Sunday, July 10, 2016

Lurking... And NOT Buying!

** NOTE: Some Fabulous Imagery gleaned via Online Sale sites.**

Lately most of my Online activity has been Lurking at things I really, really like that are for Sale... and NOT Buying!   *What!?!*   I know, so untypical for moi, huh?  *LOL*   The Restraint is practically killing me, I ain't gonna lie, but I've held up just Lurking at Beautiful Stuff for Sale that won't be mine!  Not even the rare opportunity to purchase gorgeous Vintage Magnolia Pearl that has come up for Auction, to add to my Collection!  *Gasp!* 

 Thankfully all of it too spendy for me, so that was easy to resist any Temptation to throw my hat in the ring.  *Whew!*   I almost rather something be a Crazy price, rather than something I could buy, it helps to totally resist it and just visually Enjoy it with Admiration and more than a tinge of Lust.  *LOL*

The harder thing for moi is when something is a Crazy LOW price, to walk away from that... well, it hurts... almost physically... well, mebbe that's just me, I dunno?  *Winks*  Or how about Free... like when you're tooling down the road, and something is unexpectedly curbside and Awesome... how to just resist that and drive on by is Torture!  

 Especially now I have a Truck again and could easily throw it in the back... alas, but no Acreage now... and so if I have no Showroom Space to hawk it immediately, well, it's not hitching a ride Home no how.  *Le Sigh*   But Smalls... well, there is that Temptation to Squirrel them away isn't there?  You know, since they don't take up that much room.  *Winks*  Fabulous Smalls for Sale that I J'Adore are my Achilles Heel!  *Ouch!*  And I shouldn't... and so lately I haven't... I've just Lurked, even with the Smalls!  *Gasp!*

After all, I'm still plowing thru what hasn't been unpacked or found a place at New Villa Boheme' ... and the many incantations of each Space is finally settling down to the Desired Look.   Which it needs to because the Holidays will so soon be upon us again and I'll be wanting to Style for my Favorite ones... so it never ends really, does it?  *Smiles* 

  I Cheated this year a bit, some Decor never really got Stored away in Seasonal after the Holidays were over, I just left it out and pretended it wasn't Seasonal at all.   I disguise things a LOT like that, because my Home is Eclectic and Eccentric enough I CAN.   What 'Season' is Dawn decorating FOR, Hell we dunno, most might conclude!?!  *Bwahahaha*

Everything looks so Odd that the random Halloween or Christmas Decor left out isn't gonna stand out so much or draw attention anyway, right?  *Winks*  And I have to Confess that some of my Odd Collections take on a Life of their own... LITERALLY.   So I had this tiny Egg I Found outside one day... didn't know if it was a tiny Bird or Lizard Egg but clearly it was no longer being tended in a Nest and therefore wouldn't ever hatch.  Probably... Okay, it finally did... and I inadvertently thought The G-Kid Force had broken it!  *LOL*

They're like, Gramma, NO, we think this hatched... look... Yeah, it looks hatched alright since all shell pieces were broken from the inside OUT!  Uh oh, mebbe I shouldn't have nestled it in my indoor Bird Nest under that Taxidermy Duckling?  Crap, what critter is now a hatchling running around Villa Boheme'? *Oops!*  We're thinking Lizard or Gecko, they eat Bugs, so we're Okay with that co-existence, we've had Lizard or Gecko Tenants before and we eventually set them Free Outside where they belong once they can be caught.

So you see, whatever The G-Kid Force drags Home will never be any Weirder than what I drag Home myself... and The Man doesn't even raise an eyebrow anymore, he's so used to it all.  *LOL*   But... I digress... back to Lurking and NOT Buying, which was supposed to be my original Topic for this Post until I got all ADHD on ya.  *Winks*

Even when I'm not adding to my Accessories, Wardrobe, Collections or whatever, I simply Love being duly Inspired by Wonderful Visuals of Beautiful things.   And so I'm not always in a Buying Mood anyway, just an Inspirational one where I'm hungry to just be Inspired and satiated by Eye Candy Visuals.  Since I can't always get out of Caregiving Duty this means I can't always get out period... and so Online Lurking is actually even better for the Housebound who can't go Window Shopping at the Stores!

I don't know what the housebound did before Technology to expand their Horizons?   I'm just Glad I Live in this Era... tho' sometimes I do think I was born way too late since my Love of Old is so Profound.  But, being born later does mean we get to Enjoy the best of both Worlds, right?   The Old and the New with every enhancement and advancement available to Enjoy both... so it doesn't get much better than that really.

Yes, I CAN be one of those Seniors that longs for the Good Ole' Days at times, but I'm thoroughly Enjoying Living In The Moment too and looking forward to the Future and what it brings?  Our Home has Transformed many, many, many times since my Loves are vast when it comes to the Good Stuff and a steady rotation in and out is a Constant really.   I've just been trying in the past few years to have more going out than in.   

And also to push myself out of my own Comfort Zones when it comes to Styling and Decor... to try New Ideas and Genres of Cool Stuff to surround ourselves with.   That Metamorphosis has been a Process... some things for me will always be Weird and Wonderful first and then experimentation with other Styles to compliment our Beloved Oddities.  But moving recently to a Tuscan Styled Home has made me Love the Visuals of Tuscany all the more for this Home's Aesthetic.

It's not the Creepy Historic Victorian Manse the Addams would have resided in and I've always gravitated to, but cannot find so much here in the Desert.  They razed most of them in the Metro Phoenix area long ago, I watched the demise of many... done in the name of Progress.   Yeah, they HAD them... and now they don't... it was too Sad before they finally began designating Historic Districts and Appreciating Restoration, the really Old Architecture and true Mansions were by then long gone.

But I am so Glad that a few select Architects and Builders are beginning to think outside of the Box, literally, and Create some New Builds that have Traditional or Historic looking Details that bring back the Charm and Character to Architecture!  *Whew*   I am even more Thankful I was able to buy one to reside in... without the Labor of Love {emphasis on Labor} that a Historic Home requires, but having that LOOK that makes one Swoon and stands out as Unique and Beautiful!

Giving up a Historic Home and the City Life was so very hard for me... even tho' it was Celebratory for The Man getting out of the Historic Inner City and out into the semi-wilderness of the outskirts of the Metro area with no Home Projects being a Constant.  *LOL*   I'm still adjusting... the Kiddos are still in adjustment mode too... we Escape into the City a LOT whenever we can as a Posse!  *Ha ha*   We do Miss having the little Indie Shops all around, the Restaurants, Bakeries, Cafe's and active Social Life.   Solitude was Fantastic for us too out here... but for about a Minute.  *Bwahahaha!*

I met with The Son this Morning for Breakfast in Inner City Phoenix at one of our Favorite Indie Restaurants... and to have him drop off Princess T from her visit with them... and pick up Prince D from his Dad's.  As we all sat there Socializing with each other and the Restaurant's Owner Chai, it just felt more what I'm used to.  The Son noticed and said he knew the Wanderlust is something I'm trying to stuff down already even tho' The Dream Home is Awesome... but sho'nuf out in BFE Mom!  *Ha ha ha*  We talked about his Childhood Friend Gypsy James and how often he just picks up and moves, like we used to do... and at times... for my side of the Family anyway... it's so hard not to look at that Open Road longingly for the next place to Be too.


Blessings and Peace from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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