Monday, May 9, 2016

It Turned Out Good... In Spite Of The Bad

Well No, I couldn't be there with Mom for Mother's Day but it turned out Good in spite of the Bad.  We reminisced about Mom with extended Family, Sharing the Good Times and the Funny Stories we all remember best when we were with her.  Thankfully The Son and his Family have the last Good Memories to Share of Mom before the Hospice Days changed everything.

And though they knew I was going thru a lot right at the moment they convinced me to allow them to spend the day with me for Mother's Day and indulge me.   It felt Good to be surrounded by The Son and Family with all their Kids choosing to participate, it spoke volumes that even the Teens endured the day for Celebrating Moms and chose to spend it with us.  *Winks*

And there was talk of Proms and all of those Wonderful parts of Life that transcend any of the difficult stuff and we Love hearing all about.  Another year of School is coming to a close and they're all growing up so fast and turning into Beautiful Young Women and Handsome Young Men.   It won't be long before yet another Generation of Family has completely moved into Adulthood and it is such a privilege to behold!

So Yes, the Older ones chose to be there to Celebrate, which was a very nice Surprise indeed since they'd had other Invitations.  So I Appreciated them foregoing those Plans to spend time with their Mom and I for Mother's Day instead.  The Teen years can be the most challenging to spend Family Time together since their independence begins to soar as they Blossom into Adulthood and start to have a full Life outside of Family.

And of coarse the Younger ones are our Sidekicks and so Princess A and Princess T couldn't wait to get together and be our Shadows for Mother's Day.  *Smiles*   You have to learn to Cherish those years when you are their Everything and they can have total separation Anxiety without your presence and Shadowing your every move.   That is one of the Wonderful Phases of Motherhood, when the bond seems like it couldn't be closer.

Yes, Mom Time spent during the most Memorable Milestones are what we will always Cherish as Mothers.   And I want to Thank The Son and his entire Family for making Mother's Day so very Special for me, especially during this most difficult time.   And I know Mother's Day was a particularly difficult time for my Grandson, who really misses his Mom all the more on that particular day and chose to bypass Mother's Day entirely... I completely understand and supported his decision to bow out of the Celebrations and stay Home.   Because Mother's Day can be bittersweet as well as Wonderful.  I'm just Thankful that mine turned out Good this year in spite of the bittersweet.


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. So glad your Mother's Day turned out a lot better than expected and that you were surrounded by those who love you at this very difficult time...sending hugs and best wishes.


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