Sunday, July 31, 2016

Seasonally Conflicted

I am often Seasonally Conflicted... August begins Tomorrow and being that is my Birthday Month I always look forward to it rolling around to Celebrate another year of Life.  However, to me August still signifies Summer in full swing and I like to Appreciate each Season properly without rushing on to the next... therein lies the Conflict!

Because August also signifies the Monsoon Season of Summer in full swing as well, my body is kinda longing for the Cooler days of Autumn, which is the most Glorious of Weather in the Desert!  Autumn is when I typically spend the most time Outdoors and I LOVE the Outdoors!  No matter how spectacular a Home I will ever own, Outdoors is always better and more spectacular to this Nature Lover's Eye!

Creating Indoor Outdoor Living is a Quest I've always taken Seriously when considering the layout of our Home and Garden.  Summer is the most fierce of Desert Seasons and thus not a lot of Outdoor Living goes on during Summer.  I ain't gonna lie, I Miss being Outdoors no matter how Lovely I Feather our Nest Indoors.  Most of you in opposite Climates probably Feel that way about Winter?

It's not that you cannot Appreciate the distinct Beauty that each Season brings or take away from that distinction even during the most Challenging or fierce Season's Weather, it's just that Seasonal Conflict can exist.   I do have my Preferences and I'm sure you do too... and though it seems premature before August even rolls around to be thinking of Autumn and eagerly preparing for it, I DO... there, I said it!


So I do have a sense of slighting poor August, the last Month of Summer, and I didn't always... when we weren't Desert dwellers.   August in many States and Countries I lived the Nomad Life traipsing around was a Glorious Month you Wished would never end!   But in the Arizona Desert... with the Monsoon Madness and all... you're kinda ready for it to end before it even begins!  *LOL*

And Retail Prep doesn't Help matters... since the Shops are already setting up Autumn and all the Wonderful Sights of the Special Decor, Color Palette and Holidays I SO look forward to every year, even before poor August rolls around!  The Sights, Smells and Ambiance of Autumn just Appeals to me more than any other Seasons.   I'm very biased about my preferences for which Season has the most draw to it for me... even tho' I do Love each Season's distinct Mood and Ambiance.

But I am fickle when it comes to Seasonally Conflicted Decor, I don't play by the Book of Seasonal Decorating, hardly ever!!!  I mean Seriously, I haven't even put all of last Christmas away for Heaven's Sake!   I've kept out that Decor which I Love so much I just wanted it hanging around past the Holidays!   And yes, some of last Autumn has abide in our Decor as well, since many of those Objects are the most Beloved and Cherished for our Style and Vibe!  *LOL*

We are the folks that keep a couple of small Champagne Pencil Tinsel Christmas Trees up year round and just Decorate them with different Seasonal stuff because it Pleases us and we like the Look!   The pre-lit doesn't even still work anymore because it wore out on both Trees!   And if you've ever attempted to take the Fairy Lights off of a pre-lit Christmas Tree and replace them you'll understand why I never did!?!  *Smiles*

Yes, falling down our Rabbit Hole here at Bohemian Valhalla you are likely not to know WHICH Season you're in and I'm totally Okay with that actually, I don't Care.   Blending stuff always has been more my Mantra and since I'm so Seasonally Conflicted the best way for me to actually Enjoy any Season is just to blend them all sometimes.  That and EASIER, since Yes, I can be a Lazy falling behind constantly and never quite catching up Stylist!  *Ha ha ha*  

 Though I must say I really do Enjoy Visiting the Blogs and being Invited into the Homes and Shops where a particular Season that we're IN is so Evident in their Decorating Style!  Sometimes those Seasonally Pure folks even Motivate me to try harder to BE in a particular Season fully!!  I just can't do it very effectively, never have been able to, so probably never will be able to?!?

August just still Feels to me like a Month where you should be Thinking about going to the Beach, Collecting Shells, having Picnics and Decorating with Light Beachy Summery Carefree Decor reminiscent of being on an endless Vacay!  Now, I've got Boxes of Fabulous Conch Shells and other Marine Critters that are an envious Collection of Summerabilia.   There, I just Invented a word for it.  *Winks*  Since the Move I just don't recall which Boxes it could be in that are yet unpacked and stacked in the Garage!?  *Furrowed Brow*

So Girl WHAT was your Nod to a True Summer's Vibe that you did manage this Summer of 2016 you might be asking?  Well, it's pretty feeble and pathetic actually since it's year round Favorites I never put away regardless of the Seasons changing.   My Oil Lamp Sandbox inside of a Gorge Chippy Box made out of Antique Crown Molding.  Sits on The Man's side of the Master Bathroom Vanity and I light it sometimes when I'm taking a Luxurious Spa Tubby at Night.  *LOL*

