Saturday, July 30, 2016

Monsoon Madness

I Confess that once the Monsoons roll in I'm not inclined to want to do very much of anything since humidity drains me... and it seems like Monsoon Madness to be Outside for any reason when it's so Hot AND Humid!

But sometimes I have to be... and sometimes I have to be with an entourage in tow... and all of us become fussy and overheated and begin to act like a bunch of Cranky two year olds!  *LOL*  That's not a Good Look for a Woman my Age!  *Ha ha ha*

I have to come Clean that once I begin sweating bullets and get that Headache, I'm not very Lovely and definitely not having Fun anymore!  *Smiles*  Today was THAT kinda day... meeting some Friends at the Old Property for a Private Showing... then trying to have a semi-pleasant Girl's Day Out with Princess T before picking her Brother up from his Dad's later this Afternoon.

We had the best of Intentions to have this Wonderful Saturday Out and get what needed to get done out of the way first.  Since it's the last Weekend before School begins again... but the Heat coupled with high Humidity after last Night's Monsoon Storm just made it miserable!  The Princess and I decided to abort said Girl's Day Out prematurely and pick The Young Prince up early.

The Young Prince was ready to leave early... seems his little Brother was equally Unlovely in this Heat and Humidity and he's actually closer to being a Cranky two year old for Real, being he's three! *LOL*  Along with having his little chin busted open from jumping off his new bunk bed and having to get the wound glued shut at the ER... and being cooped up inside, he was Beastly and terrorizing everyone apparently!  *Smiles*  Ah, I don't envy anyone still having a Pre-School Aged Child in the house, especially this time of year!

And especially a Pre-School Aged BOY since they always seem to Dream up the most dangerous things to do that seem like a good idea to them at the time!  Ah yes, I recall having the Emergency Hotline on Speed Dial when The Son and then The Young Prince were that less than Delightful Age!  *Shudder!* 

 So... your Little Brother was being bratty this Weekend and you didn't Enjoy the time with him this visit I casually says??!  Oh No, WAY worse than that Gramma, you have no Idea... he deadpans with a most Serious look on his face and clearly having had no Sleep!!!  Great Birth Control method this making a Teen Boy hang out with much younger Sibling for the Weekend!   *Insert me trying not to Laugh!*

When The Son was a Teen Boy, since he was our Youngest, and before The Young Prince was born and we Inherited his Nephew to Raise, I would have The Son assist in the Church Day Care for similar reasons.   Since so many Teens were Fathering Children prematurely that he knew with Teen Girls not ready for Motherhood either. *Winks*  It worked like a Charm, he never Fathered any Children of his own... the Young Prince is convinced he wants no Children of his own either now.  *Bwahahahaha!*

I do Love Children, but you have to be the appropriate Age to be Raising them... not too Young... not too Old... they're a lot of Work and a huge responsibility!!!  I know I'm on the Too Old side of Raising them... I know this because when they start trifling and becoming fussy and difficult, I reach Saturation Point FAST!   *LOL*  

When this trio I have at Home, with their individual Mood Regulation Issues,  get fussy and difficult on a Hot Humid day, I'm banishing each of them to a different part of the house quickly so I don't have to go Mental!  That's why I bought a big house, to scatter them so they don't even have to be near or see one another when they can't get along and play well with others!  *Winks*

So The Young Prince is used to that when Monsoon Madness afflicts others, Gramma immediately Mediating and scattering everyone to their respective Escapes to Cool down and Calm down for everyone's Sanity.   There is no place to Escape TO at my Dad's Apartment he laments, so the Little One was driving him beyond Crazy and it took him the whole Commute Home and about an hour back Home to Recover from the Ordeal!  *LOL*

Meanwhile, back at Villa Boheme', tho' The Young Prince was sounding like Dorothy from the Wizard Of Oz and saying There's No Place Like Home... The Stylist and Grandpa were escalating their beef with each other almost immediately after I got Home with the Kiddos.  You see, she's in Didi Kai Mode of Tent Building all around the Villa, so she'd built Encampments... Impressive ones... that were threatening to take over The Man's Personal Spaces... Uh Oh... yeah, he's become very Territorial with this Traumatic Brain Injury Condition!  *Le Sigh*

Now... Me, Myself and I... don't mind Encampments all over the house, I totally get the Gypsy Vibe and Enjoyment of a Temporary Tent structure to Gel in and Pretend you're on a Dreamy Staycation... especially if you're cooped up inside due to inclement weather outside.  So long as they're happily building their Encampments and Quietly Occupying them... and more importantly leaving me ALONE, I'm freakin' Golden about it!  *LMAO*

I dunno, mebbe it was her Signs taped up all around Camp that disturbed Grandpa and aroused irritation... "No Boys Allowed at Bace Camp!" {I've intentionally left her amusing spelling intact for you to Smile about too!}  She claimed Grandpa was banging the remote control on MY Recliner's arm rest loudly so she'd know, even sequestered inside the Tent leaving everyone alone, that it's recent expansion towards HIS Recliner was arousing irritation!  *LOL*

Yes, the Battle was escalating and War had been declared in the Living Room between The Old Marine wanting to retain his Ground and The Young Gypsy Princess becoming an unwelcome Squatter on what he considers his 'real estate'... yes, a familiar scenario was unfolding.   So I convinced her to relocate the Camp Upstairs and I'd supply all Poufs and Chairs for her to spread her Blankets and Exotic Pillows around on and under to make the Ultimate Encampment with.

One would Think I had thus averted disaster, right?   Wrong... Nope... seems it disturbed him all the more that part of the Downstairs Furnishings were now Migrating Upstairs with her!   And she would need his Help in carrying the one heavy Pouf that she had lost control of halfway up the stairs and had come cascading down, taking out everything in it's path on the Landing!  *Oooops!*

So now the Battle was in full swing between them... there was Tears and Yelling there was Hysteria and much Drama!   This melee was enough to arouse The Young Princes curiosity and he comes out of hibernation in his Suite, mostly as a Spectator since he knew if Gramma had to get up out of this Chair where she was trying to Relax and take a Blog Break... well, then, things would surely get Interesting and folks would be scattering in all directions!  *Winks*

You, addressing The Man... now have a Camp Free Space in the Living Room to go be Quiet and Happy in!!! {Pointing in direction of said Room he's being separated into!}  And You, addressing now Hysterical Encampment Queen, have every Pouf, Blanket and Pillow Upstairs now to be about building your New Camp to be Quiet and Happy in!!! {Pointing in direction of her Suite she's being separated into!} 

 And You, addressing Spectator Prince who was just there to gleefully see everyone else get in Trouble, now that you're Involved... Help HER schlep all this crap off my Upstairs Landing slash Studio Space into her New Campsite!  {Pointing in direction of where newly appointed Sherpa was to lug it all in for her!}  Yeah, that'll teach him to get into the Mix as Spectator and become an unwitting Participant!  *LOL*  And when you're done with that, go back into hibernation {Pointing to his Suite} and be Quiet and Happy as well!

Shhhhhh... do you hear it my Friends?!?   The Sound of Quiet and Happy!!!!!!  Which is how I LIKE Villa Boheme' to sound so that I'm HAPPY and there's no Trouble in Paradise making me become fussy and overheated... because when Gramma ain't Happy... ain't NOBODY Happy!   And few can do Monsoon Madness quite like the Queen of her Kingdom can!!!  *Winks*  And they all Lived Happily Ever After... THE END.  *Smiles*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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