunno, regardless, I was holding my ground on this one. *LOL*  So I conveniently got a Headache that day before, aborted said Project Mission temporarily and woke up early this day to begin without them running interference or tormenting me.

Probably this is also why my Spiritual Art and Collections is most Sacred and Beloved to me, when surrounded by it I'm not as inclined to go Mental when Special Needs G-Kids and TBI afflicted Spouse are trying to Help and I'd rather they just NOT!   Or worse, they don't wanna be a Present Help at all and are just vying for my Undivided Attention when stuff NEEDS to get Done!   They get really Needy whenever I'm preoccupied with something else, it's a 'Given'.  They can't Live without me when I'm immersed in any Project.  *Smiles*    Ah, the Joys of Full Time Caregiving... ask anyone whose done it... your Life is no longer your own and most stuff gets unceremoniously dumped on the back burner for whenever you can sneak away to do it uninterrupted.  Or EVER!

But I was Determined to keep my Calm and proceed forward, after I had managed to get Self-Motivated, not as easy as just Wanting to be lemme tell ya lately, I HAD to take Action and Follow-Thru with The Plan of attack!   It was like Gorilla Warfare being waged now.  I had left the Supplies in place long enough now they were beginning to become invisible to THEM and they were just walking around it unawares of my Tactics.  We'll Help her later... or mebbe never... we're just not sure now.  I've become very adept at Psychological Warfare as well, so much Reverse Psychology going on around here to get them to NOT DO what they initially thought they WANTED to do, I should get my Degree in it anytime soon!  *Winks* 


Everything was at the ready so that I could bang this Project out in short order.  Literally, since banging would be taking place with Maxwell's Silver Hammer when ready to hang the Crucifixes up!  Yeah, quite the Contradiction that Beatles cheerful yet Dark medley looping thru your head as you hang Crucifixes, huh?!  *Bwahahaha* Thankfully if you try not to be too quiet and sneaky, THEY sleep like the Dead.  It kinda feels like one of those Episodes of the Zombie Apocalypse though, where they're all around you in their state of Suspended Animation, but if you make the wrong move, you're Screwed and THEY come to Life and head right for you!  *LOL*  A very delicate balance of Timing and making the right moves, certainly not for the faint of Heart... or those afraid of Zombie-like behavior in others.

I knew if I could get the Painting knocked out, THEY wouldn't be at all Interested in hanging Crucifixes or Styling Statuary and Rosaries... so that's all I needed to Accomplish before THEY awoke and came to Life again!  Watching Paint dry isn't for anyone with ADHD so they'd become impatient and bored.  The Man wouldn't be Shadowing me saying I was using the wrong Tools and it wouldn't Work without locating the dreaded elusive Studs in the Walls, Measurements and Schematics etc... I'd be GOLDEN!   I could just Show Off my Completed Vision and they'd feign Interest for a Minute while I made them come over and look... they'd wander off unimpressed, totally underwhelmed and I would have WON!  *Yay me!*  Yes, I had a well formulated Plan of Action in place before I even began, you HAVE to, your War Strategies have to be On Point or you're doomed to lose the Battle!  *Smiles*

And the only Casualties I wanted were those leftover Collectibles that I wouldn't have room for in these two Niche Vignettes.   Since I know I always have Too Much and paring it down, Editing what is Enough, is still an Issue I'm Dealing with.   I won't get rid of this particular Stash, they are the Keepers, but some will just stay in Rotation or find another place to Be.

These happened to be the Reinforcements that didn't have to Deploy to the Niche Painting Projects.   It's Rare for me to have so few that were overage, but I've Culled the Hoard of Religious Art and Artifacts considerably during the Big Move and most have Sold now.   So I'll likely find sufficient placement eventually for the few Keepers I'd like to retain which right now don't have a place to Be.   I Feel very Accomplished when I see my Hoard dwindling now to a point that I'm completely satisfied is Just Enough and not Too Much... Whew!  Well, SOME of the Hoard, right now this Genre... perhaps later more Genres of what I have amassed over a Lifetime of Collecting.

