Monday, February 22, 2016

Sweet Salvage ~ Rustic Luxe ~ Part IV

Yes, we went back on Saturday... No, I didn't buy anything else, I'd done enough damage to the Budget on Opening Day!  *LOL*    And Yes, I said WE went back... because my resident Stalker wasn't about to be left behind... even though she didn't feel Well, due to it being allergy season, which is always really tough for those with respiratory issues.

But even though her countenance was lackluster and it showed in her demeanor all day, I must say she was very well behaved for me the entire day!  Maybe she just didn't feel Well enough to be Dramatic or battle with me, I dunno, but because she was compliant and very low key this day, well, the day out together actually went very well and was enjoyable.  *Smiles* 

I should have known Princess T was feeling very much under the weather when she wouldn't even accept a complimentary Cupcake, her favorite, from the scrumptious array at PICKET FENCE PASTRIES... that kid never passes up a Cupcake!!!

And these are the best Pastries I must tell you, the Fresh Berry Scones are to die for!   They are the hands down best Scones I've ever eaten and that's saying something since I was raised by a Master Chef who specialized in Pastries, so I've had superb Pastries of all kinds most of my Life and know Quality when I taste it!

It's always so good to visit with our Friends while we're there... Sweet Myko and Michelle both had such Amazing Treasures for this Show that I would have liked to have had a bigger Budget!  And I could tell how well received this Theme was by how much Inventory was gone by Day No. Three!

I had forgotten to bring my trusty old Camera... so I made do with the Cellphone Camera instead... and was quite pleased with how well everything turned out, especially the Panoramic shots, which almost never turn out using my old Camera.   Note to Self: Upgrade Camera at earliest possible convenience!

The quality of the Close-Ups wasn't bad either considering I rarely ever use my Cellphone Camera so am not that adept or accomplished at using it yet.   I think they turned out much better than the Images I took on Thursday and no flash necessary.   I know, I'm so Old School... the rest of you probably haven't been using flash Photography in a Dog's Age, right?  *Winks*

I really liked that authentic Vintage French Bread Basket there on the right... not that I bake Fresh Bread mind you, so there wouldn't be much, if any, use for it here at the Villa Boheme' in the way of practicality, but it was Cute and you almost never see them, just sayin'... *Winks*

After having seen this Vintage Industrial Light Fixture with a quartet of Enamel Industrial Lights I am thinking if perhaps I should have my quartet of matching Green Vintage Industrial Lights, that are just like this Style, wired to a piece of Salvaged Lumber to make a Fixture for the house?  It might be more cost effective since I already have the Vintage pieces to fabricate the Fixture from.

But really, I wasn't actually considering any Purchases so I just drew Inspiration this visit and allowed Princess T to Experience the Event for her first visit during this Theme.   I was Surprised she didn't ask me to buy her anything, even from the Boutique... that almost never happens... the kid was clearly not feeling 100%!

But she didn't fuss about leaving right away as she has in the past few Shows I've taken her along to... so we got to spend some time soaking in the Vignettes and loads of Inspiration, which was nice.  The Opening Day Crowds had subsided by Day No. Three to a reasonable level of Shoppers, so it was very relaxing to Enjoy perusing and capturing Images this day.

And of coarse since they constantly re-stock Inventory during the four day Event it always looks like a completely different Show each day since everything is constantly evolving and being Transformed as items are Sold and replaced with something else.

Of coarse it almost always means some things I had Admired were gone now... but that was Okay too since I'd been able to buy what I wanted on Thursday and anything left behind I'd decided wasn't anything I couldn't Live without.  *Winks*

Well... except maybe this Chandie... which was Sublime and a Beaded Masterpiece... and I was Shocked it hadn't Sold actually since I've never seen anything quite like it and everyone was Admiring it!

I did unpack my little Skully I bought from Myko on Opening Day, so here is the Reveal of it... it's so Tiny and Fiercely Cute... well, to me anyways... ha ha ha!

