Monday, February 15, 2016

So... On My Way To Get A Bat Skeleton For Valentine's Day...

No... the Post Title is not a Hook just to grab your Attention for Today's Read... I REALLY WAS on my way to get a Bat Skeleton for Valentine's Day!  *LOL*   Entombed in Lucite there was this Great pairing of a Tiny Bat and beside it a Tiny Bat articulated Skeleton Specimen, but it turned out to be too spendy... so even with the Antique Mall's Twenty Percent Valentine's Day Discount as incentive, I didn't spring for it.  Yes, I can be Cheap like that if I think something is just too overpriced and the Vendor won't Negotiate a Deal to get it down from the Stratosphere of Price Point.  *Smiles*

So, if I wasn't buying a Bat Skeleton for my Valentine's Day Pressy, then what WAS I coming Home with at a Twenty Percent Discount you might ask?   Well... you WERE asking, right?  And it's not as if I was coming Home with NOTHING with such a Sale going on during Valentine's Day!  Well, I couldn't Resist this Victorian Crystal Doorknob turned Wine Stopper.   Now my Moscato or Port can be re-corked in Vintage Style!  *Winks*   I thought it was Clever... and I have a Hoard of Old Doorknobs... so I might just also be duly Inspired to make some now and Upcycle some of my Old Doorknob Stash!?  Make 'em Useful as Adornments on my equally Hoarded up Stash of Old Bottles!   *LOL*   Don't Judge... it's not like you probably don't have some Great Old Stuff Hoarded up too or you probably wouldn't be here reading this, right?!  *Winks*

And of coarse I had been Eyeballing this 1926 Silver Loving Cup awarded by The Bankers Reserve Life Co. that my Friend Shelly had in her Case.   I'm a Retired Banker from one of my Corporate Lives... and I Collect Antique Loving Cups... it was good Quality... it was Twenty Percent Off Today... and it was Valentine's Day... yeah, I had loads of Justification for this Purchase!  *Winks*   That's it... such Restraint, huh?  Well, I have professed to be Downsizing so I try not to get too carried away anymore bringing in Found Treasures I won't be Selling Off.  *Smiles*

I did however miss something that a Customer 'Scored' instead... dontcha just HATE it when you Overlook something Fab and Cheap in your own Antique Mall... even tho' you Feel like you know every square inch and scour the Inventory often!?  *Ha ha ha*   I J'Adore Vintage Millinery... it's harder to come by anymore and almost impossible to find at a Bargain.   Well, this Customer finds a big ole' BAG of some Amazing Vintage Millinery for only Six freakin' bucks!  How could I have missed it?  Oh the Agony of having to take it up front for somebody else to buy!  It even had scads of Velvet Violets like these... along with like twenty or so other Killer Old Floral pieces I was Coveting in that bag!!!  Crap...  I'm sure I paid more than Six bucks just for this one Bouquet in my Collection!  *Le Sigh*   Ah well, it's one of the ones that Got Away and thus went Home with somebody else whose a better and more observant Treasure Hunter since they Found it first!  Dammit!!!  *Smiles*

Ah yes, the One's That Got Away... don't they freakin' Haunt us?  *Winks*  I don't even know why I Torment myself by often Photographing many of them when I can't Buy them... just so I'll Remember how Awesome they were... and that now they belong to somebody else!  *Bwahahaha!*   Sometimes I can just Appease myself with some that slipped thru my fingers because I could Create something similar if it was Fabric Art and not some Vintage or Antique that I'll not come across again.   But will I... that is the million dollar question because I Forget about them as the Images or Posts become Archived and then only Recall I never did Create one because I Forgot all about it and my Intentions to make one... yada yada yada...  *Smiles*   I even have this exact Vintage Belgian Velvet Runner in my Fabric Stash and a crapload of hand dyed Seam Binding... so why didn't I just CREATE the Pillow I saw and Coveted back in 2010?   Well, because my Uncreated Project List is endless and I'd have to become an Immortal to catch up with them...

I mean, I still have Fab Vintage Bead Caches from a decade or so ago that still haven't made their way into Bohemian Bling I INTENDED to Create with them!   Well... at least I can now say they're  even MORE Vintage than they were when I got 'em, right?  *Bwahahahaha!!!*   And in my Chronic Disorganization Method of Organizing I often completely lose track of where my Caches of Great Project Supplies even ARE?!?   The Big Move turned up so many I didn't even Remember I had, being rediscovered, yay... but that does not mean they won't get misplaced again for perhaps another decade or so here at the New Villa Boheme'!?  *LOL*

In all Fairness to myself it's not like Life has played out in such a way that I had an enormous amount of Creative Time to actually devote to Projects mind you, so they tended to just stack up and then fall by the wayside entirely as Time covered them up and erased them from Memory!   A few got Done... like this Necklace, which now I don't Remember where it is either?  *LOL*   I really liked this Creation too so Hopefully it will turn up again some day so I can wear it again before I'm Dead?  *Winks*

And when it comes to Wonderful Graphics and Ephemera Projects... I've got stuff Saved all over the place that might never actually see the Light of Day again nevermind become something I Intended for them to be used for!  *Le Sigh*   And yet, a lot of that I never did discard in the Great Edits and Purges, because deep down I really do WANT to someday use them in the Creation of something Epic... I mean, it could happen, right?  *Winks*   And they don't take up a great deal of Space and so the Tiny Hoards can always be Justified even if they do get Forgotten in their Storage spaces... where ever that is... I can't always quite Remember???  But every so often I find them again by Pure Accident!  Until I Forget about them yet again!!!  *Ha ha ha*   This Post might even be the only Reminder for years until the next time they're Rediscovered yet again Remembered?!  *LOL*

And clearly it's evident how my Mind works by how off Topic I get even in something as Simple as this Post... which started out as a Valentine's Day 'Score' Reveal and Morphed into... well... THIS!  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*   So... is it any Wonder that things get Forgotten along the way when my Mind races and bounces from Topic to Topic like a Bee flitting from Flower to Flower?   There is just so much Data and varied Interest bouncing around in there... and Ideas... and random Stuff I Think about... keeping me Focused is something you better be up to the impossible Challenge of!  I think my Parents gave up on that at about Age Two with me?   And The Man just cannot keep up with how quickly I warp thru Thoughts and Interests so he doesn't even know WHAT to try to keep me Focused upon??!??!!  *LOL* 

And are ALL Creative Types like this I Wonder?  Looking at Life thru our Rose Colored Glasses and then Forgetting where we put those Glasses when we laid them down and got Distracted by something else?  *Winks... actually happened... those Rose Colored Glasses just might be still sitting there on the Old Acreage or SOMEWHERE because after that Long Ago Photo spree I could never find them again!  LOL*

And we can't always have every Pretty little thing that catches our Eye and so I'm rather Glad that I did at least capture some of it thru the Eye of my Lens to Remember every now and again.  When I wade thru the Archives of Imagery in Search of something Visually Pleasing to Share... since I often Forget to use most of those too!  *LOL*

And so it goes... and probably part of the reason why that on my way to get a Bat Skeleton for Valentine's Day I end up with a Vintage Doorknob Wine Stopper and a 1926 Silver Loving Cup instead...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I could have written this post ... **coughs guiltily** ;)

    1. LOL, yes, we do tend to be Soulmates don't we? *winks* Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Happens to all of us at times! But the serendipity of it all is so so fun!

    1. Yes it certainly is, in fact, it makes each day a new Adventure! Winks... Dawn... The Bohemian


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