Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Reveal...

Okay, so before I continue with the whirlwind Girl's Day Out itinerary Princess T and I had... I won't keep you in suspense any longer about my big Surprise!  My Friend Kenny calls me up the other day and says he's just gonna deliver "The Chair"... you know, the one I've been Jonesin' for at least for a couple of Months... and we'll just work something "First Cousin Special Price" out later!    Color me deliriously Happy... and No, we're not actually First Cousins, but that's my term for a "Like Family Deal" worked out between Good Friends.  *Smiles*

He knew how badly I wanted it... and agreed it was Perfect for the New House and just goes with Our Style... so he couldn't see it going anywhere else but to Casa Boheme'.  *Winks*   Thank You and Besos my Friend, it was such an unexpected Surprise and touched my Heart deeply, I was in fact all choked up!  It's a Vintage Club Chair with buttery soft Leather and Brahma Cowhide... and just the right amount of wear and Patina imparted over Time.

And it's one of those Party In The Back kinda pieces so we positioned it so that you can see the Awesome Hide at the back from the Kitchen View.   At the Events it had looked so massive that I wasn't sure if it would fit... forgetting entirely that I no longer have a Century Old Home with tiny rooms... so there was actually plenty of room for it in the new Living Room.   And Yes, those are little feet protector/sliders since I'm completely OCD Anal about my Wood Floors... at least for now while the Home is still so New! *Smiles*

The Man really Loved the Style of it as I knew he would, I'd been describing it to him for a couple Months now and telling him how I wanted to Save up for it if it didn't get Sold first!?  So, needless to say, he was more than relieved about Kenny's Surprise to us... since he wouldn't have heard the end of it had someone else bought it before I could hustle up some Cash and Negotiate a Deal!  *Ha ha ha*

Everyone took their turns sitting in it... very comfy... some really Deep Chair Sitting... and when asked WHOSE Chair it is?  Well... I had to inform them it's ALL of ours... nobody in particular claims Dominion over it, Okay?  *Winks*

I had also come away from our Antique Mall's 4th Anniversary Sale with two Free T-Shirts that The Young Prince and I Won in the Raffle... and a couple of Treasures I'd been eyeballing and waiting for the Big Sale to procure.   This Antique European Enamelware Bread Box was already priced so low I would have gotten it without the Sale, but having an additional 15% off, well, it immediately came Home with me from our Mall's Location!  *Smiles*

We also Enjoyed the Free Chili Cheese Dogs that my Friend 'Grill Master' Dan was Bar-B-Queing for the Sale Crowd... delish!

We headed to the other North Phoenix Mall Location to pick up one of the Custom Cloche Lights I've been Jonesin' for... on Sale.  How Sweet are the Cherubs of that Antique Light Fixture mounted inside... and hey, everything looks more Important under glass and with an Edison Bulb, right?  *Winks*  

Actually this Vendor Creates Custom OOAK Lights from various Vintage and Antique items, including Antique Car Parts, Galvanized Pipes and Vintage Industrial Pieces, Old Kitchen Gadgets... many are very Steampunk in Styling and I just Love them and plan to get a few more over time.   The string held the price tag and I haven't cut it off yet... ha ha ha... so Excited to Share my 'Scores' with you I was!  *Winks*

And speaking of 'Scores', well, The Son and Family reminded me we hadn't all been out Pickin' together in ages and were going thru a kind of Withdrawal.  *LOL*  Especially not hitting the Clearance Centers where the Purchases are Sold by the Pound... and for only $1.19 a lb. well you can really Rock the Casbah so to speak and the Smalls are practically Free since they cost Pennies when you're paying by the lb.!   Not to mention the Daughter-In-Law and I needed to wade thru the Ropa Usada to outfit all the Kiddos with New gently used Wardrobe.   Princess T found a wealth of Fashion in her Size, she'd been Dreaming of a New Wardrobe and what it would hold she told me!  *Ha ha*  My first 'Score' for Self was this Vintage Red Leather Travel Case with it's original Key... it came Home packed with Smalls.

And I think I'd already Shared this Amazing Vintage Male Mannequin from an Old Department Store that I 'Scored' a while back from our Antique Mall for WELL under only Twenty bucks?  *Booyah!*

The two larger Vintage Suitcases came Home packed with Wardrobe for the Kiddos and Vintage Fabrics, Trims and Crocheted Doilies for my Art Studio Fabric Stashes Future Creations.   I plan to Keep the White Fabric Vintage Suitcase... and the larger Brown Leather one is Showroom bound.   The Princess also Scored the Creepy Hoochie clad Doll with Red Eyes sitting atop the larger Suitcase.   It's a Collectible she told me... well, Okay, if you say so... *Winks*

The Smalls were too numerous to List individually but I'll Share some of my Favs that I got for mere Pennies apiece.  Having the extra sets of Eyes of The G-Kid Force Scouting for me Paid Off since they have Eyes of a Rat when Sourcing what they know Gramma Loves or can Sell for a Profit.   Like this Vintage European Spelter St. Christopher Statue from France.

