Friday, February 19, 2016

Sweet Salvage ~ Rustic Luxe ~ Part II

***NOTE: Some Fabulous Imagery courtesy of SWEET SALVAGE Facebook Page***

I am always in Vintage Dress Form Heaven when I attend these Events... keep it on the down low so my Mannequin Girls don't know but some day I'll be Trading Up by flipping some of the less Vintage ones to replace them for some of these Older Models!  *Gasp!*   Just the opposite of what Old Guys do with their Starter Wives, huh?  *Bwahahahaha!*   Yeah, I'm just that fickle too with my Love Affair of my Vintage Dress Forms, if a better and more Antique Model comes along at the right price and Seduces me, well, the Younger ones gotta be put away and replaced by the more Desirable ones and brought Home!  *Smiles*

And da Bling at these Shows... well, this particular piece Captivated me this time around... so very hard to Pass on da Bling when so many pieces could Enhance my Collection!  *Smiles*

And some of it was priced so low it's not as if it would have broke the Bank to scoop it up at all... so good thing I don't wear belts yet... since these OOAK Buckles were such a Bargain I might have not been able to walk away!   But when I get a waist again... *Winks*

Because on a Vintage Upcycled Leather Belt how Awesome would these look slung around your waist when you're wearing your Vintage Cowboy Boots and Rustic Luxe Ensembles my Bling Gals?   And all the Bling Gals said Amen!!!   Yeah they were all so Cute and Altered Art Interesting... and most were priced under Thirty bucks!   If you've ever priced Custom Buckles you totally realize what a Bargain that is for something this Unique and OOAK!   If you find 'em cheaper they were probably mass produced in China or Mexico and not Artisan Created... just sayin'.

I rarely buy mass produced product, I just don't like it... I'd rather support Artists and Local Small Businesses that deal with Sourcing or Creating Treasures with Distinctions and a History behind them.   I also feel that we Uplift our own Communities by Supporting those Entrepreneurs within them rather than clamoring for outsourced product that is just cheap and ordinary... and usually not well made, use inferior materials and questionable Labor practices that might exploit precious human beings in the Creation of them.   It is so True that you get what you pay for and if you don't buy and Support Local and your immediate Economy hits the skids, well, you were probably part of the Problem and not part of the Solution.  You're gonna be one or the other you know... there's no avoiding that Fact.

That is part of why I Blog and Cover Local Events in fact, because I Care about my own Community and the people in it.   Viewing everything as a Commodity rather than a Community is just not my Style since I prefer clear conscience at the end of each day after I've made all of my decisions.   It's also why I know that the Selling of the Old Homestead is something I'm interested in doing Right, and doing the Right Thing by the Old Place and the Historic Value is brings to it's Community rather than just viewing it as a mere Commodity to Sell for maximum Profit to just anyone who might Develop it in such a way that I don't personally have a Peace about.   I've been a part of the Community it is in for far too long to not see it that way... as a part of a Community rather than as just a Commodity to be exploited by someone with ready Cash and I know my Neighbors appreciate that and have had their worries when we relocated.  

I've turned down some offers that just weren't Right... and no regrets about that... if I don't want to do business with someone it doesn't matter how deep their pockets happen to be if their motives disturb me in any way or I simply don't Trust them.   I am a person disturbed by the direction some Communities have gone because they've simply been Sold Off to the highest bidders and greedy Investors that will certainly not Care one iota about their impact upon the Community they bought into, so long as they make their maximum Profit margin and move on... like Locusts eating up the landscape and flitting off to consume everything else somewhere else and leaving it decimated.  If they don't view it as a Community and see it merely as a Commodity it shows in the outcome and the Community at large generally suffers from it's long term impact.

