Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Salvage Project ~ Reclaimed Treasures

Let's begin by saying I've been an avid Salvager and Reclaim Queen for as long as I can remember. Even before it became Popular to Go Green I was Saving the Planet and doing the Waste Not Want Not Thing one Salvaged or Reclaimed piece at a time!  *LOL*   When everyone else was tossing it away I was Gleefully scooping it up for FREE!   Thus we've only had Sweat Labor as the Cost of many of our Home Improvement Projects at our various Homes using these Old discarded Treasures Gleaned from Historic Structures being Remodeled or Razed over the Years.  

 So it is not Surprising that just when I thought I had done everything at the Old Property we should before FINALLY Showing it to Investors, I'd have Reservations about leaving behind Salvaged and Reclaimed Treasures I knew we would Want and more importantly NEED for Projects here at New Villa Boheme'!   Thus began The Salvage Project... which has warped into Overdrive so as not to delay a Showing and potential Sale too much longer since Interest is piquing and Investors are Eager to get in there to see the place.  I mean, they just don't make 'em like they used to... and when I saw the Retail Cost of such things, well... Mind Blown!  So Hell No I wasn't leaving the Motherlode of many of these things behind on the Old Acreage... especially the Old Reclaimed Brick!

We've done many a Reclaimed Brick Project at several Properties we've owned over the years and it always added Value to the Re-Sale and Pleased us to have the Visuals of it so I never stopped Gleaning it whenever I could get it Gratis.  The Patina and Quality of the Old Bricks Gleaned from Buildings that dated from the late 1800's thru 1940's is something I never Feel can be Replicated with more Modern Brick and they're getting scarcer and harder to Find.   And I still had the Motherlode of these Beautiful Old Bricks sitting in various piles at Old Bohemian Valhalla... it was starting to bug me that we hadn't moved it over... there was a Rare and Small Fortune being left behind in those piles!  *LOL*

Uh Oh... the Family knew what was coming next... my Fixation on The Brick Project!  *Winks*  Prince D looked at those various piles and lamented that there was probably enough to build an entire House... so perhaps I should Get Over It?!??   Surely you jest Child... do you know how many Years it took me to Glean this Wealth of Reclaimed Treasures and Stockpile it here or how many Thousands it would Cost to BUY it?   He Sighed, it was no use trying to talk me out of it, Clearly I was NOT gonna Get Over It!  *Bwahahahaha!*   I was actually Surprised that The Man was totally On Board... probably because he'd been my Gleaning Partner all these Years.  We have many Memories of the Old Places these came from and our Delight in procuring them for Free.

Sure, we lamented the Loss of such Beautiful Brick Historic Structures that were torn down... the 1800's Warehouse by the Train Tracks in the Far West Valley... the Home of the first Hispanic Medal Of Honor Recipient that was given to him after the War by the State of Arizona... several Old Farmhouses in the Far West Valley... some Historic Homes in Inner Phoenix that failed to be Protected and met the Fate of the Wrecking Ball.  *Le Sigh*   But at least these still remain of those pieces of History and didn't become Landfill bound because we took the Time and Energy to Salvage them long ago before any Value was placed upon such things and Reclaiming wasn't Trendy nor Profitable.

And so the Exodus of the Old Bricks and other Reclaimed Treasures has begun in Earnest.   Now temporarily lining both sides of the New Home until their respective Projects are mapped out in detail since we already know the Improvements we want to Create with them to our New Dream Home... to give it a Feel of History and Character from the Past, even tho' it is a New Build.   To layer the Patina that only Time can Create and put a Stamp upon this Property that will differentiate it from others in our Subdivision.   To Create Custom Masterpieces using Historic Building Supplies.  And besides, the Workout this is giving me should make me Svelte, Muscular and Strong by the time I'm finished... and I'm more than halfway finished now since I've been diligent in recent days with The Brick Project!  *Smiles*

Gramma... how DO you keep GOING with these Labor Intensive Projects?  The Kiddos fade at the Gate so they don't quite Understand the Adrenalin and Strength I can muster when I'm focused upon doing something I Love to Do... and with things I Love and Want to Rescue.   The impetus is in my Love Of Old... of Preservation... it would make no Sense to me to Save it once and then allow it to potentially go to Waste now just because it might take a Week more of my Time.  After all, I'm already over Seven Months into The Moving Project, so what's another Week in the Grand Scheme of things?  *Ha ha ha*   And the Savings of NOT having to BUY or FIND Reclaimed Bricks to do the Walkways and Victory Garden Paths later... well, that's Motivation enough too.

