Thursday, June 9, 2016

I Predict... The Lazy Days Of This Summer Are Gonna Be A Scorcher!

I Predict that the lazy days of this Summer are gonna be a scorcher!  But, don't you live in Arizona Dawn... and aren't they always hotter than the surface of the Sun?   Well, yeah, but some Summers are more brutally freaky Hot than others, this is gonna be one of THOSE!  Record breakin' temperature Summers used to be less frequent, now they're much more common, and we're already breakin' some records and Summer has only just begun!

Usually I break out the Beach Cottage type Decor and sprinkle it about the Home, this year, I don't even know which boxes it might still be packed away in!?!  Not to mention they're stacked in ominous towers in the garages where it's not air conditioned, so forget about it!  *LOL*   I now look at those stacks and think to myself... yeah, it can wait 'til Fall now before I tackle any of that long protracted project, what's a few more months gonna matter, right?  *Smiles*

So the Seashell and Coral Collection ain't gonna see the light of day this Summer, that's for sure!  *Winks*  And you know what, I barely Care, that's right, I don't.  *Gasp!*  Usually Seasonal Decorating is a big deal for me and I'm gleefully changing stuff up all the time as the Seasons change.   But after a Big Epic Move I find that I had to start over and do so much from scratch, and it all is taking so much longer than I ever imagined, that I just don't have the energy or desire to change any of it really after it's done.  Looks perfectly fine to me just as it is for now even as the Seasons changed.  In fact, most of my Photography isn't even of our New Home lately 'cause not much has changed in Months so I'm gleaning the Photo Archives for Blog Post Fodder!  *LOL*

But I haven't been a total Slacker, since it's too Hot after say, Five in the Morning, to even be outside now, it does mean I'm finally getting around to some long delayed projects inside the air-conditioned comfort of Home that have languished far too long.  Like hanging Art, since most of it has been propped up here, there and everywhere like a Gallery is moving in or out of the Spaces and is still in transition and a state of flux!  I'm not one to usually have bare walls, so it's been kinda weird living somewhere almost a full year with mostly barren walls still.

But there was a reason for that, I've never lived in a new Home before.   When you've lived in a Historic Century Plus Old Home, there have been countless generations of nail holes, patch jobs and stuff hung up and taken down so you don't really care if you change your mind often and bang in a few more holes spontaneously.   But on Virgin Walls, it just seems so wrong to deface them until you make a solid decision about what you're hanging and where?  Me being firmly decisive, well, lets just say it's not one of my virtues or strengths, especially when Decorating and particularly when hanging Art!  My Walls could look like Swiss Cheese if I wasn't Careful and restrain myself from being too hasty to hang stuff up!!!  *LOL*

I either Create, Buy and Sell Art so often in fact that I have been known to switch out Art when I grow tired of it or rotate the Home Gallery when something Fresh comes in and I decide something I've had a while needs to move on.  But on these pristine Virgin Walls, with nary a nail hole to be found... I Wondered if the previous Owner had any Art at all?   Sometimes I Wonder if they really Lived here at all because it's just so Mint Condition for a build that had already been up for six years before we bought it?!?  Either that or these were some meticulously Careful folks... and likely Childless!?!  *Smiles*  And NO, we're not like that, we're the Polar opposite in fact, but still, I intentionally decided to wait and reflect upon Decorating more Thoughtfully.

And so I know it sounds totally cray-cray since it's OUR Home now, but it seemed a bit sacrilegious to be hammering nails and picture hangers up helter skelter and willy nilly until I was sure where any of it should end up and be put up!?   I wasn't even totally sure which Art I was keeping or flipping with the changing of the Homes, since each Home has it's own Character, Essence, Vibe and Personality.  There was even Art I was gravitating to more strongly now that I've got some Tuscan Inspired Style going on!  *Winks*  I mean, I got totally Jazzed when I Scored this gorgeous Antique Painting of Monks standing in front of a Basilica... it screamed Tuscany to me!  I never had Paintings like that at the Old House, it didn't lend itself to Old World Art or European Charm.