Here's a side view that didn't turn out so good... tho' everything BUT what I'm trying to show you the Details of is in perfect focus!   Don't you just Hate when that happens?!  *LOL*

Anyway, back to the Show... since Rustic and Luxe were a big part of the Theme there were so many Luxe Elements and Rustic Elements that I was really J'Adoring!   Throwing together Rustic Country Elements and Glamorous City Elements is such a Fun Fusion and so unexpected that I really like how it turns out.

And of coarse there were some of the Adorable Creepy Doll Creations that I just happen to be totally in Love with and own several so I'm always Delighted to see some New Creations.

Many of Myko's Vignettes were particularly captivating since she has some of the best Collections she's spent a considerable amount of time Sourcing over the years.

So it was Nice to finally be able to take some of the Panoramic Images of her Vignettes that I can never obtain with my Old Camera.   She is so Masterful at the Art of Display!

I always spend a considerable amount of time taking in every Detail of the layers of Styling she and so many of the other Designers do.   What a Labor of Love the preparing for these Events entails, even though the Show will only last for four Shopping Days, there are Weeks of preparation to Style it all. 

  And Lord knows how many man hours of Sourcing it all!?   Though that is always the Fun part for many of us... the Thrill Of The Hunt for Found Treasures, whether you be a Vendor of them or a Shopper for your own Lairs!  *Winks*

But being both myself I can tell you that the Sourcing and the Styling are the Fun Parts... but there are a lot of hours spent on the more tedious parts as well, so I really Appreciate all the Effort and Hard Work that goes into it all.

Creating layers upon layers of Beauty for Vignettes for a Show... and with a Theme no less... well, that's a considerable amount of Work involved and Talent to pull it off so exceptionally Month after Month!

Which is why I like to take my time and really see it all and enjoy it all rather than just rushing around trying to buy as many Treasures in a Shopping Frenzy as I can.   I'd just miss too much if my Focus was purely upon scooping mine up while there's still some left or getting to it before anyone else does?!  *Ha ha ha*

Besides, usually I can still find what I like best and would want to take Home since my particular Aesthetic is... well... not for everyone and I know that.   Example, totally Lusting after this Goat Mount... if he ends up making another Show after I Sell the Old Property he's definitely coming Home with me!  *Winks*   He wants to... I can tell.  *Ha ha ha*

I was totally Jazzed that so much Taxidermy, Antler Mounts and Skullies abounded at this Show... usually I have to wait for a Halloween Show to find such a nice selection all at once!

I'm still totally Jonesin' after Kenny's Club Chair... right now I'm insisting upon Visitation Rights until I can Hopefully Adopt it before anyone else can?  *Winks*   It's just so Right for our Living Room... maybe if our Tax Refund precedes the Old House Sale I can spring for it earlier, I dunno?  Still have to find the time to go DO our Taxes first!  *Le Sigh*

Princess T liked this little Vintage Bird Mount... I don't know what kind of Bird it is, it was kinda Weird and Funky looking... which is probably why Princess T and I liked it so much!  *Ha ha*

And of coarse I had to swing by the Garden Displays again... though a lot had Sold during the course of the Show.

And though I wasn't getting any, I had to also Lust a bit after the Vintage Trims...

And Lacy Creations... and because the majority of my Time lately has been totally consumed by getting the Old Property ready and Listed for Sale I shall continue with these Posts for a bit longer since I took a gazillion Images... knowing I won't be doing much else and Outings may be sporadic while I'm so busy takin' care of business.  *Le Sigh*

But I don't think you'll mind, right?   No... well, I didn't think so...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Enjoyed it like always! But have you noticed your post is minus the header picture? It is just blank till you go over to your blog? I don't know why they stopped putting our first picture of our post on but now it's always our same blog header (which I don't like as well as a new picture each time, do you?)

    1. I am in agreement, but didn't realize everyone's was doing that now, it was a better intro when it had a Post picture leading in. Oh well, perhaps they'll get enuf complaints to go back to the way it was? LOL Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. What a great show, Dawn! I checked out all three posts. Thank you for sharing so many pictures! I drooled over a lot of items, mostly industrial and quirky pieces. You are lucky to have such a fabulous event. Have fun with your finds!

    1. Yes, we are fortunate that such a wonderful venue is local since I don't get many ops to travel anymore. Glad you enjoyed coming along virtually Julia... Dawn... The Bohemian


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