Saturday, February 20, 2016

Sweet Salvage ~ Rustic Luxe ~ Part III

Well, maybe it's because I've got my Mind fixated upon getting my Courtyards at the New Villa Boheme' ready for Spring, so anything with a Garden or Outdoor Room Theme was strongly Appealing to me at this Month's Event!

The Warehouse had a wealth of Inventive Ideas for planting in a Courtyard utilizing Salvage Industrial Style containers as Planters, I was totally diggin' it!   To check out more of the Amazing Creativity by Designer Cesar Cordova of 'Salvaged Earth Projects' this will take you to the Facebook Link.

I would really like our Inner Courtyard to have a Unique look utilizing Salvaged Treasures as the Containers as well as some Traditional Terra Cotta and Talavera Pottery or Antique Metal Urns.  I have always Enjoyed Gardening but this Garden is smaller and so most of my Gardening will now be done in raised Victory Garden beds or Container Gardening in the Courtyard areas and be less Maintenance and more Curated and Styled.

I'm actually looking forward to and Excited by Designing my two Courtyards and Victory Garden Spaces... especially since the Inner Courtyard can be seen from so many rooms of the house that it's Presentation is going to be Important for Visual Delights from the Inside and being Outside in it.   I kind of want a Tropical Setting with the plants I choose for that Courtyard and go more Tuscan Style with the Front Courtyard to the entrance of our Home.

In fact, my Inspiration Image for the Accent Wall of the Inner Courtyard's Color is this Courtyard on the Cover of a 'Courtyard Gardens' Book in my Library... I even found the Identical Color Swatch at 'Lowe's' Today, it's called 'Jazzy Blue'!  *Yay!!!*   It took some Convincing to get The Man on board for my bold Color Choice for the Accent Wall that will be looked out upon directly from our Kitchen... he would have gone with more Natural or Warm Tuscan Neutral Tones... which is Lovely and Serene, but the whole house is already in those Colors.  This hue will really make the Planters, Plants and especially the vivid Bougainvillea Blooms POP!    Plus, it looks so Caribbean and it will seem more like a Tropical Staycation at Home since I cannot get to the Islands just yet.  Now, to find a way to rent a Handsome Cabana Boy to hang out there and serve me drinks with lil umbrellas... *Winks*

Just some of the things I've already bought for our Inner Courtyard Area but haven't potted in permanent Containers yet or Styled in the way they will ultimately end up...

My poor Cambodian Buddha had it's knees blown out by the intense heat even tho' it was supposed to be an Outdoor Garden Statuary... I think I may eventually have to Invest in a Cement one to ensure longevity? *LOL*   Had to get a smaller Pygmy Date Palm and Sago Palm than I wanted to... in order to be able to get them into the Jeep!  *LOL*   I will be getting more Bougainvillea in various Bloom hues and find Salvage Ornate Ironwork for them to trellis climb upwards upon against the walls.  That species does very well in arid hot climates like ours, I Love Vines too but don't know if I will be able to find any that will thrive in the locations I want them and being potted versus planted in ground?

Okay, so back on Topic again... Winks... I just couldn't help myself, I get so Thrilled about Designing my Outdoor Living Spaces... probably even more than my Interior Living Spaces Truth be told!  I am a very Outdoorsy Type so I spend as much time Outside as I possibly can and don't like to be cooped up Indoors all day, so my Outdoor Living Spaces were very Important when choosing our New Home, especially since I was giving up Acreage on the old Homestead departure.

Acreage was just so difficult to Maintain all by myself anymore... and so Low Maintenance is also a Consideration when I'm Designing the New Spaces here.   I'm not opposed to Working in the Garden, I just don't need it to consume my time and energy or have it be so much that deferred Maintenance becomes an Issue.   Yes, I could probably hire a Gardener to do some regular Maintenance since so many of our Neighbors do so I could get a good referral... and I might, but mostly and generally I Enjoy doing my own Gardening my own way without having to instruct someone and Hope they get it right.

