Monday, July 11, 2016

One More Off The Floor

So Today one more of my Dead Heads is up off the floor!  Yay one more off the floor!  Sitting behind The Man's Recliner and gazing out the bank of Windows towards our back yard Antelope now is... and I'm Happy with the results.  It is different than it was "Before" when it lived in my Art Studio Cottage at the Historic Homestead.

This is the "Before" Image in the Old Studio... and I may buy another small Santos Crown for it to wear again... along with the Vintage Millinery Floral Hippie Headband it's now currently wearing.  Right now this Santos Crown is gracing the head of the Birthday Bear Dead Head my Brother sent me last year as a Gift.

Said Crown looked so Splendid on Bear I decided that Antelope would just eventually get a different one, I'm not playing Musical Santos Crowns Today.  The OCD in me would kick in and then I'd be re-arranging Crowns and Tiaras like a Mad Woman otherwise!  *LOL*

Besides, none of the Bears wanted to give up their Crowns and we were unanimous in the decision that they looked best in them anyways.  And giving moi an Excuse to buy another Santos Crown and go on the Thrill of the Hunt for it, well, that was a no-brainer Mission I'm Excited about embarking upon, right?  *Smiles*

As it was The Stylist in me tried on several ensembles of Jewelry, Wraps, Hats and what have you as a temporary Styling Fix.  The previous Wrap and Victorian Clasp just wouldn't behave for this Styling and I lost Patience with it and settled on a Vintage Vestment Collar instead to replace them.  I mos def got my Cardio Workout going up and down the stepladder trying different Looks.  *Winks*

Still wearing Mom's yard long strand of Fresh Water Pearls Necklace though since I wasn't about to attempt to unwrap those after hanging the Mount up.  Once we got it Secure, I was delicate about Pimping it out lest we have another jumping off the Wall mishap.   I'm still not completely 'over' Lil Dik Dik's unfortuante Accident.  Finding a Stud in this Wall was at least easier than it had been for the Stag.

Though I totally Suck at hiding my Picture Hangars behind the heavy Antique Frames... and really, I don't Care.   Now as each is getting up off my floors I can Live with the lack of absolute Perfection .  Besides, those Antique Frames are freakin' heavy and you know how I already am up the Ladder Of Death!!  Especially without a free hand to hang on for deal Life!  It doesn't matter that I'm only two rungs and mebbe twelves inches up off the floor, I'm still having Anxiety Attacks up there!  *LOL*

Do Tres Coffered Ceilings give anyone else worse Vertigo than they already have?  *Smiles*   I Love the Look of them, but they do seem to magnify the Vertigo sensation for me some Mysterious way!   Now, this is the Wall that eventually will have Chicago Brick installed for a Loft Look.  So I'm leaving just Antelope and one piece of Artwork to Dress it up for that reason, even tho' it's a large expanse of Wall.

The Bears were very Glad to have kept their Crowns as this incantation of Decorating began Manifesting.   So many other things get changed up in The Process tho', it's like I can't just do ONE thing, you know?  *Smiles*  One thing leads to changing something else and so on and so forth until it spirals completely out of Control!   *Arghhhh!*

Things from Upstairs start getting dragged Downstairs and The Vintage Dress Form Gals start playing Musical Wardrobe!   It's like backstage during Fashion Week with Models changing ensembles furiously and Stylist fussing over them frantically!  *Ha ha ha*

Everyone's getting undressed and dressed, Accessories are being swapped out, it's utter Madness!   Which is why the whole Crew here Sigh audibly anytime I say I'm going to do ONE THING to progress in Styling or Decorating New Villa Boheme'.   Surely you jest, just ONE THING? 

 Right... if you say so... uh huh... we've heard that before.  I'm reduced to doing Yoga Poses to get the right angles then to line up my "After" shots just so.  It's quite the overall Workout... we've done Cardio whilst hanging things up... Yoga whilst Photographing the finished results!  *Winks*

Everyone seems to be giving me 'those Looks'... *Winks*  Either that or scattering lest I recruit them as my Minions and draw them into my Insanity!  So The G-Kid Force and The Man can quickly become conspicuous by their absence once I'm on a Roll!  *Smiles*   The Young Prince claims exhaustion after his excellent Dental Appointment this Morning... but you only had your teeth cleaned I protest!  *LOL*  Yeah, I know, EXHAUSTED Gramma, I'm going up to take a Nap!  *Bwahahaha!*

Well, yeah, it WAS shocking that he had an excellent report, Teenage Boy and all... do they ever brush and floss without being reminded?   Or Shower, or comb their Hair, take their favorite Shirt off and put it in the Laundry, or take out the trash, etc. etc. etc.??!??!?  *Winks*   I think him trying to run damage control for NOT brushing and flossing regularly by doing a Marathon tooth brushing and flossing this Morning might just have worn him out, I dunno?  *LOL*

And now the Other Stylist in the Family is attempting Extortion and Bribery my Friends by coming in and asking me if she Cleans her whole Bedroom and Bathroom Suite spotlessly, will I buy her a Medium Starbucks?!   Caramel Frappuccino Please with extra Caramel... well... it's a small price to pay for Voluntary Cleanliness isn't it... and besides, she could have asked for a Venti and gotten it! *Shhhhhh... and Winks*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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