Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sweet Salvage ~ Color Stories ~ Part II

First Post you got the Back Story of why I went... this Post we're just gonna Enjoy the Event Together.

With the Theme this Month being Color Stories I knew I might see more Color expressed in the Vignette's Stories... but there were also some Soothing Neutrals as well as all the Lovely Colors.

So whether you embrace a Colorful Palette in your Decor or not, you would still have Found a wealth of Inspiration, Beauty and great Merchandise to Tempt you at this Event.

In fact it was mostly the muted Colors that caught my Eye, like this Lovely Old Umbrella in a Gorgeous Sepia Hue... even tho' I am a huge Fan of Color.  I do find that when you're Decorating your Home with certain Hues those are the ones that tend to catch your Eye.

With the Tuscan Palette here at New Villa Boheme' complimenting this Architecture so well I've muted some of my Color choices in our Decor to Style the New house.

So my Styling is Evolving to suit the new Home we are feathering as our Nest.  I've talked to numerous people, even at this Event, who just bought new Homes too and it seems we all do it, since each Home has it's own distinct character, architecture and personality.

And I'm sure by now you're asking, what did I buy?  Sure, I was duly Tempted... but mostly by little things like this Sweet Creation holding Butterfly Kisses... but due to our current circumstances I chose not to purchase a thing.

My priority right now is Saving up for that Emergency Trip to Cali for Mom and my Brother and it is my primary focus and Mission Statement.  So mostly this Pilgrimage was meant more for Solace to my Soul and to unwind so that's just what I used it for.

It didn't make it any less Enjoyable just because I wasn't seeking out some Found Treasure to bring Home and eager to see what I might want to buy.  I know for some people that might be the only point to attend any Retail Event, but for me it's not always.

Being able to talk to the Designers and discuss their Vision for the Theme and the Beautiful Vignette's they so Artfully Create... or to talk about Favorite pieces of Inventory... that is so much more fulfilling than just buying something actually.

You see, Events like these aren't just like your average Retail Shop of mass produced items that can be Sourced from Manufacturers that churn out as many as anyone wants to order and re-sell.   Here you will discover those not so easily available items that were Individually Sourced and quite often were Found Treasures that can only be had once for the 'Pick' and again when you buy it as the Client it was meant for.

And I Believe that is why these kinds of Events are much more Thrilling because you just don't know what is going to be offered up for Sale?!   Or how many they were able to Source, Upcycle, Recycle, Reclaim, Rescue, Create or pry out of the hands of those who they belonged to before the Pickers came?!

As a person who myself Lives for the Thrill of the Hunt... doing my own Recon and Search Missions out in the field is Exhilarating... but I have rather a limited Scope of where I can go right now. 

 So when I attend an Event where the range is greatly expanded Nationally and even Internationally and Choice items have been Picked for the occasion by the Pros in the Business, well, Magnify and Multiply the chances of finding something Fabulous that I might never stumble upon on my own!

So much of the Work has been done for us, so those of us who don't have the luxury or the time to spend all of it in Picker's Paradise, tho' we Wish we could *Winks*, have the next best thing in attending the Best of Events that have it all done up spectacularly for our Search to Find those Ideal Treasures we Dream about Sourcing!

Or those Antique and Vintage Furniture pieces with great bones that needed a Make-over and we might never get around to reupholstering or refinishing so that they're absolutely Perfect now for our Homes... well, ta-da, Finished one of a kind Product Professionally done and now just waiting to be loaded up!

And unique ambient Lighting Created from Vintage items... yep, those have already been worked for you to just buy too... no Projects necessary!   Need a Vintage Camera made into a Lamp with a stylish Light Cage and Edison Bulb for your room that holds your Photography Collector's Motherlode of Treasures Sourced over a Lifetime?  Think of the Statement that would make and add to your Display of what is your Passion, your Collection or your favorite Hobby!

Maybe you just want your Personality or Faith to Shine through in your Style of Decorating.  The Objects you choose to surround yourself with in your Private Sanctuary and Personal Spaces will certainly reflect your Essence if you go with unique pieces opposed to whatever the big box stores happen to offer that anyone can buy so easily because they made millions of whatever it is.

Isn't it much more Intriguing to walk into a Space Decorated with a Unique Flair and Individualized Pieces you just don't see everywhere and every day?  I can linger for hours beholding such Spaces, be they at a Shop, an Event or someone's Home or Creative Space.

I have been able to hone my own Decorating Skills watching how it's done superbly by someone skilled at the Art of Display.   I might get a new Idea at how best to Display what I already have once I've seen a Vignette without even having to buy anything to add to it necessarily.

  I don't think you should attend or avoid an Event solely for the reason to find something to buy... or because you don't think you need to buy anything right now.  Though that is always a Delightful Bonus if you do find something you didn't even think you wanted or needed!  *Smiles*

Do you know how much Fabulousness I've Found and Sourced when I wasn't even looking for it specifically... but stumbled upon it just because I was at the right place at the right time?!??!??  How many Good Deals... how many pieces I had sought purposefully in Vain and then just happened to Discover quite by Accident, Chance and pure Serendipity!?!

Had I only gone out with Purpose of Seeking and yet not knowing exactly where to go to Find it... or stayed Home during times when I wasn't really looking for something Special or particular... there is just too much I would have missed, I can tell you that.

Most of the Greatest Collections of Objects took Time... most Superbly Decorated Spaces Evolved.  Part of the Thrill in fact is in the unexpected procurement of those elusive things we long for... or didn't even know we wanted until we laid eyes upon it for that first time when it just happened to show up!

And each of us is an Artist when it comes to the Blank Canvas that is our Home or other Personal, Creative or Retail Space we're Creating from scratch.  May each layer of your Creation of it become a Masterpiece in the making!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Dear Dawn, Like you, I love the Quest. But sometimes in the peace and quiet of just window shopping there is a deep inspiration too. Lovely treasures you have shared. Thinking of you at this sad time. x

    1. Thank You my Friend and yes, I am in complete agreement about the peace and quiet of just window shopping, especially if in your Soul you have things to deal with. Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Utilizing what I already have is my goal, when window shopping. Inspiration can come from anywhere, if you only 'see'. Love all your trips to your haunts, very inspiring! Thanks Dawn, Sandi

    1. Thank you for coming along virtually as we window shop and be Inspired together Sandi... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Congratulations on your restraint!

    1. Thanks Marlynne... wasn't hard actually... I can prioritize what I need to focus on and right now of coarse it is Family and dealing with our particular situation. Thanks for coming along on the window shopping excursion... Dawn... The Bohemian


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