I suppose that is why I'm relieved I don't have to deal with the Corporate Grind anymore on a daily basis and in that I have more Freedom, Clean Hands and Peace of Mind and Spirit.   That's Priceless to me now... when I was younger and fueled mostly by Ambition and Ignorance about the True Cost to Society of so many things it was different.   Maybe you too have morphed in your general Outlook and list of Priorities for the Order in which they are now designated?    I'm not saying making Money is not a Good Thing, Lord no, I like making Money as much as the next person and I haven't gone that far off the grid into the totally Weird Zone.  *LOL*    But even for those that have, if it brings them Peace and Contentment in their lives, high five for walking your walk and being True to Self and your Belief System.

I just know I've come Full Circle to the Outlook in which I was Raised, especially my Dear Departed Dad's Outlook, though I could probably never become the Pure Minimalist he was and so utterly Content with so little in Life as made him almost a Zen Master.   I Admired that greatly though, that he could move thru Life with the bare Minimum and be totally Content with that... or heap abundance upon those he Loved if that was how they preferred to Live.   He didn't Need it personally and wasn't at all a Consumer... but he never deprived any of us that did and were of the more Maximalist Variety.   Think I might have gotten that from Dear Ole' Mom... we do like our Stuff!  *LOL*

But even Mom pared down considerably in latter years to only that which she absolutely LOVED and Cherished beyond actual Value.   Now that she's in a Nursing Home she too has become a Pure Minimalist by necessity... but she Confessed she feels much Freer in the absence of Stuff and richer in her Relationships that have continued to flourish in spite of having practically nothing now.  I see it in the Transformation of her Countenance, she's never looked better and has in fact turned back the Clock to where she looks better than she has for decades!

I'll do a later Post on that since The Son and Family recently went to Cali and visited Mom and my Brother on their way to the Long Beach Cambodia Town Festival, visiting his Beloved's Relatives and taking in a Concert with his Girls to see an Asian Boy Band.   That last part cracks me up because I can just see The Son making that Sacrifice and Enduring a Boy Band just so he can keep a close watch on his Girls!  *Bwahahahahahahahaha!*   Yeah, I could just hear the Enthusiasm in his voice when he was relaying the Experience... NOT!   And Mom... who knew these Teeny Bop Boy Band Concerts were so freakin' Expensive!!!   Yeah, he ponied up, recalling all the Concerts his Dad and I funded during his Teen years to the Heavy Metal Concerts and how I even learned to like some of his Music preferences over the years.  Who knows I says, perhaps you'll soon be listening to Asian Boy Bands and singing right along if it grows on you and the Girls impression upon your Music choices sticks?   I know, that's a stretch, but you never know?!?  *Smiles*

 Ah, the things we do for Love, huh?  *Ha ha ha*   I can relate since The Young Prince invited me to join him next weekend at his Japanese Festival rather than going with his Friends like last year... and I'm really Hoping I'm gonna dig it as much as he's trying to convince Gramma Dawn she absolutely will!?  Tho' I Convinced him I'm Good with NOT attending Comicon with him again this year, Honest dude, it's Okay, I totally am, you go... have Fun with your FRIENDS and I'll just be the Wallet!  *Winks*   Mom and my Brother have had some significant Health Issues already this year, including my Brother just having had Heart Surgery and being unable to Travel to attend and cover the Renaissance Festival in Phoenix this year... and Mom having survived another Congested Heart Failure and just getting out of Hospital too, so I was relieved they both appeared so Well in spite of it all!  *Whew*   The Son told me both were in Great Spirits and it was a Surprise Visit for Mom since my Brother was told to keep it under wraps that they were coming to see her.

I know... I got totally off Topic again... I do that a lot... better get used to it... my Mind wanders to all sorts of things... but it usually comes back around to where the original Thought began, don't worry!  *Winks*   So where were we?  Oh yeah, closing in on a Close-Up of this Vignette so you can better see the great Tramp Art Cross.   I have been saving up interesting bottle caps and random smalls for Tramp Art Projects of my own since I happen to have an Affinity for them.   Guess it's the Scavenger in me that finds them so Appealing... and you know... they can fetch a decent price since they are quite Popular in Tramp Art and Folk Art Circles and there are many folks that Collect and Appreciate these Art Forms. 

