Monday, July 25, 2016

Sweet Salvage ~ Where In The World ~ The Finale' Post

After having spent two of the four days it ran covering the Event, the first and last day, I came away with some Awesome Treasures and loads of Inspiration and Imagery to Share.

So in this Finale' Post I shall tell you what caught my Eye in each Image frame by frame.  Loving Cups... the Motherlode of Huge ones in fact and I had to Pass on them all!  *Pouting Petulantly*

A Natural Honeycomb and Wooden Spools of Velvet Trims...

An enormous Natural Sponge...

Antique Hardware... who doesn't Love it, right?!?

Dried Artichoke Blooms surrounded by Aged Books and Rusty Crusty Goodness...

European Demijohns and Old Cheese Boards... I'm becoming Obsessed with Tuscan Style now that I own New Villa Boheme'!

My Little Princess Voguing... *LOL*

Another Gorgeous Loving Cup, Natural Coral and Ferns...

Skullies and Scales Oh My!!!  Because Yes, that is a Bear Skully on the Right so we were only missing the Lions and Tigers!  *Winks*

Me totally Lusting after Bear Skully... so Kenny, we might have to strike a Deal at a later date my Friend!   I think I NEED this! *Smiles*

Vintage Millinery, one of my all time Weaknesses, so hard not to come Home with any this Show!  *Le Sigh*

Absolutely anything in my Talented Friend Minnie's Line will catch my Eye!!!

Vintage Equestrian Treasures and Antique Persian Rugs... a perfect pairing!!!

Boro Style Pillow...

A Cool grouping of Pizza Boards... so Clever!

Just a very Romantic Vignette...

That TABLE... Swooning... so Badly Wanted that Table!!!  That would have been the Ideal Entryway Table to Vignette upon here at New Villa Boheme'!

Just wanting some Panoramic views while Shoppers weren't in Frame to Test my New Camera Panoramic Shot Skills.  *LOL*

Cute Beachy Driftwood and Shell Crosses beside the Rachel Ashwell Line of Paints.

Well, duh, anything Bohemian Bling catches my Eye, that's a 'Given'!  *Winks*

Okay, so this Hoard of Vintage Silverware is ALMOST as Impressive as mine!  *LOL*

Teeny Weeny Olive Buckets to hang on the Wall... I use both the Vintage ones and the Repops depending upon what I need to put into them.  If it's something like Fresh Bread and Fruits, well, I need the Newer ones for hygienic reasons.  But the Vintage ones are terrific for Display and Storage.

The Warehouse Vignettes always have that Cool Vintage Industrial Vibe I Love...

More Vintage Equestrian meets Antique Persian Rugs...

Ornate Metal Work always catches my Eye...

Vintage Welsh Guard Toys... my Welsh Uncle, Mom's Big Brother, was a Welsh Guard and was the Lead Welsh Guard at the Queen's Coronation.


The Colors and the Fun of this Vignette just Appealed to my Senses...

And the Whimsy of this Vignette...

And that Upcycled Light Fixture...

Anything Entomology of coarse... and backdrop of Antique Persian Rug don't hurt either!  *LOL*

Though I don't personally Collect them, I always thought Vintage Pennants look Splendid in groupings as a Display.  In my Era they actually were a Prized Travel Souvenir Collectible of many a Young Person to Display in their Bedrooms.

Who doesn't Love Old Packaging, right?

Dried Hydrangea and Old Canning Jars...

More European Demijohns and Olive Buckets...

Chippy Painted Furniture... Divine!!!

A great Instant Collection of Old Enamelware and Egg Beaters in Cohesive Hues!!!

Old Motel Outdoor Seating in a luscious Patina only Time can impart and a Sweet Cambodian Buddha Votive...

Skully, Old Mirrors and Chippy Painted Salvage Wood...

Along with Beautiful Old Ornate Frames and Urn Planters...

This was a two-piece Leather Fainting Couch to Die for!!!  Loving the Union Jack Pillow Creation as well...

Almost Time to call it a Wrap... are you still hanging with me?  *Winks*

That Vanity... be still my beating Heart... only I'd prefer it in Black Please...

The Gypsy Brocante Bag by Jill Harris... of coarse!!!

I know, my Obsession with Old Demijohns is Evident, huh?  

Just a LITTLE... *Bwahahahahahaa!!!*  And the Sweet Taxidermy Quail...

I'm not certain what type of Fresh from the Farm piece of Agricultural Loveliness this is, but I Like it!

Okay, so what REALLY caught my Eye was the group of Colorless Palette Gals that were circling this Lovely Chair like Sharks!  *Ha ha ha*

This Vignette had just the right amount of Colorless and hint of Color for Yours Truly to really Appreciate...

Buckets of Raw Cotton and Skull...

A Close-Up of the Antique 8x10 Photo of a Beautiful Young Woman as it sat in it's Vignette, that my Friend Kim Gifted me with as a Surprise!  Love it, Thanks Kim!!!

The one Loving Cup that was hardest to walk away from... tri-handled and from the turn of the Century with Beautiful Hand Engraving... *Gazing Lustfully*

I walked away Slowly and quite Reluctantly... whilst also Admiring another Cute Union Jack Pillow and the Hide Storage Box...

Farmhouse Harvest Table with Industrial Style Seating... Perfect!!!

And absolutely anything that has this many Drawers!  *Winks*  Hope you Enjoyed coming along with us my Friends?  And we'll do it again same time next Month with a brand new Theme and Fresh Inventory!!!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Dawn, what was the price in the third from the bottom pic of a chair, silver cup and document box, which is what I am wondering about. I have a box in my booth and wondered what it is priced there. It seems to be in very good condition. I tried to blow it up to see the price, but couldn't read it. You certainly have a good selection of things where you live.

    1. Donna, that Lovely Hide Box, which was in pristine condition inside and out was $119. Yes, we do have a wonderful selection of Found Treasures here in Arizona and prices in these parts are still very reasonable compared to many other States I've been. Thanks for coming by for a Bloggy visit... Dawn... The Bohemian

    2. Thank you so much Dawn. In that condition it should sell for $250 (maybe more.) It is in the best condition I've seen.

  2. omg, I would have pitched a tent and stayed the whole four days. The owners of "Sweet Salvage" are amazing artists in the way they display everything...such a visual merry-go-round...loved the entire tour, Thanks Dawn, Sandi

  3. Goodness gracious, Dawn, you really did Sweets proud. Excellent photos from your new camera; excellent short descriptions, too. I haven't been to Sweets since the September 2015 weekend and I've saved a ton of money by staying away. I also haven't been to the Valley since September 2015. I used to schedule my weeks to visit my mother on the 3rd 4-day sale at Sweets. I'm glad you went and took loads of photos and posted them on your blog for me to view. Truly a blog post/work of art.
    Take care,
    Marrianna in the high country of Northern Arizona


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