Indeed I am very, very Happy when my most Beloved of the Collections have a permanent place to Be in our New Home!   Some of these I have owned since before I even had Children... some I've owned since I was a Child myself... even some were owned by my Parents before they had Children... so they are part of the Family now and therefore I just couldn't give them up.

Each has a Special Story and even some were Gifted to me by Dear Friends that knew their Families would not Cherish nor Keep them, so they opted to give them to me instead, which makes them truly Priceless!  Heirlooms aren't Important to everyone and it is a Wise Person that finds out beforehand who in the Family wants what will be their Inheritance or couldn't Care Less and Act accordingly.

This European Madonna for Example had been in one Family for over 100 Years... but when the final Owner realized her Family didn't want it she couldn't bear to NOT know what would happen to this Artistic Heirloom Blessed Mother.  The Story being so Rich in Family History I couldn't accept it as a Gifting, but she wouldn't take what it was clearly Worth either, so a mutual healthy Compromise was reached to pass her into our Family where She would be Cherished and properly Revered.

For those of us Sentimental Souls we can empathize with those who find it necessary to pass their Beloved Objects on to someone who Loves them equally.   For most of us it isn't even about Value or Profiting off of such things we hold Sentimental Attachments to... it is about Preserving them properly and knowing we did the right thing by them.   If it were just about the money we could easily not have any conscience about it and Cash Out.  Some things I can do that to, others I cannot and would not, these pieces being among them.

And so it is very Therapeutic to me when I'm Styling with those Special Pieces and Creating an Environment for them to be Showcased.  It Soothes my Soul to unpack each of them and introduce them to their New Home where they will be Enjoyed again and Shared with others that visit.   And I was Jazzed to have these Wonderful Niches in our New Home that would Showcase them and Enshrine them so Beautifully.

I used some of my Vintage Belgian Cut Velvet Doilies and Runners underneath and began to Vignette the Spaces after I got everything hung up on the Walls of the Niche when the Paint had dried.   By then the Family were up and not really all that Interested, just stopping by everyone so often to ask when I'd be finished enough to make French Toast for Breakfast?  *LOL*   See, when you use Psychology Wisely it can pay dividends and Win folks over to Compliance without a Battle ensuing... I'm to the Season of Life now where I choose every Battle Wisely and avoid most whenever possible.   I choose Peace, it's a more preferable State of Being.

And so now I suppose this far along in the Story, if you stuck around long enough, you're ready for a Reveal of my Completed Niche Painting Project of this Day aren't you?  *Winks*   I'm rather Proud of how it turned out actually and it's really made that Hallway Complete now.  But because I'm so out of Practice on Yoga Poses I couldn't get full on shots of either Niche.  Because though Wide, the Hallway isn't Grandiose enough for the size of these Niches to be captured thru the Eye of the Lens from top to bottom Full-On.

So I just did some mild Contortions to try several Angles and get the general Look across to you to behold   This was Niche No. 1 on the East Side of the Hallway, which was the one I completed first.  This is the Angle as you're heading down the Hallway towards the Guest Bedroom & Bathroom, Laundry Room and 3rd Car Garage entry from inside.

Niche No. 1 going in the other direction either up the Stairway behind it to get Upstairs or into the rest of the Living Areas and Entrance Hallway to the Home.

With Niche No. 1 now complete I had gained Momentum for Niche No. 2 to begin to it's completion.   The Family had by then totally lost all Interest in my Project since all the Niche Walls were already Painted and really that was all they thought they Wanted to Help with anyway.  *Smiles*  With all the Alleged 'Fun' out of the way, I was Free to concentrate on my Work.  BTW: I made French Toast inbetween Niche No. 1 and Niche No. 2, I'm no Fool!  *Winks*

For some reason, though it had more going on in the way of items to Display, Niche No. 2 didn't take as long to complete... one of those Great Mysteries of Life I suppose?!  *Ha ha ha*  Maybe my Momentum had just Built to a Crescendo I dunno!?!   I just know it didn't seem to take half as long, which was kinda Weird.

