Monday, April 18, 2016

A Desert Spring

I absolutely Love a Desert Spring and even though being outside is preferable, even when I'm inside I am just inclined during this Season to want to spruce things up and get Projects done.  To make it Sparkle and be squeaky Clean.

I start to come out of a long dormant stage and just want to refresh everything and make it seem New again.  Anything not relevant during Springtime is much more apt to be banished and sent on it's way to anywhere else but here!

I start trawling the Garden Shops and Nurseries seeking out Living Plants to consider for Styling inside and outside of New Villa Boheme'.  The Gardens after all are coming Alive with Buds and Blooms daily.

I also start seeking out Cute Taxidermy Specimens that evoke the Essence of Spring.   And how I will want to dress them up and stage them in vignettes around our Home?

Yes, each of them will have their ensembles and bling assigned to them for the Season and I'm planning on getting into the Studio to Create some little Vintage Wardrobe from my Collections of Old Fabrics and Doilies.

Actually getting into the Studio to Create almost anything has been on my Mind a lot lately, Spring is a time when my Creative Imagination warps into overdrive.

Beholding the long dormant Cacti now abundantly Blossoming with the most Spectacular Blooms provides so much Positive Energy in what is usually a parched and inhospitable environment.

Out of something covered in sharp spines comes forth something so Brilliant and Beautiful it doesn't even look or feel real... but surreal!

The only thing about Cactus Blossoms that I lament is that they can't be picked and put into Bouquets or preserved and dried.

But they aren't the only Blossoms coming to Life during a Desert Spring... Desert Wildflowers are just as Showy and Spectacular.

As is the Wildlife they attract... Butterflies and Hummingbirds being my absolute Favorites.

I haven't been able to capture a Hummingbird thru the Eye of my Lens... but the Butterflies sure like to Vogue for the Camera!  It's as if they know they are things of Beauty and are therefore eager to strike a Pose!

Yes, a Desert Springs brings forth so much abundant Life... and brings many of us back to Life after a long Winter of dormancy and hibernation of sorts.  I know I'm waking up and noticing everything and anything that Evokes a sense of the Season and using it to spruce things up.

And to embrace Fresh Beginnings and try not to take too many looks back at what was... so that I can now Enjoy fully what now IS... and Cultivate that.

May Spring also bring you Fresh New Adventures to Savor my Friends... and that Seasonal Positive Energy to get done all of those things you might have spent all Winter putting aside or delaying.


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Happy Springing!
    You will be enjoying that sun. I love that creative urge that comes with Spring.
    Who am I kidding, I love a creative urge all year round!
    I love your animals with bling :-) xo Jazzy Jack

  2. Dawn those desert blooms are astonishing.... So amazing that they sprout out of a bed of thorns. Also love your taxidermy babies and look great all pimped up in their bling. Happy Spring there in the desert.


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