Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spring Nesting Instincts

This is our very first ever Spring in our New Home... and for us Gals, our Spring Nesting Instincts have warped into hyper-drive.  Princess T and I have continued to Feather the Nest, Style and foof things to get them more and more in Order... unpacked and out of Post Move piles laying about.

Post Move stuff is probably the worst part to me... emptying out an Old Home gets easier as everything exits and the place starts looking less like Home and barren of contents.   But the New Home, well, it starts out barren of contents and I want to slowly Style and layer our possessions so that it becomes Home... and that my Friends is quite the Process!

Some people seem adept at doing that expediently and almost as if by Magic their New Home is put together Magnificently.  My Friend Myko recently made a Big Move to Seattle and her 'After' shots of the New Home's Decor blew me away, so quickly she had nestled in and gotten everything Styled superbly and so Editorial it could have been Publication worthy!  She used to do that every Month at the Sweet Salvage Event so she's had lots of practice pulling things together Magically and seemingly effortlessly, though it's so not and a lot of Work in actuality!

But even with The Stylist assisting me, it's been rather a slow and steady Process for us here at New Villa Boheme' and Spring just gets us more motivated to keep at it and have the Transformation progress.  We're so Delighted with our New Home that I can't Imagine living anywhere else now... it's absolutely Perfect for us and a Dream come True.   I Thank the Lord profusely every day for taking us to this next level of our Life's Journey and giving us so much in the way of upgrades Season by Season of our lives!  

You would of coarse have to know the whole History of this Journey to where I'm at now to fully Appreciate how far I've come Season to Season in the way of abodes and getting here, to the Promised Land so to speak.   Being a Global Nomad most of my Life and for so long I always Traveled Light and Moved often.   And sometimes lived in some quite unusual or substandard situations from time to time with the Challenge of fixing them up and upgrading with the Profits at the right time to something bigger and often better.  I've made do and done without and developed the capacity to live in a mess for extended times as renovations were underway almost perpetually until Ideal enough to build good Equity margins and Sell. 

I've rented or owned portable Homes living Didi Kai Style that I've actually picked up and moved the whole shebang from place to place before I eventually Sold it and upgraded to permanently situated Homes on actual foundations!  *LOL*   I've lived in Homes or Apartments so small that furnishings folded up into the Walls to make room for daily living and some folk's walk-in closets were bigger than!  *Ha ha ha*  I've lived in the Hood, the Country and the City in nicer areas... and everything in between.

 I've lived in Homes deemed substandard or even condemned and fixed them up to be not only totally habitable, but Profitable upon Sale.  It was a rewarding Challenge I fully Embraced during the Seasons of Life I was up to that kind of Project and Restoration to Save what others saw as Hopeless causes or Diamonds in the rough... often VERY rough!  I've even been Homeless for a brief period of time during a particularly Dark Season of Life after a Divorce and with two little ones in tow, one a newborn and the other only four!  Every situation I was allowed to Experience rounded me out to have more Endurance, Adaptability and Compassion for whatever others might ever have to live through. 

But I am the type of person that would see run down wrecks and ruins of Old Homes and get Excited about owning them and Saving them actually.  I didn't see them thru the lens or filters others seemed to... not in the condition of what they were but what they COULD and would become!  Nothing Intimidated me when it came to Real Estate or living arrangements and I would Make a way and Invested in such risky ventures because of the Love and Vision associated with Preserving such Rich History and Amazing Details seldom found in New Builds.   

Well... unless you entered the Custom and Luxury Markets and I knew it would take many years of hustling and flipping my way to upgrades to finally get THERE.   But here we now are... we've Arrived... and it seems as though the entire Journey was always leading us here... level by level until we were ready to enter into the Promised Land of where we called Home!  And not just Home but beyond our wildest Dreams Home!   Where the Vision had to be so Big that God HAD to show up and be involved so as to Show Out just how Great He is and that with Faith nothing is Impossible to those who Trust and Believe!

