Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Dealing With The Stylist... A Premature Easter Prep

So, The Stylist has been after me since about the day after Valentine's Day to begin Styling our Home now for Easter... she's very proactive when it comes to Holiday Styling... and relentless!  It's coming she'd say just about every day... and give me the Countdown of Days 'til Easter!   She's not at all worried about a premature Easter Prep... it's a very neglected Holiday Style Wise... and yet it's so Significant and such a Special Holy Day... Okay, I agree.

I had attempted to appease her with the filling of the candy dishes with Easter Treats... nope, that simply wasn't enough, and they ravenously consumed them so it didn't look Easter-Like for long anyway!  *Smiles*   No... we simply MUST fill like a gazillion Plastic Eggs in preparation for the big Easter Egg Hunt.  Luckily I had Organized most Seasonal items when we brought them over during the Big Move, so at least I could locate the Easter Decor!  *Whew!*

And the Treats... well they became more decadent each time we went Grocery Shopping!  So now we have Easter Petite Fours... no complaints here, they happen to be my Favorites.   And these happen to be excellent even tho' they were from Wal-Mart and not a Fancy Patisserie!  

And Easter Cookies... Okay, so they're not only Pretty but they actually taste really good too, light and not too sweet... nice Choice Princess T!   So I Confess, though I'm clearly her Minion when it comes to the Holiday Styling and Shopping... now we are having Fun with it Together and I'm starting to get into it.  *Smiles*

So Yes... I break out the little bit of Pastel Stuff I own... and the Jewel Tones...  drag the Seasonal out of Storage Space to usher Easter into our Home.   After all, when I thought about it, well, it IS coming early this year and is almost upon us already, so perhaps it's a good thing the Kiddo was observant so that it does Look and Feel like Easter and Spring around here and we can start putting all things Winter away.


Lately... like ever since the Big Move began actually... Seasons have kind of blended together and overlapped in our Styling since I kept running behind and finding it hard to catch up or even find and unpack a lot of what we still own and brought over.   So at least she's keeping me accountable so that the house doesn't still look like a Winter Wonderland clear thru Summer!  *LOL*

And even though the Spiritual Significance of Easter is forefront and paramount to us and our Faith... it IS a very Colorful, Fun and Sweet Holiday when it comes to Styling for it, so I really do Enjoy Easter Decor.   Whether we go with a more Spiritual Theme or a more Whimsical Enchanting one... or a blending of the two, it's just such a Positive Energy and Vibe we Love.

And I'm such a Unique Egg Hoarder... ummm, I mean Collector... I practically have a somewhat Semi-Easter-Egg Style going on most of the time all year long anyway.  So adding to it to Enhance the Look is easy-peasy and a lot less Work than Styling for other Holidays or Seasons.

So I just have to de-clutter Vignettes to Showcase the Egg Displays better... so they take Center Stage and don't have so much competition for the Eye to Rest upon.

Add some of my Beloved vast Antique and Vintage Spiritual Art Collection to the Vignettes...

And some of my Rosary Collection as well... which is one of my Oldest and most Beloved Collections over half a Century now in the making.

Some of the Sweet Taxidermy that has an Essence of Easter and Spring...

I Love my wee Duckling Vintage Taxidermy and Hope to one day add some Vintage Taxidermy Chicks to the Collection.

We decided that some of our Valentine cards had great Pastel Hues and Sweet enough sayings to Compliment the Easter Vignettes.  I don't have a Collection of Antique Easter Postcards... though that is some of the Ephemera I one day Hope to add to my Seasonal Decor.   Maybe I'll even Find some this year on the Thrill of the Hunt, who knows?

Even tho' I don't eat Chocolate and very little in the way of Sweets at all, the Fam has blasted thru quite a variety and assortment of Easter Treats as I find any I think they'd like and also look Pretty in the Candy Bowls.

And the Malt Easter Eggs are a Seasonal Favorite but getting so hard to Find!  I found a single bag of them even tho' we trawled several Stores looking.   I guess the Chickens that lay Malt Eggs are becoming extinct or scarce, I dunno?  *Winks*

And The Stylist... well, she was beside herself waiting to meticulously Style their Easter Baskets!   Oh my Lord... the Easter Grass had to be crinkly and a certain Hue for each of theirs... it was like she was picking out Diamond Rings or something equally Important!  Hers had to be Turquoise Crinkle Easter Grass... and his more a Traditional Green!