Niche No. 2 is on the West Side of the Hallway and this is the Angle going to Guest Room & Bathroom, Laundry Room and 3rd Car Garage entrance.

And Niche No. 2 going in the other direction down the Hallway towards all other Living Spaces.

Now I could stand back and Survey my Handiwork... and it was Good!  Yes, that Corner in the background is NOT Dealt with yet.  *smiles*

Took me the better part of a day to complete, not bad considering the obstacles presented.   And as each small Victory in unpacking and getting New Villa Boheme' the way I Envision it to be concludes, I'm Feeling much less overwhelmed and daunted by The Process.

Because it is a big house and thus a Big Project, and it's starting to now look like Home to me.   And I like for our Home to Feel like our Personal Sanctuary and Infused with our Essence.

Unlike the Old Historic Property which was Condemned when we bought it, this actually was a Lovely and Pristine Blank Canvas to built our Vision upon.  So it's actually been less Labor Intensive.  I guess it's just that we're almost two decades older that it just Feels as monumental a task?

And I wasn't raising Grandchildren when I first moved into Old Bohemian Valhalla, the two we're raising weren't even born yet in fact.  And The Man was able to be my helpmate in The Process in previous Moves and Transformations before his Health took on the intensive downward spiral to where he couldn't.

And I suppose that is why I am actually Hopeful this might be our Forever Home, since I really am not sure I want to Endure another Move anytime soon...  or EVER?!  *Ha ha ha*

I'd actually like to live in a Finished Home for once and not a Project in the making.  So I can concentrate on other things... more Important things than unpacking, packing and Decorating or Fixing Up a Home continuously.

We'll just have to see what the Future holds about all that though?  In the meantime, I don't know exactly where I'm going but I'm on my way...

And at least the Finishing of this Hallway Niche Project is behind me now...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. So glad I dropped by. I enjoyed this post in two ways...Cracked Me up listening to the stories of raising Your Grandchild.I relate! although I have none living with Me full time a few almost do.Esp. the 3 Year old.The other part I so enjoyed was of Course Your bohemian style and fixing up of Your religious statues. I had a blogging friend that loved doing that named Jill,You might have known Her .Now off to see Your craft room post : )

    1. Could your Friend have been Jill Harris of Gypsy Brocante Blog? If so, yes, know this Beautiful and Talented Kindred Spirit! I'm raising two of our fourteen G-Kids, the Boy 15 and his Sister 10, had then since birth and Adopted them this past November... long road to Adoption since The Man has Traumatic Brain Injury so was not allowed to Adopt, silly since he's supported them and raised them right along with me! *LOL... The System, what can I say?* Anyway, thank you for your kind words and so glad you dropped down the Rabbit Hole for a visit! Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Such a sneaky Me, Having bad knees, I convince my Grand she is Cinderella and has to clean/dust underneath our massive dining table. It's wide....and hard for Grandma to reach---it's a ritual. And that is all Cinderella has to do before she goes to the ball, lol.

    Depriving the 'kids' of black paint I can understand, though --completely. I imagine I will have to be creative soon in distracting the Grand. Thanks for the share, and it's so much fun watching the Villa being 'born'. Sandi

    1. OMG I found your Cinderella Story hilarious, now I don't feel like the only sneaky Gramma! Ha ha ha But they have so much Fun Imagining and actually, for the Girls anyway, Cleaning and Organizing seems to be something they thoroughly Enjoy as 'play' when they're Young enough not to realize it's actually Work! LOL Thanks for coming for a Bloggy Visit... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Black a very wise choice! Striking arrangements! I'd want to show them off too!

    1. I know a lot of people don't like or 'get' the Black Wall thing, but when showcasing Art it is the perfect backdrop to give all the Attention to the Star of the Show and make it Pop. Thanks for coming by again my Friend for a daily Bloggy visit, I so enjoy hearing from you... Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. Dawn, It turned out really beautiful! Sharing the story of how you did it was "icing on the cake"!!

    1. Thank you Delaine, I'm glad you enjoyed the icing on my cake in the story line! *smiles* Thanks also for dropping down my Rabbit Hole for a Blog Visit... Dawn... The Bohemian


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