Monday, March 14, 2016


So we are back to the Girl's Day Out Weekend and if you've been feathering your Nests for Spring then check out TATTERED NEST in Phoenix.   The one piece I was seriously Jonesin' for is this Vintage Waterfall Dresser piece, re-painted in a great Bohemian Turquoise hue.

This would go great in the Boudoir and I'm Loving everything about it... alas, no budget for it right now and I'd have no way to get it Home unless they offer Delivery so I had to walk away.  *Pouting petulantly!*

But I Photographed it from every angle in case it Sells before I can Save up and find a way to get something this large Home... as an Inspirational Make-Over since I see these Dressers often but usually in bad shape and needing a paint job Make-Over like this.

In fact, I'd like to know what brand of Paint and Color this is called because I'd Love to have several pieces painted in this Hue for Villa Boheme'... it's a Perfect Bold Jewel Tone and just My Style.

The Make-Over on this Dress Form was so Cute, reminded me of the Era of a Flapper Gal...

If you have a Modern Dress Form that you want to Make-Over to look more Vintage or your own particular Style then this is definitely the way to go for a very Distinctive and Glam Look.   As you know I like my Dress Forms Old and Tattered from the ravages of Time, but you cannot always find them that way.

And if you J'Adore the Colorless Palette there was a wealth of it offered by the various Designers.

As you know Colorless isn't My Thing but I can Appreciate the Serenity and Romance of that Style and it is very Feminine and Editorial.

And I must say that White Sells and the Popularity of it has stayed relatively stable in Decorating since it goes with just about any other Color you might want to add to your Decor.

Since I gravitate more towards The Dark Side *Winks* I was liking the Make-Over of these Chairs matched up with a nice Harvest Table.

My Friend Karen Valentine now has a Space at this Location and as always she Styles it Beautifully and is Masterful with the Colorless Palette Decorating Style.

In fact that is why we came and made the Pilgrimage over, to see Karen's New Space.   The entire Shop was Impressive though and well worth the commute over.

Can you only tell that Princess T had stuck her head out the window on the drive over to have the Wind in her face and taking her breath away?  *Smiles*   Remember doing that as a Child?   I do... so she was pretty Windswept by the time we arrived.  *LOL*   This was her Fav Space, Conservatory Garden Styled in the Rotunda.

The matching Set of Antique Needlepoint Chairs with this Table were Lovely... I have this 'Thing' for Old Needlepoint, such a Labor of Love that most would no longer take the Time and Patience to do in Modern Day Decorating.

So, what did you think of The Nest?  We certainly Enjoyed our Visit and we'll definitely be back... I put my Mojo all over that Turquoise Waterfall Dresser... *Winks*...

And there are other Cute Shops in that Storefront Mall that have a wealth of Found Treasures... I was Loving this Reclaimed Lumber Wall, which is what I want to do in Showroom One Fourteen when I can get the chance to do a Total Maker-Over of it and give it a new Look.


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Princess T is getting taller! Going Up fast! Yes the dresser belongs in your Bohemian Villa!

  2. I would never want a turquoise piece of furniture in my own home, and yet I have quite a few of them pinned! So obviously there's some deep seated attraction there, whether I admit to it or not. ;) I can totally see it in your Villa Boheme!

    1. Subliminal Message to you... more Turquoise... ha ha ha. I too find I often Pin things and then see a distinct pattern emerge that rather surprises me sometimes. I too have few, if any, Turquoise pieces, that piece however was definitely so ME that I was strongly attracted away from my usual Sepia and Black. LOL Dawn... The Bohemian


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