Because God Forbid it clash with the contents of the baskets since everything has to have a certain cynergy about it and Placement is EVERYTHING!   Yes, her OCD was showing... but she really gets into this Stylist Thing so I let her run with it and foof it all to her Heart's Content!

Now... after it's all meticulously been Styled why of coarse we simply MUST Immortalize it on film and getting Brother Darkness to cooperate and participate without my Living Room becoming Armageddon, well, that was delicate territory indeed.   He's not very much into Holidays... ANY of them... and his involvement is usually Under Protest... loads of Protest and Teen Angst!

No... he would not get out of his Pajama Pants or comb his hair... this is as good as it gets if he's to sit for a Session at all... and she's crapping kittens about it all because she's put a lot of Work into this gig and thus going Diva Stylist ballistic!  *LOL*   So, what to do?  Well, you stick the damned basket in his lap and shoot him from the waist up... Problem Solved!  *LOL*   And do they have to wait to eat any of it is his next question?   I don't Care... start your Sugar Blaze early too and when you wake up from your Sugar Coma it will be a brand new Week!  *See... see how relaxed Parenting gets by the time you're Raising G-Kids?  LOL*

Now one would think his Sister would be reluctant to let him tear into her meticulously Styled Basket so soon after her spending so much time and such pains to Create it?  Placing each blade of crinkled Grass and Treat strategically and then presenting it proudly.  But she's never been attached to her outcomes, her Joy is in the Creating of a Look and then she could care less what happens to it.   I Wish I could be that unattached to my outcomes... it's harder for me to see anything wrecked that I've taken great pains to Create, how about you?

I suppose that's why I have so much Respect and Admiration for those who spend countless Hours and Labor Creating the Vignette's and Themes for Events and Shows... only to have most of it ravaged on Opening Day and perhaps not even having most people notice or fully appreciate the Art of what has been Created and presented before it is no more?!

I am learning to get better at detaching from my outcomes... it's rather a Process for me tho' and doesn't come quite Naturally like it does for The Stylist.   She informs me that this year we'll be doing the Big Egg Hunt inside the new house since we no longer have Acreage to hide it all on.   That's probably a Good Thing being our temps are already nearing triple digits and some years on the Old Acreage the Eggs were hidden so well we were still discovering them years later!  *LOL*

Filled with petrified contents that had baked in the Arizona Sun for several Seasons until finally Found!  *Smiles*   Yes, sometimes The Man, The Son and my Brothers-In-Law forgot they were hiding for kids and got carried away hiding some of them so well Pirates couldn't have located the hidden Treasures!  *Winks*   We were still discovering some around the Acreage during the Big Move that had been hidden YEARS ago!   Truly 'Vintage' Candy now and totally inedible!!!  *Ha ha ha*

Yes, we filled like a gazillion more Plastic Easter Eggs in preparation for the Big Hunt that will go on this year on the ground floor of Villa Boheme' this Easter.   And slowly Winter is being taken down and packed away as we replace it with our Spring Vibe and Seasonal Decor for the upcoming Holy Day.

And I'm Enjoying the Moments because I don't know how many more Seasons longer she'll want to Participate and do it?   Her Brother now has been promoted to Hider rather than Seeker for the past few years... and once she's graduated to Hider... well, there won't be any more littler ones to Seek unless we recruit some or the younger Cousins or Siblings come over for The Big Hunt... and it shall end... that part of the Easter Tradition.

And so part of my Easter Blessing has been that I've been able to Enjoy the Traditions such as that in our Home for longer than usual.  With Raising more than one Generation in our Home concurrently for a while and then Consecutively after The Son grew up and moved away.   And that is really Special and particularly Memorable.


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. You always have some interesting items for everyday and every season. One of the joys of raising children when being retired, is having a chance to be a 'kid' again yourself...and having the time to do it. Fun post....and Hoppy Easter...to you all, Sandi

  2. You really go all out! Making Great Memories for all of you! Traditions have changed here for sure!


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