I've always liked growing things and I have a Green Thumb so my plants usually thrive under my Care... and I just Love playing in Soil and the smell of the Earth, the Fresh Herbs, the Flowers and being close to Nature.   I will very likely plant a Succulent Container Garden along with the Tropicals in the Courtyard just because they do well here too... as do Cacti and I brought some of them over from the Old Acreage that were my Favorite species and had the best Blooms.  I have some Lovely Bright and Cheerful Talavera Pots from Mexico that I want to utilize for some of those plantings.   But now I'm going to be on the lookout for unusual Vintage Industrial pieces I can utilize as Containers for Gardening!

The Pots are Nice... but I was much more smitten with the more Creatively Unusual Containers used...

And it will be Fun to go on the Thrill Of The Hunt to Locate pieces I think would Work well in my Courtyard Design Plans and see what Savings I can rack up by utilizing Salvage pieces that will be Upcycled and Repurposed???!!!

After all, isn't that part of the Fun and the Appeal to us Artsy Types... looking at things in a different kinda way than Expected Use or Purpose?

I'm not absolutely certain yet, but I may also utilize some of my Salvaged Old Door and Stained Glass Window Hoard to Create a small Greenhouse or Potting Shed?   I've been wanting to Create a Soul Temple Room for years now and may just Transform the Inner Courtyard into one actually.

I really Loved this Copper Cauldron Planter Container with Stand...

And this Interesting Aqua Vintage Industrial thingy turned into a Planter Container with the little Bonsai Style Elephant Plant Succulent was a Favorite too.

I want to plant some Hydrangea only because I not only J'Adore them Alive... but also Dried.  They are in fact one of my Favorite Blooms.

But I also want to get some faux Greenery for tucking around the inside of the house as well... Loved these faux feathery Fern springs, they looked and almost felt Real... and they had the Look I Want.

As you can probably Guess, once the Old Homestead is Sold I will be Devoting huge chunks of Time in the Styling and Designing of how I want every square inch of our New Home and Property!

Isn't that always the best part of Moving to somewhere New?  Whether it be a Home, a Vacay spot or a Retail Space... having that Blank Canvas and Fresh Start to build a New Vision upon!

Loved this other Turquoise Vintage Industrial Metal thingy that really did resemble an actual Planter Container but wasn't initially one.  Some of the Hues and Patina of Vintage Industrial or Commercial pieces can be so Sublime, can't they?   And yet when they were in Purpose for what they were Designed for, nobody probably much Cared about the Color or the Patina like we do when we're Styling with it in the Upcycled and Repurposed Use we Intend for them!   I'm just always so Surprised they actually came in such Luscious Colors when it didn't really matter, you know?

And of coarse there is always the Naturals of Burlap, Raw Wood, Gunmetal Grey and my Fav Non-Color Black to add to the layering of Style.

I just Loved everything about this Vignette in it's Simplicity and Randomness of Objects.

And the Interior Hue and Patina of this Old Tackle Box... SUBLIME!   And I was really Lusting after that Spelter Female Statuary too... but couldn't spring for her since she was too spendy for this Visit and thus on the Luxe side of Budget.

I actually would like a wall of my Third Car Garage to eventually resemble something like this, since I'll be turning it into a Workshop for myself and it has great Lighting due to the Windows.  Gotta clear the Hoard of Inventory and Architectural Salvage outta there first tho'... ha ha ha!!!   But, these are the Images that bring me Inspiration of what I would LIKE to eventually do once I clear it out and make it my little Creative Sanctuary for the messier Projects that I can't take Inside to the Art Studio Spaces... like Painting Furniture and building things to Sell in my Showrooms.

