Sunday, June 12, 2016

Raindrops On Roses And Whiskers On Kittens

For us Hunter-Gatherer Types our Favorite Things can encompass a very broad range of Eclectic Objects... or be laser focused upon specific Objects we're absolutely Obsessed about!   I happen to go thru periods of Obsessions about certain things that I'll hunt for and gather.  But overall I'm more an Eclectic and totally random Gatherer of Objects.   A Human Magpie would best describe how I Hunt, certain things Appeal to me at certain times and certain phases.

I remember when I went thru my Antique Radio phase and gathered an impressive array of them... and then lost Interest in most and wasn't really that Attached to any of them, so have Sold all but one off.  It turned a healthy profit and so no harm and no foul in my brief interlude with the Antique Radios Obsession.  *Smiles*   Sometimes I think it's more the Challenge of locating certain specific items that has the most Appeal, to see if I can amass a Collection of like Objects. 

  Because a grouping of almost anything has way more Appeal than having just a solitary one.  I actually like to Create Vignettes with groupings of a Collected specific item and Display them together... or put them up for Sale together.  I am Attracted to similar Vignettes other Vendors might Display as well.  Especially if it's something that typically I've never seen a grouping of similar, yet distinctly different items.   Like this Octet of Antique Light Sconces... Wish now I'd popped on them all and had them re-wired for the New House in a Hallway... but I didn't own this Home then.  Sometimes you have to be a Visionary to pop on a purchase even if you don't know when or what you'd do with a grouping of Objects just yet? 

I know every Hunter-Gatherer has those "Ones That Got Away" Stories of the things they waffled on and passed... only to later think maybe they should have!?   Especially if it was something you might not ever see again or was at such a Deal, what were you thinking to walk on by?!   Of coarse I'd need a Warehouse to house everything I couldda, wouldda, shouldda popped on... but I'd sure have had some Killer Inventory, that's a fact!  *LOL*   And besides, even if we never included it in a Haul, we sure do like to tell and swap those Stories with other Hunter-Gatherers, reliving the Moments!  I like to hear a Good Junquing Lore Story as much as going on the Hunt myself... just knowing those kinda Stories are out there waiting to be Experienced!

Among Junquers and Hunter-Gatherers there is this Special Camaraderie of Passion and Purpose to be doing what we do.   Some sweet spots and honey holes are Shared amongst each other and we meet up there frequently.  So it becomes a Gathering place of like minded Souls and regular Pilgrimages of the Faithful and Devoted.  Others are closely guarded Secrets held close to the chest like you're at a Poker Game where everyone Loves playing cards but each is in it to Win it!  Not that there isn't enough great Junque to go around, I've never personally run into a dire shortage anyway.  *Smiles*  But some coveted and Trending items become scarce when over-picked or command stratosphere profit margins... and competition is fierce! 

But overall, my personal Experience has been one of Great Fellowship with others in The Game and many Friendships forged and thoroughly Enjoyed.  Kindred Spirits that 'Get' each other when others might be perplexed at why we get so Excited about all this Junque?!???!  Why are we willing to get down and dirty, sweaty and maybe even enter the Twilight Zone of places to uncover our Treasures? *Bwahahahahaha!*   What is the Rush one gets from Discovering what others might have discarded and placed no Value upon?   Why would we endure heat, cold, inclement weather and some other discomforts of Picking thru all kinds of Junk to find the coveted Junque?   Well, I can't really Explain it except that it's probably as intoxicating as any Drug and I've never gotten over the Thrill of doing it.

And there is often the Nostalgia Factor, of being a Dedicated Keeper Of The Past, Preservationist and Saving what risks being Forever Lost one piece at a time.   It's Important to us you see, to Salvage, Save and Preserve remnants of History that have Survived and might not if we don't intercede and Rescue them.   How Exciting is it to know that something would cease to Exist had you not come to it's Rescue, VERY!   And most especially when others Appreciate it as much as you do and so now it will Live on because of you.  Also exposing others to what might not yet be revered enough to Style, Decorate and hawk it for a Profit... starting those Trends that will now make it Valued and sought after once again!

And for the Creative Hunter-Gatherers it is a Goldmine of opportunity to Source unique supplies to Create Art out of.   These are my very Favorite things, these Altered Art Creations... I like to Create them and I like to buy them from other Artists I Admire the Work of.   They become many of my most Cherished of Collectibles.   I have very seldom Sold Off these types of Objects once they are acquired... and there are many I passed on that I now Wished I should have added to the Collection!  *Smiles* 

And even those Cherished Objects I still Love and have hawked anyway, well, there's always that tempting Thrill that I might just Find another on the Thrill Of The Hunt!!!??!   And I LIVE for those Moments, even if I come up empty handed and don't Source a thing... but lets face it, that rarely happens to any of us, right?  *Winks*   So here's to more Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens Experiences my Friends... since that's just the tip of the Iceberg on just a few of our Favorite Things...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Love the little blue chickies...I totally know what you mean about 'hunter gatherers and keepers of the past', I look at it as some people have 'old souls' or are simply born in the wrong My mom was a 'Colonialist' even though her past was deeply wrought from Denmark. She must have been greatly inspired by a history teacher as a child is all I can imagine. My childhood home was steeped in the American Revolution and colonial
    furniture and decor. Love your post---and yes, we all have our delicious infirmity of collecting, something! Sandi


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