Monday, February 1, 2016

I Don't Always Get A Chance To Go Pickin'... But When I Do...

I don't always get a chance to go Pickin'... but when I do, it's as if the Timing is Ideal to Score the best Deals... so I'll take Quality Picks over Quantity Picks any day!  *Winks*

Scored this Old Commercial 'Talbots' Mannequin Form covered in Brocade and Muslin for a mere Seven Bucks!   She's heavy and well made... only missing her Stand and Pole, but I can Improvise that since her mounting Hardware to attach one is still intact.

Scored this large Rustic Luxe Hand-Made Down filled Pillow made with Old Ticking Fabric, Burlap and a Gauzy Cotton with raw edging Ruffle and Bow for a mere Dollar!  *Gasp!*  Yep, only a Buck... and it looks so similar to the Beautiful Pillow Creations I already own that I just couldn't pass it up, especially at that ridiculous price, even tho' I have a Pillow Hoard already.  *Smiles* 

Also for only a buck, this Fabulous large Wreath Created from beautifully Sepia dyed Coffee Filters!   I was gonna make one of these anyway, but it seemed too Labor Intensive and thus I procrastinated... so Scoring this for a Dollar, well, now I don't hafta and it probably saved me hours of my Life!  *Booyah!*

Now... I paid Retail on the Olive Buckets... but the Vintage smaller Sized Real Deal Olive Bucket on the right was the last one my Friend Shelly had in the Shop and so I hadda spring on it since that smaller Size was one I Wanted and didn't yet have.   And even tho' 'Target' had discontinued it's inexpensive Repop small Olive Buckets, I found one Store way out in the boondocks that still had some so I picked up a trio.  They had four but as any of you that know me well realize, I have always had Tetraphobia...  and I didn't even really know why or that it had a name, a definition or an origin!  And don't even Go There by telling me that with Shelly's there are still Four!  *LOL*
  1. Tetraphobia is the practice of avoiding instances of the number Four. It is a superstition most common in East Asian and Southeast Asian regions such as China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Korea and Vietnam.   Tetraphobia far surpasses Triskaidekaphobia (Western superstitions around the number 13). It even permeates the business world in these regions of Asia.
{Since my Mom's Dad was raised by a Chinese Family it is entirely possible I inherited the Superstition from her side of the Family... I just know I seriously don't like the number and avoid it as often as possible... thus, I only picked up three of the last four of these Olive Buckets that 'Target' had.   *Smiles*}

And at 'Jo-Ann' they had a huge end of year Clearance Sale and I got two shapes of enormous sized Cloches with Bases for Eighty Percent Off!   They are Quality Cloches so had originally been quite expensive so that was an unexpected deep Discount, plus I got my 10% Military Discount on top of the 70% Off... so I got a trio of those too.   One of them is the shorter and wider Glass Cloche which fit perfectly over my Piranha Vignette.

The other two are much higher and slightly narrower to fit over taller Vignettes.  All three have such thick heavy glass so they aren't as Fragile as your typical Cloche with very thin delicate glass.   I J'Adore Cloches and usually the cost is prohibitive, so if I can ever find them at a Bargain, well... I stock up!   Had the pesky Budget been healthier I would have bought every one they had left.

And I rounded out the Pick with Vintage Feather Dusters... Architectural Salvage... Frames made from great weathered Vintage Molding... Old unframed Paint By Number Art... Old License Plates in colors I liked... all at such rock bottom prices that it made my little Heart flutter like a Hummingbird's!  *Smiles*   So, color me Happy at 'Scoring' this most recent Haul... it was quite productive and didn't break the Bank!

On a side Note one of the reasons I haven't been venturing out much is we've had some fierce Winter Storms hitting... with torrential rains, flooding and high winds that are uprooting large Trees!!!   The Park at the end of our Street lost a couple of large Shade Trees... and several others were uprooted throughout our Subdivision, Thankfully our personal Trees were spared.  And some Hundred Plus Year Old Eucalyptus Windbreak Trees at a Farm nearby were also uprooted during these Storms, which gives you a perspective of how strong and powerful the Winds actually were and how unusual for our area!!!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. How thrilled you were I'm sure!A nice reward for sticking to it and getting the Old Homestead cleared and starting on the pile of boxes at the New Villa!

  2. See! I'm gonna have to quit reading because I get too jealous over all your excellent deals, Dawn! ;)


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