Saturday, April 16, 2016

Coughing Up The Goods

It's not always easy to find those locations that cough up the Goods... but every so often the Pickin' gods Smile upon us and we hit the Motherlode of Picks during an outing and come Home with a haul.   Princess T and I were finding that the locations we hit recently have been coughing up the Goods consistently, and better yet, Cheaply!  I decided NOT to flip this large very Old Antique Landscape Oil Painting in an equally Gorgeous Antique Gesso Gilded Frame.  It's a Keeper and will Grace the walls of New Villa Boheme' since I felt it held a somewhat Old World Tuscan Charm to it and could have Gallery Worthy Value?  Got it for Five Bucks so it matters not if it isn't Valuable or was painted instead by an Unknown Master?!   My Heart skipped a beat when I Scored it, I Love Quality Art!

And I never pass up an Old Ouija Board and/or Planchette since they Sell so well and are getting harder to find since lots of folks are creeped out by them.  Most of my Customers know I Source the Weird and the Wonderful and put in requests for such things.   We never keep a Planchette in our Home so I've often just Sold them solo.  This Board is in much better shape than my Vintage one so will probably swap it out and Sell the complete Set instead of separates this time around. 

I also Scored an Old Box of Tarot Cards... a hand-made Talisman with Art on both sides... and some Old Cigar Boxes, which I never pass up Old Cigar Boxes either, use 'em for Storage and they Sell well too.

I thought it Cool that the Tarot Cards were from Switzerland... maybe compliments of Swiss Gypsies?   Well, you KNOW how I Love a Good Back Story, even if it's fabricated or embellished.  *Smiles*  Let's just suffice to say I wasn't expecting them to have come from Switzerland so that just made a Cool Score even Cooler.

Here's the flip side of the Talisman... Prince D and I really Loved the Art so he's wanting to Keep this piece for himself as Inspiration for Creating his own Talisman Art.   In due time I plan to incorporate more Artistic pieces into my Inventory since Art Sells well too in my Showrooms, so clearly I'm attracting some of the Artsy Crowd that dig it as much as we do.  *Winks*

Now I can't even begin to tell you how Jazzed I was when Princess T surprised me with this Velvet Pumpkin with real stem she Sourced for a mere Quarter!  *Booyah!*   Sometimes having the G-Force Bird-Doggin' for me really pays dividends during a Pick since they don't miss a thing... and sometimes, well, I do!   I try not to, but sometimes the Goods elude me as I scan quickly... because some are well hidden... as this was... under a pile of nondescript Junk and took some digging.   The Force LOVES to dig, they were born for it!  Some of the Good Stuff could be in a deep bin that is almost as tall as they are and they'll be heads upside down teetering on the edge like a Cirque du Soleil Acrobat to Score it! *Winks*

But some of the really Good Stuff is hiding in plain sight and everyone else is just passing it by.  Like this Frida Kahlo Book originally from World Market in Mint Condition with Gorgeous Plates of some of the most Iconic Frida Imagery, retailed for $24.99 new... I Scored it for a Quarter!  *Happy Dance!*

Absolutely J'Adoring this Vintage Art of Gypsy Children... even tho' the frames do nothing for me so I might paint them since better Antique Oval Frames I prefer might be difficult to come by?  The Artist's bio and names of the Children are still affixed to the backside... they are so Cute and I Love their little Outfits!     

The Frame of this Lovely Vintage Art was unfortunately broken, but I often prefer unframed Canvas to prop around and was able to purchase it Cheaply for a couple bucks without having to take or buy the broken Frame too.  I just didn't need another Project of a Frame repair... like WHEN would that ever happen, right?  *Bwahahahaha!*

Princess T and I Love Marilyn... so Marilyn Art we almost never pass up either... it Sells so well and so quickly, why would we?

This is a Signed Canvas by the Artist and so we're rather conflicted right now on whether to Keep her or flip it?   So we might pretend it's ours for a while until we're more decisive about that.  *Winks*   Got this one whilst Goodwill Hunting on Senior Day, 25% Discount on an already Bargain price... so since I'm not into it for very much anyway, no hurries to recoup my paltry Investment in the piece.  *Smiles*

And when it comes to Architectural Salvage, I like pieces that have options for Styling and this Quartet of Vintage Windows can be formed into a Circle, half Circle Arch or just in Quarters.   Alas only three original panes of glass remain... but The Son is a Glazier, so if I decided to replace the others with glass rather than Fabric or Art, it can be easily and Professionally done.

I'm starting to Let Go of many of my Vintage and Antique Frames... and as if by Magic it's opening up a Portal for MORE Fab Vintage and Antique Frames to flow to me! This is just a small Sampling of numerous very large Ornate Frames that we recently Sourced.   I'm not so much wrestling with which ones to Sell or Keep as I am which ones to Paint and do Makeovers on or leave As Is?

And I'm totally Weird about some things that Excite me when I Find them... like this enormous old roll of Jute Rope!   *Ha ha ha*   Not only do I use a lot of this type of thing all of the time, but I Love to Decorate with the Spools when I'm not needing them for anything.  Finding such an over-sized Spool was Exciting for Vignetting.