And perhaps even finding more Inventory like this to Upcycle since it's really growing on me, this Vintage Industrial Hard Core Look!   The Man is really Happy about that, what Guy doesn't like Rust, Crust, Gears, Cogs and big ole Metal thingies that I have no Idea what they ever were in their previous Working Lives?  *LOL*   He would be in his height of Glory Sourcing stuff like this with me and for me and getting immersed in such Projects!

Loved this Vignette too... it's just very My Style... I probably should have Priced that Old Pix of the Dude and that Black Furnished Apartment For Rent Metal Sign.   I have to go into the City Tomorrow to drop The Young Prince off at Paternal Relatives and if I can sneak away without his Sister as Entourage I might be able to make a return visit unencumbered?  *He he he*

It's doubtful, her Gramma Radar goes off like clockwork anytime I'm trying to Escape undetected!  Don't know how the Kid does that, she can be fast asleep and awake the moment Gramma is ready to leave the building!  *Le Sigh*   Grandpa gets a Free Pass... as does her Big Brother... she has no Radar for them... it's like they're the Stealth Bombers of the Family and can fly right under her Radar... and she doesn't even seem to Care if they're around or not even if she does detect a disturbance in The Force... but she practically Stalks me that Kid!  *Smiles*

Now... if she always got along and played well with me and others it would be no Problemo to have her as my constant Sidekick... but Remember, she can turn on a dime into The Beast Princess!   In fact one Co-Worker that didn't know us well thought she was Twins!!!   She told me how Cute my Twins were... WHAT TWINS? I asked, I was Confused?  She says, you know, the Sweet Friendly Pleasant One and THE OTHER ONE... no other way to kindly describe Princess T's Dark totally Wednesday Addams Side and that description actually made me Smile.   You should have seen that poor Woman's Face when I told her I didn't have Twins, it was actually the SAME KID!  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*   Oh, I'm so sorry she apologized... but Seriously, that's how profoundly different the two sides of Princess T are... they don't even seem like the same person!  *Ha ha ha*  Split Personality, mebbe... she's not Formally Diagnosed yet... so I'll stay in Denial for now. *Smiles*

And if she hasn't gone over to the Dark Side then I can hang with her just Fine... but once The Beast emerges, well, then... we're definitely NOT having Fun anymore!  *Le Sigh*   So I'd rather skip the potential Dramafest and go Solo if I can either sneak away undetected or manage to Convince her I'm not up to anything she'd Enjoy or Miss Out on.   Wouldn't you rather just stay Home with Grandpa so he won't feel Lonely and play with your Friends I will probably end up Pleading?

It won't be typical for her to take pity upon Grandpa's potential Loneliness nor feel that playing with her Friends would be more Entertaining and Amusing than Tormenting me... so the sneaking away part works best if I can Manage it???  *Winks*

The Young Prince's Dad is taking him to a Movie that has an 'R' rating and she doesn't know she was Invited to attend as well because her Big protective Brother put the kabosh upon that by telling his Dad that any 'R' rated Movie would not be appropriate for his ten year old little Sister so she wouldn't be coming.    And this is a Kid that tells me he never wants to have Kids of his own... Why... I think you'd make good Husband and Father Material, you're such a Wise Old Soul about what treating a Woman and Good Parenting should look like!   Nope... he is adamant he does not want a Wife nor Kids... I think he's just spent too much time around me and his Little Sister, that's what it is?  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*  And if she were awake right now she'd be telling me I didn't use proper Grammar, it should be his Little Sister and I... she's suddenly become the Grammar Police now that she's in Fourth Grade and is always Correcting our Grammar, she's insufferable!  *Winks* 

But back to Courtyards... yes, I bounce around a lot with my Topics... I Warned you about that... anyways... I Seriously NEED a set of four of these types of Columns in the Inner Courtyard corners so that when we decide to put up some kind of covering for partial Shade, this will support it in Style!  Usually only find them in Pairs tho', this one was part of a Pair and way out of Budget anyway... but they sure were Perfect and exactly the Style I'd Want!

