Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Keeping The Invisible Crown On Tightly

So as you could probably tell by the previous need to have a Rant Post I've been trying to keep the Invisible Crown on tightly and continue to reign over my Kingdom with Dignity and Grace!  *Smiles*  

 Keeping the Invisible Crown on tightly AND keeping Calm in the Process... sometimes easier said than done.   I can be quite a Hot Mess underneath that Crown, I think many of us are actually... and I don't mind being Labeled Hot *winks*... but a Mess, not so much!  *LOL*  But even tho' that Crown be slippin', it's Secure, it's NOT coming off... no way... uh uh... EVER!

I'll go Down with the Crown dammit!!!  *Smiles*   So, The Man suggested, since clearly my Hot Mess lately has been glaring apparent, and he doesn't want me going Down, Crown and all... that perhaps I should FINALLY schedule that Caregiver Support Referral to the Base Psychologist that my PCP recommended.  Months ago...Ya think?   Yeah, it's TIME!   It's probably past time and he's a good one, The Man has seen him for TBI Assessments since he Specializes in Treatment for Traumatic Brain Injured Veterans.

And since by the time I have that Appointment in early August, we will have already gotten the Feedback on The Man's lengthy nine hours worth of TBI Evaluation he's been through.   We get the Results of all that Assessing back Tomorrow and go in together to discuss it with the Specialists he's been referred to.   I have the 'Sweet Salvage' Event the next Morning, so it give me some 'Me Time' to Meditate upon whatever they reveal to us.

 I've been winging it on Rehabbing him myself since the VA ceased Services to him long ago for the brain damage and Barrow's Neurological had done what they could for him and barely been paid for their Services by our crappy Insurance.   I don't know that I've been doing everything Right or not?  But his Progress has been Outstanding and Miraculous enough already we can't have been doing everything Wrong, God and I, since The Great Physician is Who I've been leaning upon for Divine Guidance exclusively for this Healing!  

But it is Nice to get some Medical Professionals with Skin on in the Game nonetheless... it's long overdue.   Often it's after you hit the Wall that finally Resources and Referrals get fast tracked and Help arrives.   You can be loaded up with Caseworkers but it's what they can GET for you in the way of Services that ultimately counts and eases heavy burdens you've been carrying alone.  I've really liked the Specialists we've finally been Assigned to, better late than never, I'm moving forward Optimistically and with Hope intact.  Even tho' by now my Invisible Crown is all skew-wiffy on top of my now disheveled head!

But I'm still wearing it at least, I've kept it on tightly even when it's looked like it's precariously perched and about to fall off!   Today is better than Yesterday... Life is like a Roller Coaster Ride that way... ups and down... spirals that defy gravity... and scary moments that make your Heart pound out of your chest sometimes... thrills and terrifying moments all blended into the ride of your Life.   But you've bought the ticket so you are on for the whole ride.

And so this week of The Ride is pretty much over-scheduled with the thrills and the 'other' moments I'm not too certain about.   The Young Prince has been Leading his Honor Guard Band Camp since the Teacher never has shown up for weeks now at ANY Practices and finally quit without adequate Notice to have his position filled for these kids to be readied for their Performances.   Yes, the Problem Child they deem as lazy and uncaring is Leading the Band Voluntarily and giving it his All... how Ironic, huh?   This is a legit Class these Kiddos will be Graded on and have to Perform against other Schools like any other Sport, so I'm Proud of him for accepting an unpaid Role a paid Adult should be Leading.

They're all Freshman with Zero experience Gramma, and only one returning Sophomore from last year who needs a LOT of Help with her routines, I'm not even sure what I SHOULD be Teaching them?   But I don't want us to look stupid, lame or get Failing Grades on this during Performances, it's the ONLY Class I know I can PASS and get Credit for he laments! 

 I'm just Teaching the Basics so they'll know SOMETHING when School starts, he looks to me for Affirmation he's doing the Right thing, after being there from 4pm-9pm AGAIN, filling the Void of an irresponsible Adult.  Well, just do what you can and Trust and Believe I'll be bringing this up too in our IEP Meeting my Child I says.  He Grins, he knows Gramma is putting on the War Paint and going Old School Apache!   It is said that you'd fight the Apache all day long and never see one... it is always an Advantage if they never see you coming!  *LOL*

  And the Band Director thought the only Concern he had was that The Young Prince has to have a 'Natural' Hair Color and Style by the time School begins!  Silly Man!  Seems they got bigger Fish to fry than worrying about freakin' hair color and styles!  How about FILLING a Vacant Paid Position for a Class already filled with hard working Students without adequate Guidance and a Special Needs Child stepping up and Volunteering in the interim, how about THAT?  Some folks Priorities just slay me sometimes!!!   Ooops, Sorry, I'm on a Rant again... it's still Fresh, last Night... so had to Vent a little, right?  *LOL*

But the Pride I Feel for my Grandson and the Courage and Leadership he's Displaying dispels all of my Negative Emotions.   How dare anyone deem him a Failure and not worth Investing in!   At Fifteen he Manned Up and did what the irresponsible Adult Teacher that bailed on them wasn't Man enough to do... in my humble opinion.  That Teacher let all those Students down by quitting without Notice and being MIA for weeks beforehand at their Mandatory Band Camp... having no conscience about what would become of them or the Class they'd enrolled in, so I'm actually glad he's not their Instructor this year!

But whatever Challenges you might be up against my Friends you don't have to feel Trapped by them, you can Creatively Adapt and Improvise.   My Grandson actually Inspired me last Night to keep being Resilient like that and have the Tenacity to keep that Invisible Crown on tightly and keep on keeping on.  To not Conform and stay trapped in the Cage or Box others might have Created and set boundaries, rules and limits for you to try to spread your Wings within the confines of.   After all, you couldn't contain Eagles that were Born to soar in the likes of a Cage like this anyway!  *Winks*  


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Congratulations to the Young Prince for taking on that huge responsibility with out the consideration of money or time but only seeing a need and filling it! You should be proud Dawn and the Young Prince too!

    1. I certainly am Proud of him! Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. He inspired you and maybe you inspired him in the first place!
    These " special needs" kids are extra special in my humble opinion 😌
    Xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Yes they certainly are my Friend and I do feel one of our greatest Responsibilities to future generations is to inspire them in the first place. Yet I find Children to be so Naturally Profound! They never cease to Amaze me with their insight and resilience, we lose so much of that as we age. Thanks for stopping by for a Bloggy Visit... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Hi Dawn, Your children and grandchildren are lucky to have you in their lives caring and inspiring them :) You certainly have an eclectic collection of found stuff! I LOVE that mauve chair!

  4. I have recently been amazed/inspired how my boys have grown into young men and take responsibility and act so more, so much more than some of the teachers and tutors - I am proud of them and can feel your pride in your grandson - continue to be inspired by him as I am by my boys x


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