Because Spring is quickly approaching and I'm Determined to get my Victory Veggie and Herb Gardens in on the West Side of the New Home.  I've always had one and I already had all the Materials I needed to Create another one... only it was all still at the Old Homestead in piles before this Week.  *Winks*   So over came the Old Harvested Railroad Ties to Create the Raised Edible Garden front Border... they're actually already cut in half so not heavy, just awkward.

And so it has begun... the laying of the Groundwork for the Victory Garden Space.  We're really Excited to Begin it since with the heavy Rains lately Weeds were beginning to make an appearance and now they're being covered in Old Brick and Railroad Ties... Solving THAT Problem!  *Winks*  I'll be Proud to show off the End Result when it's all Complete and we're Enjoying the Visuals of it and it's Edible Bounty!  With no longer having Acreage I have to Plan more Carefully the best use of the Property we now have and that has been a Good Thing... no Wasted or Unimproved Space and very Low Maintenance.

And there were a few other things that almost got Left Behind that the Kiddos got On Board to Rescue just in Time.  We had Sold the ATV to a Friend and given away the Camper to a Nephew... and so there was a pile of Camping and Recreational Equipment for them and Grandpa to wade thru and decide what to Keep and what to Donate?   Princess T now has her Outdoor Creation Station and Alfresco Dining Area set up under the Tree in the back Yard.   Sometimes she sets her Tent up out there too... we're LOVING faux Grass... so easy to Maintain and sweep the leaves up off of... and it's soft as Carpeting with no pesky bugs or any watering necessary.

And we Gleaned a Wealth of Old Terra Cotta Pots and Saucers from the Old Potting Sheds at the Old Homestead...

And we Gleaned some Garden Decor Pottery and Cacti... since there was so much of it at the Old Place that it didn't make a dent in what will still make those Gardens look Nice and full enough for any new Owner to Inherit.   Besides, I had Forgotten how Spendy some of this stuff has become nowadays since I haven't bought any in ages and most of what I already had was Gleaned in our many Hunter-Gatherer Forays over the Years!    We had Won the Cacti Lottery when they were Flooding Natural Desert to enlarge Lake Pleasant many Years ago so had paid a pittance for most of our Tagged Cacti Rescued before they Flooded over it... so I had no Idea how Expensive they now were!  *Gasp!!!*   And many Non-Native Species were now so Mature they propagated well so I could just take cuttings and transplant them over here. 

So it's bringing a little bit of our History over with us now and I am liking that addition to the Landscape.

So I'm sorting thru it to decide the Perfect Permanent Location and Placement for what we have decided to Keep and bring over.

The Man is an avid Rock Hound and so I let him decide what larger specimens he was going to Keep and bring over too.   He was starting to have a bit of a Panic Attack that all of it might get Left Behind.  *Smiles*    So... we will be making him a little Rock Garden in and around the Victory Garden so he can Enjoy his choice specimens Gleaned over a Lifetime, some Semi-Precious Stone and Gargantuan.

And it's not all about the Value or even the Visual... but about the many Memories tied up in Finding them... where we went and what we brought Home with us.   Now, to be sure some Specimens are too large for me or him to lift now in our Senior Years and those will have to be Left Behind.   But we did get some Large Specimens... I still have impressive guns on me for an Old Broad and can still lift about a hundred pounds so long as I don't have to do it all day anymore!  *Ha ha ha*   This particular Huge and Beautiful Specimen probably Tested my Limits of a Lift... but it goes so Well with the Gravel in the Front Yard that I'm Glad now that I did a double Dead Lift loading and then unloading it to Schlep it over here.  *Smiles*

So... about 65% of it all is now over here... and I suspect that by the Weekend I'll Complete The Salvage Project of our Reclaimed and now Relocated Treasures.   And being an Old Marine The Man is adamant not to Leave Any Behind!  *Winks*   So he's totally Okay with his Obsessive Compulsive Wifey not wanting to either!  *Ha ha ha*

Besides... we Love this Stuff and you just never know when you can ever Find some again... especially for Free, right?  And that is ALWAYS the Right Price!!!  *Bwahahahaha!!!*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh Yes! Glad you are bringing over the old bricks and pottery and rocks It will add the perfect old world charm to your outside area!

    1. I agree Marlynne... to add Old World Charm to a Tuscan Style Villa is crucial, right? *winks* Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. May I please come over and sit in your back yard? All those natural textures are so intoxicating.

    1. I know... Natural Textures appeal to me too and since this is a new Home I needed the ambiance that only time worn building supplies can Create.
      Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. LOL, I wouldn't leave any of that behind either, can't wait to see what you are doing with it all. Sandi

    1. To think I almost opted not to bring them over... what WAS I thinking? Ha ha ha Dawn... The Bohemian


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