Monday, May 2, 2016

The Rabbit Hole

The Young Prince had 'picked' a Depp Style Mad Hatter Hat recently while we were out Scouting for Inventory for the Showrooms... perfect for a Vignette at our Rabbit Hole here at Home.  I've been trying to distract myself here deep down the Rabbit Hole Creating Vignettes actually... some days it even works.

I had finally dragged the Bookcase in need of a Paint Job out of the 3rd Car Garage and hastily sprayed it with Black Chalkboard Paint so that it could become a Hallway Cabinet of Curiosities.  The REALLY Curious thing tho' is that me, the Hopeless Maximalist, is having trouble cluttering up the Cabinet of Curiosities Shelves like they should be!!!  Yes, Curiouser and Curiouser indeed...

Usually I can't Stop when I come to the end... I keep adding... but I just couldn't make it Work that way while Styling this particular Cabinet of Curiosities and so for now I'm leaving it a Work in Progress for however long it will take to evolve over Time and as it will come Naturally?

I used to be much more Muchier... and I certainly Hope I'm not losing my Muchness?  That would be a shame... it used to be so effortless to be Muchier... and then I Wondered if I even should be?   And so now here I find myself... at the fork in the road between Muchness and Simplicity!

Unpacking things to add to the Cabinet has been therapeutic and I've needed that.  Though The Man's Specialist Appointments went very well... the Negotiations with the City to purchase the Old Homestead continue to drag on.  It didn't help that they relayed to our Agent that they really doubt they have any intentions of having Interest for Historic reasons at all... they will probably make it a vacant lot and put up high density low income housing... {shudder}... I didn't want or need to know that unfortunate fact!

This is how I Feel about that {see Image above}... since I know all too well what that type of development, which entails high density low income housing, does to most Communities and eventually becomes.  Come back in just a little while and see instant Slum and further blight to an area of Old Towne already struggling and in dire need of proper revitalization!   Do we really need more "Projects" since we've already seen how dismally that type of development has failed all across the Country?  I think not.  Do we need every single Remnant of important West Valley Historic properties that are the last remaining bastions of the rich History destroyed by the wrecking ball... I Pray not!

The few Neighbors that own their own Homes in the area are fearful of that type of development, they have good reason to be.  I'd like to say any other type of Cash Investor would do something noble or different... but they probably wouldn't.   Seen as merely a Commodity and not part of a Community is why so many areas, especially the established ones, have circled the drain or been destroyed in the wake and name of Progress or Greed.  It makes me heartsick but it is what it is... I just try not to reflect upon it too much.

We've been forced to Deal with weightier personal issues than that lately, things with higher priority... and so I'm just leaving it up to my Agent to hammer out the details and just maximize my Investment and Cash Out eventually when a Deal is finally negotiated and sealed.  I just need to move on and close that chapter without looking back.  But I still Pray for a Miracle of that Old Home Cash buyer reaching out... one that could Save it from a fate that I hate to even contemplate.

Since I've been trying to save up for the Trip to Cali it's as if Madness has prevailed anyway in the way of running interference against that Plan... so that I have no choice but to shift priorities constantly, almost daily... and I have to Change with it all!   I Hate when that happens...

The Jeep started seriously going on the fritz... it's been happening over time but as of recent days it was just getting worse and pouring more money into repairs on a piece of crap vehicle I Hate and had high payments on still... well, that seemed completely Insane.   It had been something The Man bought just days before his catastrophic accident and he paid too much for IMO... Men and their expensive Toys sometimes defy all Logic, what can I say?   Of coarse I had my fab Truck that was almost paid off at the time, so what did I care... but that was the one that got T-Boned on that fateful day he borrowed it for an errand that required a Truck! 

And so I knew I wouldn't be able to hold out for the Sale of the Old House first now before trading the jinxed Jeep in and getting something reliable and that I needed and wanted.  I missed being able to haul what needs to be moved and relying upon the charity of others to get it done.  I could have used another Truck prior to the Big Move actually.   So I hit one of the Big Tent Sales the Nissan Dealership was having, since I've Loved and owned Nissan Trucks before.  Spent four hours negotiating my best deal on a gently used Titan 4x4, but totally worth the intense haggle and doing the Dance to get the terms exactly where I needed and wanted them to be to make it possible right now.  *Winks*

Only Yes, there was an Alice In Wonderland Moment when we finally got it Home and realized why all the Neighbors with Trucks or Vans always park in their driveways.   It doesn't fit in the Garage!!!    The Man and The Young Prince thought that was hilarious... I ... DID... NOT!  *Le Sigh*  I'd been so jazzed to have gotten such a Deal on such an Ideal vehicle I've waited years to replace from the one that was totaled in the horrific wreck The Man was in!  Yes, being in a big ole' Truck like this was what had Saved his Life... but I'd SO missed my Truck and abhorred, absolutely despised the wretched Jeep that everything kept going on the fritz on all of the time!  *Le Sigh*

 Ah... if only I had a way to Shrink the New Truck ever so slightly so that it would fit into the Garage... since I absolutely Love it in every other way but those couple of feet that stick out too far to close the Garage door!  *Winks*  But at least I was able to haul over the two Vintage Garden Tables that hadn't been able to be brought over from the Old Property... and it's not as if I haven't spent most of life without the benefit of a Garage to park my vehicles in.   Only it didn't bother me before since I didn't OWN a Garage... in fact a 3-Car set of Garages, that they just wouldn't fit in!  Insane, huh... and just so Rabbit Hole!  *Bwahahahaha!*

And why would they build Garages too small for people's Trucks or Vans to fit, why... I don't know?  It is one of those nonsensical things.  I will probably never live down the humiliation of the Family now teasing me about buying a Truck too big for it's Garage!?  *LOL*

And so it goes when you fall down our Rabbit Hole... where nonsensical things happen all the time... like trying to Photograph a Dark Cabinet of Curiosities with Clarity but after the Sun goes down for the day!  Pointless!  And so Princess T will be holding the Cell Phone using it's Flashlight to try to Illuminate it sufficiently and in vain... rather than us just waiting until Daylight Tomorrow because by then...

Yes, by then I'd have lost Interest in this Post and this Story and just have clear Images and an unfinished Post I probably wouldn't finish... and that's only half the point... only getting half of it right... and so the less than Ideal Imagery will just have to suffice and at least get the Story of Today told... of a day falling down our Rabbit Hole.  Where one doesn't even take the time sometimes to cut off the strings that held the price tags on one's Found Treasures and I don't even know why?  *Winks*  And one's Truck doesn't fit in one's Garage.  And cluttering up a Space, which should be so easy... is not right now for some Curious reason that remains a Mystery for now.

As I continue to Create a World of my own... where everything not only would be Nonsense... but it IS!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

NOTE: All Alice In Wonderland Imagery and Quotes compliments of Google Images and whoever might have Created them and Shared with the Public.


  1. I think we are living parallel lives. Truck won't fit in the garage, but got it in there with an inch or two to spare though only my husband could squeeze through to get in and out. I've downsized and been where you are now. Should have said downsizing. It has been easier than I thought. Just got to get going then it's downhill. I have recurrent nightmares of people building houses etc. on our land. Developers are satan. Even apartments close by ruin the vibe and everything with it.

    1. So funny and yes too parallel... I too managed to squeeze it in there with barely an inch to spare last night but haven't managed to replicate the maneuver since. LOL I put some rolled up Persian Rugs against the back wall as bumper pads so that I didn't drive right thru the house trying. *winks* And I agree that the developer mantra of knocking down Historic Homes that typically have lots of land in prime real estate to build high density low income housing makes me gak! Dawn... The Bohemian


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