And this Silver Navajo Turquoise and Red Coral Man's Ring... for Pennies... Booyah and Cha-Ching!   We don't mind wading thru a tonnage of Trash to Locate such Treasures, it's Truly the Thrill Of The Hunt that is the biggest Rush... and 'Scores' like this that keep us amped up.  It's like seeking a Pirate's Treasure hidden out of plain sight and buried somewhere... you never know what will turn up?!

And already in the Showroom is this 1960's Santa Light... I don't know about other Vendors but I sell Seasonal Vintage wares all year long so I Source them all year long and not just for the Holidays.   Avid Collectors of Vintage Seasonal are on the lookout year round.   And our Mall also does Christmas In July... not that much, if any, of what I bring in now will be left come July.


Another couple of Keepers were these Hand Crafted Soaps in Divine Hippie Scents for only Pennies!  *Smiles*   The Aromas are intoxicating and I often put scented Soaps inside my Vintage Suitcases to absorb the Heavenly Aromas and so they smell Fresh since the Satin Fabric interiors sometimes can smell musty otherwise.   Since I Store my Vintage Fabrics in many of my Suitcases I want them to Smell Divine too.

Princess T is a virtual Bird Dog for Sourcing Gramma's Fav Smalls... like Old Game Pieces and Dominos for making Jewelry from.   This is the partial 'Score' of some of the Monopoly pieces she found for me, some were from a Cat In The Hat Special Edition of Monopoly and really Unique Game Pieces.

The Young Prince likes to Source some of my Fav Reading Materials for our Library and also to Re-Sell.   We got several Books on this Pick for Fifty Cents each for Hardcover, which is such a Bargain since most had a Retail Price of Twenty Five to Fifty Bucks each!   Softcover are a Quarter, didn't 'Score' any of those this time around.   The Sweet Little Vintage Plastic Angel was missing her Wings but we liked and Rescued her anyway.


Okay, so the G-Force thought it hilarious to Source me this Satin Sash that says 60 and Sensational... they want and dared me to wear it and I plan to Embarrass them by making good on that Dare when they're WITH me.  *Bwahahahahaha!*   I Loved this Vintage Fabric Suitcase, it's a Keeper... as were the Fibers Necklace, Humorous Vintage Image Coaster Set, and Simply Shabby Chic Linen set in one of my Fav Rachel Ashwell Fabrics.

In fact since I J'Adore unusual Fabric Fibers so much I plan to make myself some more of these clever Necklaces to wear, it was very Inspiring and will be good Use of some of my Fiber Hoard.  *LOL*   I may attach some Gypsy Trinkets to the ones I make to put my own Spin on them and because I Love wearing Trinkets I've Collected and have Meaning to me.

So this isn't the best Image of this part of the Stash that came Home with us... but every Frame can't be Ideal, right?  *LOL*   The Young Prince 'Scored' me the Jade Worry Beads *Booyah and Cha-Ching!*...  and I got some Charms... small hard plastic Marquis Pricing Numbers in their Organizer... Ephemera... tiny Skulls...

Two Ornate Silver Trinket Boxes, one with Cloisonne Lid... Rubber Stamps that Princess T Sourced for me, I'm particularly Loving that two were Virgin Of Guadalupe and also some Botanicals for the Studio Art Projects.  Two Asian Material Satin Organizers that stack...

A couple of Ornate Antique Gesso Frames, one in Original Gilding and one has been painted White... and a Yard Long Vintage Class Photo.

And finally an Oilcloth Make-Up Bag with original Price Tags still attached {it had been expensive}... and another Hard Cover Book with Gorgeous Imagery for the Library.   We done Good, huh?   And my Grand Total for the Huge 'Pick' was barely forty bucks... High Five and a Happy Dance!   And when we resume our Posts of Girl's Day Out I'll be taking you along to more Great Fav Shops around the Valley with us!  So be sure to come back and Join us... 


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. What fun you had!! And oh that chair! How perfect and exciting! Great friend I'd say!

  2. Oh my that chair! Gorgeous!

    Next time you go for a big shop, let me know!


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