Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Damage At Both Ends

I'm still recovering from the botched biopsy, which is taking FOREVER!  Along with some serious Neck and Shoulder pain... and an ingrown toenail on my big toe... well, I'm damaged at both ends right now!  This means all my Home Improvement Projects are on Hold or moving sporadically at a Snail's pace.  Did I ever tell you that Patience is mos def NOT one of my Virtues?  *LOL*

But one of my strengths is Tenacity, a stupid amount of it in fact and so I've been determined not to languish in a state of infirmity, doing Nothing just isn't one of my Normal Temptations or states of Being.  Though long naps have been the daily norm lately to re-energize sufficiently to get thru each day.  But Progress being made is indeed a tedious Process right now.  Annoyingly so since I'd built up such momentum and being sidelined with health issues therefore sucks!  Vendors at our Antique Mall had been hauling in Inventory for the Big 4th of July three day Sale {Love this Creation in the above Images} and I needed to also.

I managed to Celebrate the 4th of July with Family and Friends at our Antique Mall, I did pretty good during the Sale in my Showrooms overall, mostly over the weekend part of it.   Sweet Aliyah was having to work the Night Shift and miss all the Fireworks but was still, as usual, huge Smiles and bubbly Positive Energy... this day Positive Patriotic Energy!  Princess T had gone with her Uncle and Family to see Fireworks on the East Side... so I took the Young Prince and The Man out for dinner.  Then over to our Antique Mall's 4th of July Sale, where we Won ten bucks worth of Gift Certificates in the hourly Giveaways!  *Yay!*

But fading fast with the Neck and Shoulder thingy going on, we opted to sit in the Truck to watch the Military Base Fireworks a few blocks away from the actual Celebration going on.  The Young Prince and The Man had told me it would be Okay if they missed Fireworks this year, but I could tell by their Countenance they were saying that for my sake.  If I didn't take them they wouldn't be able to go, so we reached that doable compromise I could handle. 

 Looking upwards with Neck and Shoulder pain for prolonged periods is challenging, range of motion right now is compromised.  But anything Patriotic is important to The Man and what Kiddo really is Okay missing Fireworks, right?  Not to mention they'd foregone the Cali Trip and needed to get outta the house to do something Special so they didn't feel deprived.  *Smiles*  The Young Prince had been Delighted to buy an Arrowhead Necklace with his Free Gift Certificate Winnings, so he was Styling.  *Winks*  I'm also Glad we Celebrated properly and didn't ignore the Festivities going on.

Back at the Villa Boheme' it's as if I'm Styling a Monastery or having an Antique Crucifixion Auction!  *Smiles*   I have finally had enough of what needs to get hung up laying all over the floor or piled into wire baskets this past year, so my Goal has been to start hanging things up.  Yes, I wait until I've got Neck and Shoulder pain to get motivated enough to Action... needless to say Timing isn't my strong suit either!  *Bwahahaha!*  So now most are out of their storage baskets and not on the floor, but all over my tables instead!  Well, that's getting higher, right?  *LOL*

But because my Projects tend to start out Simple and become ever more Complicated and bogged down with Bright Ideas that equal more Work, now I'm also oiling all the Wood before each can be hung on a Wall!   The Man knew this would happen so he's limited his Recruitment as my Minion to when they ARE each ready to be hung on said Walls and not a moment before!  *Ha ha*  He doesn't have the time or patience to go thru my convoluted Rituals with his Sanity remaining intact!  *Smiles*

He also knew that MY Sanity would not remain intact with JUST that singular Taxidermy Mount on that big open expanse of Niche... it was bothering me much too much!!!!!  And of coarse I just cannot stand to lose my Muchness!

And I may not even be Done yet since I have a matching pair of Antique Ornate Frames that are just begging to Showcase each of those Antique French Crucifixes!  *LOL*   The Man thinks this looks Splendid just as it is and urges me to use Restraint... like I've ever had any of THAT!  *Bwahahahaha*  But I did say I was trying to Scale Back and to Simplify didn't I?  It's a Process for me, what can I say?

And as any of you similarly afflicted with OCD can attest to, I now keep looking at it... standing back and looking at it... glancing at it even when I don't want to... and looking at it some more.   I can't even walk thru that room without assessing whether or not it's really 'Enough'?  And having that Urge to add to it.  Just those lovely Frames around each Crucifix perhaps, and then I Promise NO MORE!   Things go thru many incarnations at my Home before I'm Satisfied... and Perfect a Vignette to my liking.

The Man cringes when I begin circling something and start to have a fixation about it, he knows what's coming!   Oh Dear Lord... here she goes again!  *LOL*   He only Hopes that if he keeps quiet and a low enough profile, perhaps I'll try to Recruit The Force and not involve him in my new Obsession?  But the Kiddos know when there's a disturbance in The Force and scatter!  Suddenly claiming a deep commitment to their own agendas, even if it's cleaning their rooms or homework!   Yeah, that's just how far they'll go to avoid being roped in to some of my Projects and not become unwilling Victims, um, I mean unwitting Volunteers!  *Smiles*

But look how Nice everything is looking now that it's finally coming together, I'll try to coax them into my Schemes!   Yes, but it will never end Gramma... the Young Prince will try to sway me with his Logic... and besides, I think you should lay down and take another Nap, you know, to rest that pain in your Neck and Shoulder.  And then he'll claim he needs a Nap, since clearly I'm going to be good for another ten thousand miles of Projects if I gain any momentum with the Crucifix hanging thing!  *LOL*

And so it goes until everything is finally up off my floor... and outta their storage baskets... and either up on the Walls or off to the Showrooms.   Because this year long delay has far passed it's expiration date of testing my Patience for procrastinated Projects!   And I want things in place or gone...and being damaged at both ends is not going to be a handy enough excuse to put it all off indefinitely.  Besides, it IS looking Nice, No?


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. What creations! The doll at the beginning was both creepy and lovely.


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