Friday, March 25, 2016

The Egg Whisperer

My Grand-Daughter has been living and breathing Easter for the past couple of weeks, it's practically all that's been on her Heart and Mind!

Like me she Loves the Traditions and Rituals of the Holidays and Holy Days, they are Important to her and I am certain she will be the one to carry them on.

She is also The Stylist... and so prepping and foofing for each Holiday is Fun for her, she really gets into it whereas the Guys could care less really.

If it were up to The Man and Brother Darkness the Holidays around here would look pretty much like any and every other day.  They're just not very Symbolic, they Celebrate everything, but wouldn't do anything particularly Special to Prepare for any of it.

But us Gals thrive upon it making up for their ambivalence... and are extremely Symbolic... the Meaning of the Motifs and Designs are Important to us and so Great Love goes into our Traditional and Ritual Decorating for each Holiday and Holy Day.  We did get Grandpa to boil the Eggs this year... whoop whoop!  *LOL*  He got recruited because he's good at boiling eggs without the shells cracking.

The Egg Whisperer insists that all of her Eggs be Perfect and unblemished!  She Inspects each and every one!  *Smiles*  About the only Participation we'll get from Brother Darkness is that he Loves hard boiled Eggs, so he'll revel in the eating of them!   Which is also why we got two dozen... Fifteen Year Old Boys are always ravenous!  *Smiles*

My recruitment by the Egg Whisperer is always to be her Minion in the dying of them since she wants to come out of this spotless... no easy task when you're dying Eggs!   So many of the kits are so messy that my main task every Easter is to try to find a better Egg Dye Kit that is less messy and less complicated, yet churns out Beautiful results! 

Over the course of several decades and a couple of Generations of Assisting little ones with the dying of the Eggs for Easter lemme tell ya I've been thru so many Egg Dying Kits and Methods that it's too numerous to name them all.  You would think by now I'd have the Perfect Method... I didn't... 'til this year and that's the Truth!  *Le Sigh*

We've had Egg Spinners... Tye Dye Egg Kits... Tablets... Shrink Wraps... Straw blowing Kits... Oil Based... Water Based... Organic Natural Dyes... Sticker Kits... Wax Crayon Egg Kits... Glitterized Egg Kits... Neon Color Kits... Tempura Paint Kits... Sponge Brush Kits... Kits that were Successful but still messy... and Kits that were less Successful and still messy!

I've had dyes that were so powerful they had to wear off, leaving permanent stains everywhere and sank deep into the inner Egg so that everyone was rather fearful of eating them... and dyes so weak they bombed at Coloring the Eggs and left the Kiddos so disappointed.

Some kits underwhelmed with their results... and some rather overwhelmed us with their Process.  Some years the Fun turned into Anguish as the Kiddos found it too complicated or hated their results.  And so over the years I Confess I came to somewhat dread the Ritual of dying the Easter Eggs and put it off for as long as I could.

I just had to be up to it.  So I'd Google Egg dying Techniques trying to find one that would both Interest and be Interactive enough for a Child to actually do... and one that wouldn't cause me to lose my Mind Assisting with!?! 

 One year I thought I had the Perfect Method... dying them with Silk Ties... they look Gorgeous... and I even went Goodwill Hunting and bought the Silk Ties with Lovely Designs.  Only it turns out they're potentially Toxic due to many of the dyes used in Clothing Manufacturing and so you can't eat the contents... or shouldn't... and so what's the Point?  I don't wanna buy, boil and dye Easter Eggs to just LOOK at and tell the Kiddos they then can't eat them!  What a waste... and a Set Up for Drama!  *LOL*

There's even a Method once she's Older we might try together using boiled Onion Skins, boiled Purple Cabbage... Flowers, Ferns and Leaves for Design tied up in Nylon Stockings that Create Gorgeous Nature Inspired Eggs... I looked at the whole Tutorial Online and was duly Inspired.  But it's not Interactive or Interesting enough for a Ten year old.  Plus you need to keep younger ones Engaged in the Process or you'll finish out Solo as they lose Interest.  *Winks*

