Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Year 2016

It's a Leap Year... and I started thinking about, what if other things only came around nearly every four years?  I don't think I'd have the Patience for that, how about you?  *LOL*

I considered those born on a Leap Year and only seeing their exact Birth Date roll around nearly every fourth year... that must Suck!?

But I didn't really even initially realize it being a Leap Year actually until The Man reminded me that Today was the 29th of February.

And I decided that I really should do a Leap Year Post since it will be nearly four years before I got another chance, so here it is in all it's randomness!  *Winks*

Using up some Gorgeous Imagery that I took the day I forgot my regular old camera and had to shoot everything with my Cell Phone Camera, which takes pretty nice quality Photos I must say!

Sure a few are slightly out of focus or have a strange Tint to them that I don't know why?  But overall the Quality of the Imagery was Impressive enough I'm considering the purchase of a good Quality Camera soon.

Princess T and I have had several outings together recently... just some Girl Time... and having that Camera feature on my Phone is actually handy should I forget to bring an actual Camera with us.

Pathological Picture Taker that I have become I almost never want to leave Home without one, you just never know when perfect Photo Ops will present themselves that I want to capture thru the Eye of my Lens?!?

And Blog Fodder... let us not forget about the Importance of having sufficient Blog Fodder since I simply MUST combine my Story with Imagery and Over Share on both!  *Bwahahahaha!*

The particular day we had this 'Girl Time' we hit several Favorite spots and these Images are a conglomeration of a Sampling of them... see if you recognize some of the places we were?

I've thought about just how many Images and how much Story Line is appropriate for a Blog Post... I have not really reached a verdict on that... though suggestions abound in The Land Of Blog of Ideal Posts and what they should look like and contain.

And being the Rule Breaker I always tended to be... I quickly tossed out all Successful Blogger Ideals since I wasn't sure I was even in Agreement with most opinions about it.

I know what I like in the Favorite Blogs I visited and so I didn't much Care if anyone else thought they were Created Successfully or not.   I was in fact very Eclectic about the types of Blogs I Enjoy visiting regularly and following.

And some of the ones with huge followings didn't always Appeal to me so I failed to see what the Appeal actually might have been to others?  Not that it mattered... the Beauty of the Land of Blog is we get to choose where we spend time within the Community and it's entirely Personal Choice.

It can be so Random to even Discover Blogs out here in the vast Cyberspace Community and quite the Thrill every time I do find one I will Connect to in some way.

Yes, there is often the Kindred Spirit Factor, where we gravitate to those similar to ourselves... but then again, I've also gravitated to other Blogs that are nothing at all like me and Enjoyed them tremendously as well!

And sometimes I've Connected more to the Person behind the Blog than to the Blog itself... so you can never tell just by mere Posts who the Individual is until you Connect on a deeper and more Personal level and find out.

This is Princess T finding out that I won't buy her the Adorable Pug Life Tee at 'Sirens And Saints'... but only because it swamped her and it could take years for her to grow into it... and by then... who knows what Wardrobe she'll be Enamored with?  *LOL*

Actually on this day I didn't spend very much at all... it was just a nice day out without putting any strains on the Budget.

And though I saw a slew of Found Treasures I would have liked to have dragged Home... I didn't.

It was one of those Imagining and Window Shopping Sprees we like to go on where we Pretend what we'd fill up a Picker Trailer with if we had one... and money were no object.  *Smiles*

Or just how we'd Style particular rooms if we could Source all of the Decor on one day with intent Focus upon a particular Look we were going for?

Mostly and generally our rooms and Style have had to Evolve over a span of much Time in order to afford all the trappings we Desired.

But it certainly would be Dreamy to just have the Luxury, Freedom and Seed Money to go from a Blank Canvas of a room to the total Vision of what you want to Transform it into!

I've seen entire Homes done that way on some of my Favorite HGTV Channels and it really makes a huge difference in how cohesive it all looks when it's bought all in one fell swoop and Styled to meet that Vision for the Spaces.

I doubt our Home will ever have that Luxury afforded to it and so we will just continue with how we've always done it and just have it Morph over Time as we upgrade Contents.

Along with the upgrading comes the downsizing of coarse as you edit, curate and purge the excess or what no longer goes with the Metamorphosis of the Spaces.

I always seem to be deep in the throes of that... but some things abide and are Keepers and will continue to be built around.

And I'm rather like a Leap Year myself actually because about every four years or so... give or take... I find myself making significant Changes.   So it's a Cycle that makes a somewhat regular appearance in my Life, just like a Leap Year does.

Taking the Leap towards more significant Change this Year...  Dawn... The Bohemian

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