It had been part of a Historic Working Old West Ranch so much of what I'd Decorated with there has moved on because it's just not a good fit here.  And even what I'd begun to group on the Walls, I've taken my time adding to and been very Editorial... so NOT like me, right?!??!!  *Ha ha ha*  Yes, I'm becoming a better Curator, who knew?!  *Smiles*   I'm amazing my own self actually at my amount of restraint lately and delaying instant gratification when it comes to Styling and Feathering my New Nest!   Usually I'd be done long by now, probably even changing it several times in a Year.

But we're not in the Inner City anymore and being more Rural just has a more relaxed laid back pace and Vibe about it.   I'm finding I languish more and am not in much of a hurry to do anything really.   It can take as long as it needs to and I don't really Care, even tho' being so far out now I've got more time at Home because it takes so much longer to go anywhere.   It's way less Social out here and less to do since we still don't really know anybody and there's nowhere close by to go, so one would think I'd be filling more idle time with projects to fill the Void moving out of the City created?  But I have not... and it's not been such a bad thing nor such a difficult thing to Be Still and Do Nothing at times as I thought it might be for me.

We DO miss the Socializing and Shopping... our Friends and our Old Haunts that used to be so close, so Fun and so convenient, I ain't gonna lie.  So it's been an adjustment that at times has made me second guess Rural and New Subdivision Living!  Can we handle this long term, will we go stir crazy?!  The G-Kid Force and I find all kinds of excuses to go into the City and back to our Normal and Comfort Zone.  The Man is liking reclusive Living a lot more since he's much more of an introverted personality naturally... and with the Traumatic Brain Injury he needed less sensory overload and the Serenity of this environment versus City Living.

So one would think I'll be diving into doing something, anything, related to getting the Home in Order and Done... but I have not.   I even questioned whether or not I was committed enough to fully Move In?  Or would I get Wanderlust or Homesickness for the City so badly that I'd give up the absolute Ideal Dream Home because the difference in Lifestyle and Loneliness would not make it worth it?   Yes, I Confess, there has been a downside to Changing up everything so drastically and all at once... adjustments sometimes take time.  We always knew everyone and easily bonded with folks around our previous Communities... and this one has been challenging and so different.

The sense of Community is different in brand new Subdivisions, it hasn't evolved nor developed yet into tight knit Community like Older Neighborhoods enjoy.  People are more superficially Friendly and not so invested in each other I'm finding... some may actually be quite Content to never see nor know who lives among them it seems.  Most have lived here since the inception and still don't really know any of their Neighbors!  Some you never, ever see... is the Home even Occupied?  Is it a Vacay or Seasonal Home?  No way of really telling since irrigation and lights are on timers and Hired Help show up to Maintain most of them!!!  There isn't the activity and buzz like City Living that goes on constantly and I guess I didn't realize how "City" the Kiddos and I really are!  *LOL*

The Kiddos have so much time on their hands now that School is out that they're practically Stalking me... and asking to accompany me to mundane errands like the freakin' Grocery Store!   The Young Prince joked that Life has gotten pretty Sad for him when he's eager to go to the Grocery Store with Gramma!  In the City I never saw the Kid, he was always out and about doing something, going somewhere and Socializing with Friends who lived close by.  Here the younger Kiddos of Princess T's age 'schedule' Play Dates and live a pretty 'over-scheduled' Life actually.  She's used to the Freedom of Neighborhood Friends hanging out at each other's Homes daily with a whole Posse'.  We're used to having a house full of Guests all the time, especially The Force's Friends. 

