Thursday, June 23, 2016

Picker's Paradise... The Scores

I had taken The G-Kid Force to the Movies to see "Alice Through The Looking Glass" in 3-D, it was excellent and actually my first 3-D Movie so it was quite an experience.   Afterwards the Kiddos and I decided to go Pickin'.   Sometimes the Sun, Moon and Stars line up during a Pick and you enter a type of Picker's Paradise where you Score the best Finds ever and get totally Junque Drunk!

Today was one of THOSE days and one great Find after another turned up!  Starting with a totally Awesome Salvage Vintage Pinball Play Field of Bally Showgirls from maybe the 50's or 60's Era.  I'm going to use it strictly for a Display piece for the Wonderful Vintage Graphics.

The Colors and Condition are still quite vibrant and the great fabric coated wiring I'm going to utilize for Art Projects.   So my pulse was racing when I came across it and I was glad to have the Teen Grandson along since it's heavy as a boat anchor!  *LOL*

I was finding larger items all day during the Pick tho'... large ornate Vintage Frames... a large 1930's Era Black Fan, which will also be a Shelf Display piece at Home.   I've Sold Off all my Vintage Fans in Pastel Colors since I'd been wanting a Black one instead and now I have it found at a Bargain!

I Scored some Vintage Suitcases that will go to the Showroom... Rubber Stamps... Cigar Boxes... Olive Wood Egg Cups... Limited Edition Monopoly Pieces... Hackey Sac... Scrabble Tiles... Hippie Pins... Vintage Commercial Wooden Spools... Silver plate Creamer... Divine "Nest Fragrances" Votive Candle in "Hearth" scent which is Sublime and so heady strong... a huge Wood Whistle Thingy which we're not too sure of what Purpose it had... 

Prize Ribbons... a Rubber Horse's Head Mask... Wedgwood... Digital Photo Key Chain {still in original unopened package}... Vintage Art Pottery... Pheasant Feathers... Carved Wooden Trinket Box... Ornate Metal Stands... it was just the Motherlode of Paradise Picks!!!   The Kiddos Picked some Treasures for themselves too... and then when we got everything Home Princess T helped me Showcase it for a Photo Op to Share here in the Land of Blog.

As you can clearly see the Star of the Pick was my Pinball Play Field piece... tho' I did have trouble getting good Images late at Night with low lighting... which always seems to happen and I'm always too anxious to Share to wait 'til Daylight!   *Smiles*

I haven't scrutinized it all over yet since we were weary when we got Home after such a whirlwind busy day out together.   I'll be interested to see what Copyright says the actual Era is?   I have a Thing for Vintage Graphics with a Carnival Type Theme and this fits the Bill perfectly for my ongoing Collection.  So this is one Vintage Play Field that won't be put up for Sale like the others I've Scored in the Past that immediately went Showroom bound.

I know these kinds of things Sell really well regardless of Condition so I always pick them up when I can Source them at a Bargain.   Personally I think the Old Pinball Machines were much more Fun than Video Games, which just cannot hold my Interest no matter how High Tech they become.  And the Nostalgia always takes me back to the days that my Brother, Friends and I would go to the Arcades and Challenge each other for hours.

You always had those Favorite Machines and ones you could do particularly well on to get high score, but I was never the Pinball Wizard my Younger Brother was.  He had high score on many games and usually nobody could beat him or knock him out of first place on those Games he was the Champion of.  I suspect many of those Machines were Retired with him still rated the No. 1 Player.  *LOL*

I don't think we ever played this particular Game since it's Era seems so early that I don't recall anything of this genre still being around in most of the Arcades of the late Sixties and early Seventies... which is why I'm thinking it's possibly earlier?   But I know you now wanna see the rest of my Haul that I photographed don'tcha?  *Winks*

So here's the Old Black Fan and two matching large Ornate Wood and Gesso Frames I Scored that are identical.   I'm not sure yet whether to leave the Frames "As Is" of do a Makeover on them, whaddya think?

They are a little rough but just about all of the Ornate Gesso remains intact. The first Image is more the True Wood's Hue than this Image, which was taken with a different Camera and turned out a little lighter than they actually are.  They are more a Black Walnut color than this Honey Hue which is probably due to the flash of the old Camera giving it a Golden look overall.  I'm leaning towards leaving them "As Is" since I like distressed original finishes.

I also got this Porcelain articulated Creepy Doll with the most expressive Eyes.  You know what a sucka I am for Creepy Dolls and for less than two bucks, well, she was instantly Adopted!  *Smiles*

And now we get to the Silver Metal Suitcase and some of the Smalls.  That itty bitty Votive Candle sitting in that Silver plate Creamer is so fragrant it imparts a heavy Sublime Aroma to an entire room!  I looked up the "Nest Fragrances" line of Candles and checked more of them out, I'm duly Impressed with the quality and Aroma of this Fragrance but couldn't find that they make this "Hearth" scent anymore... too bad.  They are spendy too when bought Retail, so to get this one for a Nickel, well, I'm now Jazzed all the more!  Just Wish I'd Found more!  *Winks*

That large Wooden Whistle Thingy I was telling you about is very Odd indeed and quite Old and has a great Patina to the Wood, will keep it just because it's so Unique and Interesting and we have no Idea what it is or was actually used for?   Will keep all the Old Wooden Commercial Spools too for the Art Studio since I use those for my Vintage Trims.


For now we'll keep the Horse's Head Mask too because we're all having such Fun with it, but closer to Halloween, it will likely be Showroom bound.  *LOL*   Good Quality Halloween Masks always Sell well, but the only problem with them is that people tend to not be able to resist the urge to screw around with them too, which can cause damage before they get Sold.   So it's always a bit risky to put them in too early when peeps aren't scrambling for their Costumes to actually BUY rather than Horse around with!  {Sorry, couldn't resist the obvious Pun in this case!  Ha ha ha}

I keep Selling Out of my Vintage Suitcases in the Showrooms... and my Cigar Boxes... so I'm glad to have Scored some more to replace Sold Inventory.  I have a large Collection of Cigar Boxes of my own and every so often keep one I Source if it is one I don't already have or the Graphics are just too Divine to part with it.   They make the best Storage Containers and one day I Hope to have The Man Create a large Cigar Box Cabinet with them for me.

The Art Pottery is a Dish and the underside is so Beautiful that I wanted to show the textured Design... the topside is smooth and the Glaze is Wonderful.   I'm guessing it to be from about the Sixties.   The Ornate Metal Stands I found two of and use those for Art Project Bases... they used to be either Vintage Lamp Bases or the Base of other Vintage Vanity Ware.  So... that's it my Friends our Picker's Paradise Scores of the Day!   Ah Yes, the Pickin' gods were mos def on our side this day!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Looks like a fun and profitable day! Yeah!

  2. OH, fun...I'm thinking on the pinball machine=="Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" 1953===since the dolls are so reminiscent of poses from that movie's maybe 1953-5 ish. Although that look---continued until the early 1960s. The rest of your haul looks fab...Great piles of Junk, oh my! Sandi


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