And my Starfish Creepy Doll Head Baby that my Friend Cyndie Created and I just Love for hanging Bracelets and Earrings in plain sight.   She sits on my side of the Master Bathroom Vanity.   Yes, you're correct, I've taken over both sides, but it's Okay coz The Man is used to that Migration of my Stuff!  *LOL* 

 No Wonder he's become so Territorial and Sensitive about what the Gypsy Princess is trying to take over that is his, huh?  *Bwahahahaha!*  Us Gals have that knack in the Home, don't we?  What's mine is mine and what's his is mine now too!   It's called Marriage Honey and it just Works that way, Trust me!  *Winks*  But he does have his small Antique Table on his side of the bed in our Boudoir which has his Man Piles of whatever.  Which will never be Photographed coz it's UGLY and not at all Editorial!  *LOL*  But on my Table beside the bed is this Lovely very Old Antique Victorian China Shell Family Heirloom from my Parents and a Nod to Summer.  

And also in the Boudoir on the Hollywood Regency Fireplace Mantle is this equally Cherished Antique Family Heirloom Mermaid Clock I Inherited from my Dad, very Summery Style.   I don't know the Back Story of it I just know I've always Loved it since it's so Kitsch and SO my Dad's Style and Quirky Aesthetic!  I know I got my Love of Kitsch from Dad since Mom abhors Kitsch and has much more Refined Tastes and Aesthetic than I.   *LOL*  Mom's Style was much more Palatial Bohemian well Traveled and leaning towards the Richly Exotic.

And I do have a penchant for Shell Art, the more bizarre the better, so I Love this Summery Shadowbox Shell Art with too much going on.  *Smiles*  Though it's still sitting on the floor in the Entry Hallway since I haven't yet decided where I want to hang it yet, but am leaning towards the Wall beside my Cabinet Of Curiosities in the other Hallway.   In New Home I've become more much anal about banging holes in the Walls so I am much more decisive before getting out Maxwell's Silver Hammer!  *LOL*

The Old House had over a Century of hole banging evident so it mattered a lot less where I made another one, you know?  *LOL*   Fact about this Wonderful Find, I ALMOST Sold it because initially I was on the fence about whether to Keep or Flip!?  *Gasp!*   While I contemplated that ridiculous Notion the Big Move occurred and thus gave me the time to come to my senses and Keep it Wondering Dawn what were you thinking??!??!!  Have you ever Sold something and then really Regret it?  I have... it SUCKS in hindsight!

And my enormous Hoard... umm, I mean massively Insane 'Collection' of Vintage Tablecloths always evokes a sense of Summertime for me since most of the Prints are Floral and Bright.  I always have one on the Retro Dining Set Table in the Kitchen.  Also my little Cabinets that store them are some of the few Furnishings that didn't get painted Black when I got the Paintbrush out and went back to my preferred Dark Aesthetic... so anything Colorless or Pastel just reeks Summer, huh?   Which is kinda Weird since Snow is White!!!  *LOL*

My Italian Tole standing Birdcage always Feels Summery to me and is one of the last Bastions of my brief Shabby Chic Decorating Phase still evident.  I just cannot part with it, fell in Lust with one pictured on the Cover of a Romantic Home Magazine way back.  So almost had my Heart stand still when I ran across an Identical one in a random Antique Store booth that had nothing else remotely worthwhile!   So I got it for a Song and I recall Princess T always being perplexed and thinking it Cray-Cray that Gramma had this Wonderful Bird Cage and NO Birds!???!?!  *LMAO*

I remember her being about two years old, looking at said Bird Cage, and asking Grandpa in a LOUD Stage Whisper... does Gramma KNOW she has no Birds?   So I got Birds, loads of Taxidermy Birds to Appease said Child's Curiosity about my Sanity *Winks*... and then she says in an even LOUDER Stage Whisper... does Gramma KNOW all her Birds are DEAD?!??!??   *Bwahahahahaha!*

This from the Child that now Styles my Dead Birds with me and Enjoys that they're wearing Gypsy Bling and the occasional Doll Spectacles and Crowns.  *Smiles*   Yeah they eventually come around if they've Lived down the Rabbit Hole any length of time.   Accepting almost anything as being the Norm around Gramma's Weird and Wonderful Decorating Style and preferred Aesthetic!  

And that brings me to my last feeble Nod to Summer Decorating with this Delightful Pastel Laura Van Box Creation by my Talented Friend Laura VanLandingham.   I am totally Obsessed with Laura's body of Work and whether Pastel or any other Color of the Rainbow it always Works with my Aesthetic and I practically have a Laura Van Shrine of Creations in our Boudoir!  *LOL*  So, Yes, I AM Seasonally Conflicted my Friends, how about you?  Seasonally Pure or Seasonally Conflicted or Blended?  Informal Survey in progress...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Thank you for sharing what you are doing in Valhalla with us, I'm really enjoying it and it really looks great!

    1. Thank you Delaine, I appreciate the kind words... and you stopping by for a Blog Visit... Dawn... The Bohemian


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