Friday, February 12, 2016

Spring Is In The Air

A Happy Post... 

Spring is already in the air here in the Desert and so the Weather has been Ideal... making it hard to want to Work at anything really since I'd rather just be Outdoors enjoying how Glorious it all is!  It also means I have zero tolerance for any Time Wasters when the days are so Fabulous, I don't tolerate my Time Wasted on any day since it's Valuable to me, but on a Spring Day, Forget about it... so my Impatient Nature just Magnifies!  *Smiles*  An Investor I had set up a Viewing Appointment with Today for the Old Homestead was significantly late, a whole Hour... and so I just Cancelled and bounced.  I don't want to do business with unreliable or inconsiderate people anyway... and I don't have to... so it's very Freeing not to.  *Smiles*  Yes I was inconvenienced and annoyed, but I sat outside on this Glorious Day and listened to the many Song Birds on the Old Acreage while waiting, so it wasn't horrible!  *Smiles*

This means I'm practically looking for any Excuse to get Outside or not deal with the Mundane Issues of Life... Problem People I don't have to Deal with... or anything I don't really wanna do.  Yes, come Spring my Work Ethic erodes slightly and I just wanna Play... because I can!  Though Caregiving duties for those I Love are a Constant and not always easy, I still feel a measure of Freedom in Scheduling what I have to do to take Care of everyone's Needs.  There is still Time if you manage it properly to Enjoy Life as much as possible and I do.  It's not like the demands of a Corporate Life were... I have more Options and flexibility to my Schedule so I often take them... Hallelujah and Amen!

In fact, I don't think I could ever go back to Corporate America, I've Enjoyed the Taste of Freedom from it far too long now to go back to the grind even tho' it can pay so well.   So, anytime I am inclined to Forget how good it Feels to have the Options and Freedom afforded to me now, it is good to bring it back to Remembrance and be eternally Grateful!   Glorious Days of Spring have a way of Enhancing that Fact... the worst day of being a Full Time Caregiver and Retired from the Corporate World is still better than the best day that having a Corporate Life ever was IMO, having now Experienced both.   I actually Enjoy Semi-Retirement and just Working part-time doing something I Love and have a Passion for.

Having the Freedom to choose... to pursue what I Love and fit it into my still busy Schedule, even if it is only sporadically, is Bliss.   Creating Art, having my Showrooms to hawk my Found Treasures and dispose of excess while we downsize has been Joyful and not like Work at all.   Now that we have the majority of the Agencies out of the way since Adopting the G-Kid Force and not utilizing the VA Hospital so much anymore for The Man it has freed up my Schedule considerably and alleviated Dealing with so much bureaucracy and frustration I had no Control over.   Control Freaks like me really at least need to Feel somewhat in Control of their Destiny and those they Love, not at the Mercy of everyone else's demands and whims you see.  *Winks*

I don't even mind doing such Mundane things as my Laundry now that I have a Washer and Dryer with no more visits to the Laundromat and Dealing with some of the Crazy Laundry People you often encounter in such places!  *LOL*   I can throw some loads in and do other things I need or want to do.   The Conveniences of a Modern Home are greatly Appreciated after you have lived in an unrestored turn of the Century one for many years.   I Love my Spa Jet-Tub in the Master Bathroom for example and set up Spa Days for myself often now, it's rather like a Staycation.  

Low Maintenance does not mean Maintenance Free, but it sure makes a difference from High Maintenance Properties, this I can Testify to!  *LOL*   Now, with The Man this can mean he has those lapses in Logic where he thinks he's now on an Endless Vacay here at Villa Boheme' and we should just Hire the Help rather than do anything ourselves!  *Bwahahahaha!*   I think that TBI might have given him the Delusion we are flush and can easily afford The Help, I dunno?  *Winks*  Now at first I was Annoyed at his lack of having any Reality Based perceptions such as that... but now I just find it Humorous... he Truly Believes he's Living Large now... and in so many ways he's Earned that Right and somewhat exaggerated Delusion of Grandeur!  *Smiles*   After all, compared to Before we ARE Living Large and quite Enjoying it actually!

There are days when I DO Feel quite like Nobility myself with my present surroundings being so Dreamy!   Fetch me some {fill in the blank} Servants... I might Command my Royal Minions... um, I mean Grandchildren!  *Winks*   Of coarse this is met with much eye rolling and heavy sighing until they are reminded how Good they now have it too!   Seriously, The Young Prince has a complete Mother-In-Law Suite upstairs all to himself for Heaven's Sake, a Fifteen year old never had it so Good!  Sure beats sharing a Century Old Bedroom with his Little Sister or his Uncle like in the Past now doesn't it?  *Smiles* 

  And her, the Beast Princess... with the New Stylish Shorter 'Do' that we're all Loving since it means no more thick Dread-locked Locks to her hips to have to try to untangle and Manage daily... well, she has a Walk-In Closet with WINDOWS!  Crap even my Master Boudoir'S Closet doesn't have WINDOWS... and I have to somewhat Share it with her Grandpa!  Well... I do Command the majority of the Closet Real Estate we allegedly Share, I ain't gonna lie.  It's a Girl Thing. *Smiles*

And with Spring in the Air, well, we're Planning all kinds of Glorious Events and Outings to attend now including the Renaissance Festival this Month.    The Young Prince wants me to attend the Matsuri Festival of Japan this Month with him!!!  He's really 'Into' Japanese Culture and Style, I've never been and so I'm looking forward to that Quality Time Together we can spend enjoying it this year.   I'm actually Pleasantly Surprised and Honored that my Teen Grandson chose to Invite me to attend with him this year since he typically goes with his Friends!  Huh??!??  You want ME to go with you this year... Seriously? Yeah, he does.  Well... Okay then.    Lord knows Teenagers would usually opt not to spend any Voluntary Time with Family, especially The Old Ones!  *Ha ha ha*  And this being Brother Darkness, as we Affectionately like to call him, well, it's rather a Big Deal he's Tolerating my very Presence!  *Smiles*   Spring must be Agreeing with him too?!??!

Happy Spring my Friends... it's drawing nearer every day and I don't know about you, but I've got the Fever!... Dawn... The Bohemian

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