Friday, March 4, 2016

The Poor Neglected Showrooms

My Showrooms are sad... so sad in fact that I haven't even Photographed one of them since last year!   And the only reason I've Photographed the other smaller one is I did give it a Make-Over around Christmastime so it's not quite as Neglected as my larger one!   Yes, I banged up some Old Boards I liked from the Old Property that I wanted to Salvage and called it a Make-Over!  *Bwahahaha!*  Yeah, that's as Ambitious as I've gotten in tackling Showroom deferred Maintenance and that's sad!

And we've had some Good Sales where I've done quite well... and an Anniversary Sale of the Antique Mall coming up soon... and the rooms have been holding their own... but not because I've really done anything to contribute to that!   Fresh Inventory has been filtering in at a Snail's pace... because I haven't been Sourcing hardly anything... no time and very little Budget for Pickin' Fresh Found Treasures... and what has gone in from the Purge at Home has been delayed considerably because I abhor the Pricing part of Inventory!  *LOL*

And I know what is Selling... so I try to get around to getting it in there from the few Picks and the Great Purge to replenish all that is going out the door... so that my Showrooms don't look like I'm moving out because they're so depleted!   But I find I have more of it lying around here at Home or in the back of the Jeep in boxes awaiting my Attention to Price than actually Showroom ready and bound!!!

Some items were so large that I just had to force myself not to keep them waiting around here in the way... like this Awesome Marilyn Monroe textured Art Print that I was certain Princess T would want for the walls of her New Bedroom since she J'Adores Marilyn, Art AND Dancing!   But in all it's Awesomeness The Princess didn't like Marilyn's poses or the Dress... WHAT!?!??... Lucky for me I got it for a Song and I'll make a good margin on re-selling it, so no Loss no Foul in Scoring it.  If you buy what YOU Love then you can't go wrong whether it's a Keeper or you flip it.  And this was big enough it filled the large void on Showroom One Thirty-Three's side wall where everything else had Sold... Whew!

I haven't really Intended to Neglect my Poor Showrooms so badly.  I had Intended to start the New Year with Enthusiastic Retail Foofs of Epic Proportions and Transform them both into something I Loved again.   I had Intended to go on Epic Picks that would Source Fabulous Inventory to replenish both rooms.  But I stalled out on those Projects in the final days and stages of my Big Move Out of the Old Property and readying it for Listing... then trying to get parts of the Move-In Chaos of New Villa Boheme' up under Control, Tidy and more Orderly so it wouldn't drive me Mad!!!  *Winks*


You see... I don't have to LIVE IN my Showrooms... I don't even have to do regular Visitation if I don't wanna... not Wise, Yes... but when you don't HAVE to do something... then sometimes you just DON'T, right? Wisdom and what you should do goes out the window and you procrastinate and just whiz in and out briefly so you don't have to spend so much time surveying the sadness of what has become of it all in your absence!   Yes, I am there at the Mall at least two Nights a Week on my Shifts Working, plus extra Shifts I've picked up... but I can just walk by my Showrooms and try not to look or even step inside!  *Ha ha ha*

I even cringe when I do spend some brief time in there shoving a few new Treasures into Inventory quickly and a Customer stops me and asks if these are my rooms!??!??   You know how it is when you're kinda Ashamed to say, Yeah, they are?  *LOL*   When they are the way I feel they should be I'm Proud to take Ownership... but it's like when your Kiddos have been Bad and someone asks if they're yours, you know?  Hesitation... should I come Clean or not?  *Winks*

And I suppose part of my hesitation is that I'm very OCD so I know that once I dive into the Transformation Process I'm going to spend countless Hours in each Room getting it as close to Perfect as is possible given my present Resources.   I will get Lost in the Mission, much to the chagrin of The Family who will not want me to spend that much time with a mere set of Showrooms when THEY now Feel Neglected because my Focus is elsewhere!!!  *Le Sigh*   So it's one of those frustrating Catch 22 situations!!!

Now... I KNOW I'll eventually HAVE to do it... beginning with a Monumental Transformation of the as yet un-photographed poor neglected Showroom One Fourteen.   Which I want to Paint and mebbe bang up some Salvaged Lumber in there on a couple of walls too... because I'm becoming Enamored with Shiplap from watching far too much 'Fixer Upper' on HGTV!  *Smiles*  Joanna Gaines is really rubbing off on me because she's like a Genie at Transformation and I Love her sense of Style!   *LOL*

And Honestly, in my Showrooms one of the most basic Functions they were to have was for me to Experiment with different Styles not Identical to my own necessarily.  I don't have to Commit to a Style in a Showroom like I do at Home because everything is for Sale and constantly Evolving as I Sell off Stuff and replenish it with anything else I so Desire to Experiment with next!   And really... I can't wait to get around to that Play with Styling... but only if I can have the TIME set aside to actually do it properly... without constant interruptions... and with Freshly Sourced Inventory I am Excited to bring in.   I'm not quite at that juncture just yet... but I'm moving towards it... slowly... at a Snail's pace.

And that will just have to be fast enough for right now...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Maybe your solution could be to teach Princess T your gudeline and method of pricing and have her do that part in turn a free something for her1

    1. Alas, it has to be legible and she's got an IEP to assist with writing skills so she's not quite there yet, but she helps in so many other wonderful ways and definitely is my little helpmate! I've got some great ideas to overhaul the larger Showroom, so just need the Time to devote to it. Dawn... The Bohemian


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