I always had complete Faith and Confidence that when I was Spiritually Prompted to Move On, even if I didn't exactly Feel Ready yet and it was rather daunting to step out in total Faith not knowing where it would lead me... that the Lord would Order my steps and Bless us.  That He would ensure it would turn out alright in the end if I was Obedient to the Call of picking up and continuing the Journey with Trust in His Direction for our lives and for our well being.  After all, what Good Father wouldn't want the absolute Best for His Children?  As the Daughter of The King {and I don't mean Elvis... winks} I was OK with what He had in store for me, whatever it was?  And it was always an Exciting Adventure as to what that Future held and what He had Planned and in store for me... waiting for me to Claim as my Inheritance from The Father?

No doubts whatsoever that He deserves all the Credit and Glory for where He has taken us and provided for us... I couldn't have done any of this on my own and relying upon my decisions alone without Divine Guidance.  I still stand in Awe... every property I've ever owned in fact... no matter how humble it was Home and I felt Blessed to have received all of them in their Season of belonging to me to be Steward of.  I always took Stewardship seriously and tried never to leave any place less or even the same as I received it, striving to improve upon it constantly to make it better for whoever would receive it next.

I do Believe that if we Invest ourselves in what God has bestowed He rewards Good Stewardship of it and is especially Pleased in the increase of it through our hands.  I mean who doesn't want a Return on their Investments?  I want God to know I was worth Investing in and that whether given a little or a lot I will strive to Prosper whatever it is and have a Grateful Heart about receiving it and being allowed the Privilege of working with it on His behalf to make it better than when it came into my possession.

Not only to be Content with being Inspired but to also try to Inspire and Encourage others to do the same so that we all collectively can make our World a better and more Beautiful place in which we all can live on this side of Time and Eternity.   To not abuse or neglect our responsibilities to whatever we have dominion over and are to Care for and be Stewards of, but to realize that to whom much is given, much will also be required. 

To make it evident that when God gets it to me He can be Assured He can get it through me and Bless others along the way since Abundance gives one the Privilege of also being even more Generous and Magnifying whatever traits you have within you.  I still sometimes pinch myself that He now Trusts ME so much as to give me so much to have Stewardship over!  WOW, what an Honor, I am Humbled and have so much Humility about that, because I know all too well my own shortcomings that He chose to overlook and Bless me anyway in spite of them!

And Springtime being the Ideal time for New Beginnings and birthing all that you wish to bring forth means that Improving what I have now is foremost on my Mind and Heart.   We're now ready to Market the Old Homestead and got Good News that the City is potentially Interested for Historic reasons!  So we Pray that everything lines up in Favor of our Beautiful Old Home, which we Love so much, even to this day... and have Invested not only our Resources in but our Hearts.  And even though we've Moved On and been given even More Abundant Blessings suitable for this Season of our Lives and Journey I will never Forget the Excitement of when it had been Miraculously given, against incredible odds in fact.

Four long years of waiting for it to be released from Probate and two years of taking Care of it almost daily before it was even mine... which everyone thought was Crazy as hell, but I'd Claimed it in the Name of the Lord long before I ever knew I could actually buy it or work out the details of how to get a Condemned Property habitable again?  *LOL*   I let God Work Out the logistics of the seemingly Impossible, He is really Excellent at that, that's what makes it a God Thing and gives Him such Glory when what the World deems Impossible comes together and Prospers thru mortal hands that aren't capable on their own without Him Partnering with them!  Hallelujah! 

Thank You Lord for Believing in me and entrusting me with what we now have... and with everything prior to this as well... once again we will do our Best with it... though probably more slowly than when I had Youth on my side... *Winks*   But anything worth having is worth waiting for, right?  Amen.


Blessings and Love from the Arizona Desert Nest... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. What an inspiring post! I see now why just the right buyer for your much loved and hard worked for Homestead is so important to you! I pray with you that it will be purchased and historically preserved so that many others can enjoy it through the years!

    1. Thank you my Friend, I am certain that just the right buyer will be interested, the listing hit Today so we shall see what the Future holds for the Old Homestead... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. I love your beautiful giving spirit. Blessings! Delaine

    1. Thank You for the sweet compliment Delaine and for coming for a Blog Visit... Happy Spring... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Gorgeous. I am so happy for you. Though we are very different we are also very much alike. Can't wait to keep up with you and see what's happening in your life. Glad to meet you.

    1. Thank you Donna and I'm glad you came by for a Blog Visit... Happy Spring... Dawn... The Bohemian


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