The Point is not for me to do it all for her, it's to do them together so we Enjoy Quality Time doing a Tradition or Ritual... and to allow her to lead in the Creative Process with me just Assisting.  And so that my entire Kitchen doesn't end up completely dyed in Glorious Easter Hued Splendor in the Process!  That's often the Tricky part! *Winks*

So we had newspaper everywhere just in case... and prepped our Egg Station, the Kitchen Island, for when the Eggs cooled off sufficiently.  This year I had discovered an Egg Dying Kit that looked to be Ideal and potentially not at all messy or like any other we'd ever tried... the Kit's pix on the box had Gorgeous, Vibrant, swirly Tie Dyed appearing Pearlescent Eggs.  Too good to be True, well... we'd have to wait and see!?

It came with five basic liquid dye colors in Yellow, Pink, Purple, Green and Blue.  These were in small packets you were only require to knead before opening to get the Pearlized effect.  Five clear baggies with a Bunny on them to put a dry cooled boiled Egg in... then add about 5 drops of dye and kinda pat it around in the bag 'til you got desired results.

You could re-use the bags over and over... adding more dye, mixing colors, putting Eggs into different bags.   Humnnn... this sounds too good to be True... too Easy... but it wasn't... it was just as they'd Advertised, Imagine that!

Okay, so the Dyes gotta be the Problem I figured?  You know how many times the Dyes have been the Problem... every time just about in previous years!  Some take forever to dry and remain too sticky... sometimes sticking to the Egg Carton after FINALLY drying and you can't get them out! 

Some dry just fine but the Eggs don't turn out all that Pretty... rather Underwhelming in fact and not worth all the effort and mess it Created to Create them!   With some Kits the Colors get muddy as you progress in the Process 'til you just have Mud colored Eggs... but not even Pretty like Natural Brown Eggs.  In fact one year we tried to dye Brown Eggs to see the results... don't bother.  *LOL*

But this Kit was Wonderful... completely mess Free... we didn't even get any dye on the newpapers or ourselves!  What?!??!  I used tongs to get them out of the bag when we were satisfied with the results inside the bags and put them back in the cardboard cartons to dry.  They dried quickly and mess Free!

And the Pearlescent Effect was Fabulous... as was the Tie Dye Swirl Effect... and the hues were Vibrant and oh so Beautiful, we almost couldn't take our Eyes off them!   And it was all so Simple, no tears, no stress, no mess, and done in about 15 minutes, which is just about the Egg Whisperer's Attention Span for Egg dying!  *Winks*

And I must say I actually ENJOYED the whole Ritual for once because it went so well and she was so Happy and Feeling so Accomplished with her Beautiful Results.   They do Display so well, don't they?  I couldn't quit taking pixs of them in fact because I knew they'd be so Editorial for a Blog Post.  *LOL*

So yeah, we're Oversharing our results because we're so darned Proud of how they turned out this year and that it was a Story with a Happy Ending... instead of a Big Mess like usual.  And I got the Kit at the 99 Cent Only Store, so the price was right too!  *Smiles*

So a Shout Out and my Eternal Gratitude goes out this Easter to Dudley's for making the Majestic Eggs Kit... I only Wish I'd found out about this Method YEARS ago my Friends so that our Egg Whispering could have gone as seamlessly every year!   And I'm so relieved I wanted this Post to be like one of their Egg Dying Kit Commercials!  *LOL*

Have a Happy and a Blessed Easter... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. The eggs are truly beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Tell the Princess her eggs are almost as beautiful as her smile...they really are gorgeous...we have the gold kit...which I'm really wondering about. Thanks for the great idea...Sandi Happy Easter!

  3. All beautiful, especially baby girl.

  4. Beautiful eggs, now I am inspired.


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