In the City it can often be a walking Sideshow and so you can be as Eclectic as you wanna be and you don't really stand out like a sore thumb or freak anyone out by being 'different' and outside of the Box.  In the Rural Burbs, well, it's a lot more 'Stepford Wives' and 'uniform' for lack of a better description.   I think perhaps I might have to get me "The Uniform" to blend in better... wearing Designer Gym or Jogging Gear all the time and hair up high in a ponytail.  On second thoughts, nix that... I'd wanna slash my wrists if that's all my Closet held and I can't even remember the last time I Jogged or went Mountain Bike riding, can I even still ride a Bike I Wonder???!??!  *Bwahahahaha!* 

The Man knows I'm TOTALLY out of my Element and no Artsy Types and Gypsy Gals living in this neighborhood for me to have anything in common with.  So he feels a bit bad because he knows my Preference was to buy in one of the Established Trendy, Sociable Historic Inner City Neighborhoods I J'Adore and always wanted to live in.  Only the Schools sucked... and Private School was not in the retirement Budget... ha ha ha... hell, raising Kiddos wasn't in the retirement Budget... so we could have mebbe figured something out, we'll never know now.  The Schools here were Above Average, but they're already giving up on the Young Prince and want to put him on a waiting list for an 'Alternative School' and bus him out... not sure we're 'down' for that or not being we made such enormous Sacrifice to Move and give our Kiddos a better educational opportunity?  And so I've got to feel more committed to the Choice made... Love the Home... couldn't have found a better one at such a Deal anywhere, literally.

But... Paradise can look Ideal and yet not really be if you're not just Visiting... some things look a whole lot rosier on the surface than they really play out to be... and it's definitely gonna be a long, Hot Summer in Subdivision Hell.   And the lazy days of it are gonna be a scorcher I Predict.  Though I cannot really Predict just yet if this will be our Forever Home or not?  I'm just not rooted to this Community enough to tell if I even want to be or not... as our First Anniversary of moving here will soon roll around and I'm rather ambivalent and didn't expect to be.  I do know we're Homesick for the City already... but I guess only Time will tell if we'll put down Rural Roots or go Nomad again?


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Sorry to hear this. But nothing has to be forever!

    1. So True Marlynne... I guess the really conflicted part for me is that this Home is IDEAL and I LOVE everything about the actual piece of Real Estate we bought... it's just the Community I am not feeling at all connected to whatsoever, nor are the Children. We're very Sociable people and I'm just not used to people keeping so much to themselves that they don't interact with one another in their neighborhood... that's foreign to us... but seems quite common here, who knew? I certainly didn't or I would probably not have moved here in spite of finding the Perfect House! Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Oh gee, this sounds so much like me. It has been 2 1/2 years since we moved from rural upstate NY to a subdivision in Central Florida. Loneliness is rampant out here in the steaming hot 'burbs. It is hard being a stranger in a strange land. I try to imagine I am in a period of transformation for which I need solitude and time. I think it might actually be true!

    1. So sorry to hear you are experiencing a similar Subdivision Hell loneliness there in Florida. To me, tho' the area we've moved to is rather affluent, loneliness, as Mother Teresa once said, is the greatest Poverty. I would imagine a LOT of very lonely isolated people live around here because nobody seems to interact with anyone else and I'm just not at all sure we want to permanently settle in that kind of an environment no matter how Perfect the house is. So I'm on the fence about it still and trying to decide what is best for our Family long term? Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. I go back and forth between farm and city. Farm life is not for everyone. It is lonely yet I am an introvert. Kids don't come home often as there isn't anything to do and I find myself staying more and longer in the city. And in the new city house, I haven't hung things on the wall either. Just don't know where to put things.

    1. If we were on Farm acreage with not a neighbor for miles I'd probably expect it to be lonely and not a social environment... but this is actually a very large rather affluent subdivision in a more Rural unincorporated area near the Mountains and just outside of the City... so didn't expect the total lack of folks being Sociable and bonding as a Community! It's just Weird to me... and I don't like it even tho' I absolutely LOVE the actual Home we bought and it is Ideal, so thus I feel very conflicted... PERFECT HOME in a Community I don't like at all. *Le Sigh* Dawn... The Bohemian


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