Well, this Post is drawing to a close because I'm Tired from Working the Night Shift Tonight... or is it Tomorrow Morning already?  *Ha ha ha*   Yep... it's Tomorrow Morning already and The Young Prince will be up earlier than usual since he wants to go over to his Dad's and I'm his transport so I suppose I'll be rolled out early too on this Non-School Day I should be having the Luxury of Sleeping In for!  *Sighing*

And don't suggest that maybe if we're up so early we can Escape before SHE Rises, because SHE has that internal freakin' built in clock that doesn't allow her to ever oversleep past when the Sun begins to Rise dammit!   We've tried everything... blacking out Windows... keeping her up later on days she doesn't have School... trying to wear her out during the day... nope... nothing works... she will still be up at first light!  Dammit!  *Winks*

Ah well... I suppose I could drag her along if I did go back after dropping her Brother off?   She likes going to the Event on a Saturday with me... tho' in recent Months her Attention Span for staying any length of time is way shorter than it used to be!  *Le Sigh*

And she has one of those Intense Personalities that will wear you down to a nub after a day of Quality Time out with her!  *Ha ha ha*

And if we're not actually buying anything... especially if we're not actually buying anything for HER, well, then... what's the point she reasons?  And that's about when I think to myself... then WHY DID YOU COME WITH ME!?!??!?!??!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!

Yes, she's at that Cusp Age... you know... where they still have some Separation Anxiety going on so they don't want you out of their sight... and yet... you Bore them... and what you DO Bores them... you are irritating and annoying, especially if you don't Agree with them 100% all of the time... and Socializing with YOUR Friends is completely unacceptable because God Forbid you have a Life too... especially one that does not revolve around them since they are their own Universe and it simply must be all about them all of the time you know or all is not right with the World!!!  *Ha ha*  And SHE is even a bigger Control Freak than her Gramma Dawn... I know, you probably didn't even know that was possible, but she Totally Trumps me when it comes to Needing to be in Control of everything in her World!  *Lord Have Mercy Upon Us All!!!*

And so as you can well Imagine there is this constant Power Struggle going on between us... and it irks her that I'm not her Minion and I Resist her attempts to dominate everything and everyone... most of the rest of them acquiesce at least part of the time because it's easier than Dealing with a Diva in Meltdown Mode.   There have been some Epic Battles... I Win because I am a formidable adversary that shouldn't be underestimated, ever... and because tho' she be The Dark Princess... I can be The Dark Queen and this IS my Kingdom!  *Winks*

One I'm in the Process of Styling right now, so I just don't have Time or Tolerance for Nonsense... *Winks*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Nossa quanta coisa linda...amei as suculentas

  2. Oh, there were so many beautiful things in this post. This weekend I started thinking about my own outdoor space and my fella noted that soon he will lose me to the outdoors. I just swooned over the idea of having an inner courtyard. So many possibilities!

    Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Thank you for the wonderful pics, but you are tempting me into the sin of coveting. Just can't help it. by the way your grammar was perfectly correct. I am a retired newspaper editor, so I pick up on things and one of my 'tearing out my hair moments' is the use of you and me, and you and I. It's quite easy to work out. You simply break the sentence into two . eg 'you and I are going out' but ' you are going out' and 'me are going out' doesn't work. But you could say 'she and he are going out with me'. Because they are going out with me, and not 'I' Hope this helps to let the Princess know she isn't always right. Between you and I we can do it? As in, you can do it and I can do it. Not 'me can do it' LOL. Is this just an English thing? Just as a sort of PS. Is there any reason you spell course. coarse? Sorry to butt in if it's an in-joke that I don't know about. I love your blog, its contents are just the way I would love my home to be. I go as far as I dare, but my hubby is a bit more conservative, so I have to introduce things gradually, when he's not actually watching. Hoe sneaky can we be?

  4. Oh Your Court Rooms are going to be outstanding!


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