And you know how I am about Ephemera... especially Vintage Art Pamphlets with Great Graphics from bygone Eras.   This is a 1962 Art Stencil Pamphlet and Fifty Cents back in the day was a tidy sum.   I only paid a Dime for it Today... so even Inflation of of well over half a Century didn't damper the Deal... still got it for a small fraction of the Original 1960's Retail price!  *Smiles*

You just can't beat Vintage Graphics IMO... look at the Adorable Asian and other International Art Stencils...

And of coarse the great Peacock and Religious Graphics sealed the Deal for me scooping up this little Gem of a Vintage Graphics Art Book.  In hindsight I should have spent more time wading thru all of the Old Art Pamphlets and buying more for Inventory, since Ephemera has been Selling briskly from the Showrooms in recent weeks.

Now one Score I fully Intended to flip until The Man set his peepers upon it was this unusual Vintage Red Canvas Military Canteen Cover.   I almost always find them in Military Green and they Sell quickly... since hey, we're in a Desert... so Canteens aren't just used as Shelf-Sitter Displays around these parts!  *LOL*  But I'd never before seen a Red one and it Intrigued me.

The 1942 Markings on the Black Metal Canteen inside Intrigued me all the more... evidently this was a World War II Era Canteen... now The Man definitely wasn't wanting to part with it!  *Ha ha ha*  Tho' with all his Wartime Military Experience and having been in Special Ops he can't understand why they would ever make a Red Case since that would not be something he'd opt to carry and try to conceal since it's like a beacon!?  *LOL*

It is purdy... glistens and shines in the Sunlight and almost felt and looked more like Enamel than just Black Metal, I dunno?  But I'm leaning towards it being Porcelain Enamelware.  {Turns out it IS!}

More markings on the interior of the Canvas Case and of coarse a big ole' U.S. on the exterior.

A little faded with Age, Wear and Tear but we think it reads GALVIN 8-18?  Whaddya think?   I plan to research it... and if The Man loses Interest I can sneak it away to the Showrooms since I have no use for it.  I carry my refreshments in other stuff when out and about roaming around in the Desert *LOL*... and not so sure I'd ever be thirsty enough to drink out of a WWII Era Canteen anyway unless I was perishing, but for now, he's Coveting it.  *Winks*

FOOTNOTE: Research revealed that the Enamel Porcelain Canteens were only produced in 1942 and are not common and can command a high price... most have Green or Khaki Cases tho' and I could not find anything about the Red ones except MAYBE it was Red Cross Issue?  So I definitely feel the Red is rarer. 

Now I didn't Photograph ALL of my Stash... especially the Smalls... because there are just a HOARD of 'em and how much Vintage Silverware and Scrabble Tiles do you really NEED to see?!  *LOL*  The Man simply doesn't understand my Infatuation with such things and the Cache I build up of them. Vintage Silverware has so many uses and possibilities for Art tho'!   And Vintage Ice Tea Spoons, we use 'em all the time!  Most of the Larger Inventory that was Showroom bound just got taken straight to our Antique Mall for the busy Weekend and not Photographed, since the Camera was accidentally left at Home!!!  *Ooops!*  Yeah, that almost never happens, but this weekend it did!  

I just don't want larger Inventory sitting around the house since you can't Sell it in piles around here... so the only larger pieces that made it Home are the items I'm either Keeping, like this large Vintage Typeset Drawer for the Art Studio... or items I'm on the fence about Selling for the time being.   My time being pieces are being Turned rather quickly tho' since I'm liking the profits from them more than them being mine.  *Winks*   So... Yes, our Pickin' hidey-holes have been coughing up the Goods lately and paying off... so Color us Happy and I Hope you had Fun Virtually coming along with us Today to Preview the Scores?!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Dawn, we have a lot of the same stuff. I think you must live near a large city to find/sell much. I have found the choke point in my mall is $20. Makes me think a recession is in the works. I don't hunt for things anymore; am just trying to get rid of the rest of stuff I have. So much, but most left is rarer and expensive stuff and I simply won't give it away.

    1. Choke point is usually about twenty for us too... but lately, lo and behold, folks are starting to buy the better stuff and spend more... I agree with you tho', can't help but feel, with the Old Banker in me whispering in my ear, that the Economy is still very much in crisis and folks are reacting via their spending habits. Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. You Made Quite a Haul! That Quartet Window was my choice to keep for sure!

    1. Yeah, that piece I'm totally on the fence about... don't NEED it so could Sell it, but don't really wanna right now so I might pretend it's mind for a while longer. *winks* Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. How much all had. I would keep the canteen and see what it really is from. Galvin withe the numbers can't be that common...would have been issued to a new recruit...which also narrows it down...?

    Lots of fun==the art is scrumptious and you really did have a good haul. Thanks for taking the time to share!

    1. I agree about the Canteen, it is seeming to be very rare so if I did decide to flip it I'd probably due it at auction rather than from the Showroom. Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. Oops, I meant DO it at Auction. LOL

  5. Hope the red on the canteen cover is not blood from a unlucky G.I. As for the black canteen, nice condition, I myself have five of these from various makers in my collection.


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