Saturday, June 25, 2016

When Tragedy Strikes...

I'm spontaneous on how I Live Life on Purpose... the reason being, you never know when tragedy could strike at any second and screw up everything carefully planned out.   So I absolutely hate when I have to Plan something in advance, I really do... on pins and needles hoping nothing will go wrong between now and then to possibly screw things up!?  Life unfolds as it will and we cannot control all of it's outcomes.  It was necessary to Plan our Trip to Cali in advance rather than spontaneously because The Son had to put in for Vacation and get it approved.  The Son works a dangerous job, so daily risks are involved.

So when he called me in the middle of the Night after my Shift on Friday Night I had an Uh Oh Moment, knowing something must be terribly wrong.  He never calls me directly after I get off a Night Shift and he's rarely up late since he works very early shifts.  Friday had been his last day at Work before Vacation... so tragedy striking then was untimely to say the least.  News of a serious injury to one of your Children is the last News you ever want to receive!  My Heart was pounding out of my chest, I could tell by his tone he didn't wanna hafta tell me what had happened to him... especially just before our Trip!

 He's a Glazier so works with Glass... Glass can be dangerous.   And he had a serious work related injury due to the Carelessness of a Co-Worker.  Luckily it was a huge piece of Safety Glass so he didn't get killed, but he did get cut up badly in two places, needing stitches and staples.  Plus minor abrasion cuts elsewhere as the glass exploded when the other guy dropped it, leaving The Son still holding his end and unable to get out of the way! 

 He's particularly angry because he had warned Management about this individual's habits not being Safe.  He also already scheduled Vacay so his Workman's Comp Short Leave Paid Time off for the injury coincides with paid Vacation he's already taking!  To make a long story shorter, he will probably get his staples and stitches out the day before we leave for Cali... as if spending your precious Vacay days to visit a dying Grandparent isn't somber and tragic enough!  

And probably the very worst thing is he'd had a Gypsy Premonition for some time about this individual getting someone hurt at work, so he'd tried not to work alongside the guy, especially with lifting glass.   Most people scoff at our Gypsy Premonitions or mistakingly think that knowing something is going to happen in advance means you cause it to happen, which you don't.  In fact, it can be an early warning detector to avert some tragedies to varying degrees, depending upon if warnings are heeded or ignored.  He felt if this had been heeded this tragedy could have been averted, I am in agreement.

But it was ignored and not taken seriously and so it came to pass.  You hate when that happens and you've had a premonition that you desperately try to warn others about to no avail... especially if it involves you or yours.   I told him in the future if he knows a premonition has identified an individual as the catalyst of what is going to happen, avoid THEM at all costs.  Simply tell others you don't have a Peace about them due to your 'concerns'.  Don't make it sound too Witchy, people fear or scoff at what they don't understand or believe.  Let it then be their problem and take yourself out of the Loop.  I've avoided disaster numerous times using this tactic when I've had a strong premonition, I just go for myself if others don't wanna know, be warned or believe.

Not every tragedy comes with a premonition about it, so I accept those that do as Divine Forewarning Blessings and always heed them, as has our entire Family.   When tragedy strikes you sometimes cannot get out of the way... so if and when you can... well... it's a no-brainer IMO to just heed any early warning Signs, whatever they may be or however they are imparted and revealed to you.   I never try to convince someone to alter their Beliefs nor do I expect them to always understand mine... everyone has their personal Life filter that shapes their personal belief system.

The Son is very conflicted about having his Gift of Premonitions, it's not something he wants to have since it can be both a Blessing and a Curse at times.   Since it's not something you choose to have or understand how or why you have it.  It also often makes others more than a bit freaked out, uncomfortable and sometimes upset with you... or incorrectly labeling you as wicked and someone involved in sorcery.   We just know our lineage has a long History of having it, learning to embrace that difference is a personal Journey you walk out individually.  When you have it you cannot turn it off just because you don't want it, the premonitions will still come.  So what to DO with them will be your personal choice and burden.

Little ones don't even realize everyone doesn't have the experience so you have to teach them to be prudent with their revelations to others.  Some premonitions I can never tell people, it wouldn't be appropriate since it's not something that can be altered in any way... it just will be... knowing in advance is not enjoyable... I'd rather not having a knowing.   Talking to your older ones about how to deal with and live with what they will always have and don't always want is quite a dialogue.  Guiding them to utilize it for overall Good with prudence and discernment is a responsibility I take seriously.

I am Thankful an important Forewarning was imparted... I am saddened that it was not appropriately heeded and The Son suffered the unfortunate consequences of it not being taken seriously enough.  But when tragedy strikes you just have to roll with it, as we always have... and learn whatever lessons the experience teaches.  It will make you Wiser and those of us who have the privilege of growing older can pass any Wisdom along we have been taught by Life in general.  That is perhaps our most important Legacy to leave behind to our Young so they don't have to learn it the hard way. 


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I agree, passing along our wisdom, especially in difficult life lessons, is our best legacy.
    I have super sensitive senses , which makes living in modern noisy crowded society extremely difficult at times. I have unfortunately passed this trait on to my son, so I try to pass on any coping strategies I've learned along the way as well. Hopefully he will be ahead of where I was at his age and won't take so long to learn to deal with it!
    I hope your holiday went well despite your son's accident.
    xo Jazzy Jack

  2. What ever you want to name this---prudence, intuition, gypsy vibes, or premonitions, they need to be taken seriously. Hopefully your son will heal and learn that any of the above---are worth taking a stand for. Thanks for sharing this post, from a mom who had to call more than once to her son---who was working in hazardous conditions, with warnings. Thankfully he heeded me. Sandi


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