I'm trying to distract myself this Morning with my Blog Post because I've got two Realtors and an Investor Calling this Morning about the Old Property... I'm trying to get The G-Kid Force ready for School without Drama, which is unlikely since Princess T is probably staying Home Sick again... and The Man kept Calm since Mornings with The Force generally are anything but that!  *Ha ha ha*   This is why Yesterday was so Necessary for me... the Me Time to get me thru the next several weeks until I can do it all again for "The Back Roads and Blooms" Event!  *Smiles*    This New Designer's Spaces, Kari Castillo of Renegade Remnants, at the Sweet are my absolute Favorites since she shares a similar Aesthetic to my own so her Vignettes tend to look like my Home!   Or how I will want my New Home to eventually look in every room!  *Ha ha ha*

I SERIOUSLY Wanted the double set of Black Vintage Industrial Storage Drawers for my Art Studio... they are Perfect and don't even hafta be Painted my Fav Non-Color that they Originally already were!  *Winks*

In fact... step back and get a bit of a Panoramic View of the South Side of the Space... I don't generally do Panoramic Shots since I'm not very good at it and to not get a flurry of Shoppers in frame is next to Impossible anyway... so just Appreciate my diligence in waiting for the split second I could hastily shoot this Okay and Excuse the poor Quality!  *Ha ha ha*

Here's a Superb Quality shot of the Killer Storage Cabinets I Lusted after, of coarse I didn't take this Image and cannot take Credit for it... but Compliments of the Sweet FB Page I can Share some of the better Imagery along with intermingling my attempts to cover it all just for you my Friends!   So you can come along Virtually with us... until we can some day meet up there in Person, Okay?  I want you to get the Full Experience even if you can't be there yet.

Because it was also The Man's Birthday this particular day and we had Plans to Celebrate it, I was in rather a Rush to bounce or I would have stayed much longer and absorbed the Atmosphere into every second I could squeeze out of it.   I actually felt a bit Guilty for even being there but knew he could not attend with me... too much Sensory overload and crowds... he would have had a total Panic or Anxiety Attack I'm sure!  *LOL*   He was the one that Encouraged me strongly to go tho' and he knew I'd be the better for it, which I was... having even just a Morning of Me Time replenishes me from the withdrawals constantly being made to Care for others and take care of business.

Feeding the Soul and Refreshing your Spirit is absolutely Necessary so I try not to Neglect doing it anymore.   I suffered the consequences of Bankrupting myself by not making Deposits into myself at my own Point of Need so we're not going down that road again, it's far too dangerous and risky a place to end up Being.   You don't always recognize how much the Issues of Life Withdraws from you until you end up Bankrupt from it if no Deposits are also being made!!!   Balance and Moderation are now my Mantra in all things and I'm slowly getting there, but it is a Process on so many levels.

It is the one New Year's Resolution I absolutely Plan and Intend to make a Lifestyle...

And since I hear in the other rooms that the Calm is being disrupted and there is a Disturbance in The Force... well... I better go Mediate and Save some of the rest for another Post my Friends... be sure to come back and join us.


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Blessings this morning! Trusting you will find the very one for your Old Homestead! I agree a little "Me Time" goes a long way in keeping the calm!!

  2. I can see why you're lusting after that black storage unit, Dawn! Why exactly isn't it coming home with you again? I fear that might be a regret in future if it doesn't. ;)

    I found a cool one at the antique mall the other day ... not as cool as yours, but still pretty sweet. See, I'm already calling it yours! Anyway, I walked away without getting it, immediately had a change of heart and phoned back the next day and had them hold it for me. Once the pension cheque arrives at the end of the month, it's MINE! ALL MINE! Bwahahaha


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