Saturday, February 13, 2016

Arizona Renaissance Festival 2016

Have you never been my Friends?  Well then, you really MUST go!  To the Renaissance Festival of coarse!!!

It was the virgin voyage there for The Young Prince and I last year when my Brother took us for the very first time... and this year Princess T had her first Experience!

It becomes an Annual Pilgrimage for many... since just going once would never be enough!  And so subsequent Festivals you will see some familiar faces from times before.

And new ones and new Experiences, since there is so very much to take in that we couldn't possibly have seen it all!

There is so much to Enjoy... the Atmosphere... the Fantasy... the Food...

The People... the Fairies being among Princess T's Favorites!

The Costumes and everyone being in Character!

Getting to play a Character yourself if you so Desire... any Character in fact that you will have the most Fun and Imagination being for the Festival?!??!!

There are all kinds you see... from the Ethereal...

To those you don't even know are Real until you walk by and Discover that they ARE!!!

And perhaps the most Liberating is that you don't have to be a Participant if you don't want to be... you could be a Spectator and have just as much Fun and just as much of a Delightful Experience!

But you can Dream of what you might want to be on Future Pilgrimages and receive tons of Inspiration from the Participants that go all out!

And whether you Invest in the Creation of your own Costume... or Rent one of the many available on site... it can be as Elaborate or as Simple as you want as well!

Many who attend regularly will tell you that it becomes like an extended Family of like-minded Souls who Enjoy this Role Playing... this Dressing Up... Pretending of being Present in another Era... or Dimension!

Some attend in Groups of Friends... others in Families... but you won't ever Feel Alone because everyone is so Friendly and will Encourage you to join in with the Festivities and the Fantasies playing out!

You really will be Transported to another World entirely... Surreal and yet Real because you are all there making it happen!

The Children especially Love the Magic of it all... I mean where else can they interact with some of the most Amazing of Characters... like Mermaids... Fairies... Queens... Kings... 

And Pirates!!!

The Inter-activeness of it all is what we so Enjoy!  It's not just like going TO a Show... it is like being a Part OF the Show!

And along with the Fabulous Food... are the Fabulous Wares!   As Enchanting and Unique as everything else around you!   Ostrich Egg Lights...

And Hand-Crafted Costumes and other Attire!

From the most Modest and Affordable to the Oh My God pieces that you Lust after!

I do Believe these Gorgeous Viking Style OOAK Hand-Crafted Hats were our Oh My God pieces... so hard to chose a Favorite when so many Captivated us!  Do we want one some day... why of coarse!

And the Vendors and Artisans of these Amazing Wares... well they are just the Best and so helpful and informative... Customer Service at it's Finest!  Everyone is having Fun and Loving what they do!

This year it was Warmer and Drier than last year and so it was Glorious!   The Trees were in full Blossom... the Sky was a vivid Blue... the temperature was in the Eighties... a simply Sublime Day for an Outdoor Festival!

Just about every Ware I have a Passion for was available... and so I always Save Up my Pennies for at least some Purchases for us all!

We all were Unanimous that this is one of the Retail Therapy Sprees we certainly Wish Money was no object for!  Every Fantasy Product we happen to Love and is just our Style was in Shop after Shop!  *Winks*

Wardrobe and Accessories that are so Striking and Beautiful!

And Fantasy Ears!  Oh how the Young Prince wanted some of these... but he decided instead on his rather spendy two headed Rainbow Arm Dragon.   *Smiles*

But maybe next year he'll get the Ears?   And Princess T can get her Fairie Attire?

As for me I finally got my Emu Egg with Soapstone Stand for my Cabinet Of Curiosities Egg Collection.  Very reasonably priced so I was totally Jazzed!

You can watch many of the Artisans Creating their Wares on site... so many Extremely Talented People... many are using Period Methods in their Process... very Impressive that some of the Lost Arts are being Resurrected and passed along!

You can rub elbows with the Naughty...

And the Haughty... from Nymphs to Nobility!

Congregating at every turn...

And the Architecture, Staging and Statuary Elements are beyond Amazing!!!

And everyone in Costume will Oblige you Kindly for a Kodak Moment... which us Pathological Picture Takers and Sharers certainly Appreciate!  *Smiles*

The Sights... the Sounds... the Smells... you will find yourself losing track of Time...

And the Revelry is Epic!!!

You definitely don't have to be a Child to have an enormous amount of Fun and Festivity here!

But the Kiddos will too... so it's a Great Family Friendly Venue... and the Troupes will warn you of which Shows and Entertainment are geared for the Families or more Risque... they usually have some of each to Enjoy.

Because Entertainment abounds too and the majority of it is included with the Admission and is no extra charge... though you can leave tips... so it is a very affordable... and the Entertainment that costs extra is very reasonable.

The Young Prince Loved these Man Of The Forrest Leather Backpacks...

And I always Love seeing the Couples that Dress Up in matching complimentary Costumes.  So much Work and Expense goes into many of these Amazing Ensembles!  And I gotta give some of 'em props for staying in Character and layered or Heavy Costume when the weather gets quite Warm like Today!  *Whew*

Tho' it does make it Nice to wear the more revealing of Costumes on a day like Today... and last year I had to give the Sexy Costume Participants props for staying in Character and skimpier Costumes when it was Cold and Wet!  *Shiver!*

Wouldn't this look Splendid in the Art Studio for Storage!?!

And we were Delighted to meet the Participants that had Rescue Greyhounds... such Magnificent Creatures they are and so Docile and Smart!   This was her very first Festival and she was Loving it with her Master!

And this being her very first Festival she was Loving it too!  *Ha ha ha*   She couldn't quite decide whether she would prefer to be a Fairie or a Flower Girl... both Appealed to her.

I had thought she would be more Intrigued by the Elaborate Costumes and Royal Characters... and make a strong Connection... but Kids can be Funny like that...

She Connected to and gravitated more towards the Nymphs and the Naughties... uh oh, better watch out once she hits Puberty, huh?   Don't know WHERE she wouldda got THAT tendency from??!??!  *Bwahahahaha!*

But the Kid does have her Sweet Side too... and anyone with an Animal Entourage became her New Best Friends instantly!

Even the well trained Vulture and Handler...

Now The Young Prince's 'Thing' was just like last year during his first Festival... gravitating towards the Entertainers, Musicians, Acrobat and Dance Troupes in particular.   He Performed with some both years and is quite Good and a Quick Study.   He would like to join one of the Troupes one day and do something like that for a Living he said.   I could see that, he's a Natural Born Entertainer and very Musically inclined, Athletic and Theatrical.

As for me, well, being an Artist I was in my Element checking out all of the Hand-Made Costumes, Jewelry and Accessories that abounded.   The Inspiration was everywhere and you can become totally immersed in it!

And I do Believe that in Future Festivals we fully Intend to start a Costume Collection of our own to wear and fully Participate on a whole other level.

Because for many this is somewhat of a Lifestyle too... and that makes them My Kinda People!

They do say the Key to Life is finding folks that are YOUR kinda Crazy, right?  *Winks*

We know who we are... and who is like us... and it is certainly True that birds of a feather flock together... we sure enjoyed our Flocking Together Today and we stayed from just after Opening until just before Closing!

We Enjoyed so many Shows... Acrobats, Comedians, Musicians, Dancers... and many more!

I think we spent the most time together at the Gypsy Camp Entertainment... I Wonder why?  *Winks*

The G-Kid Force tickled me when they recognized many of the Songs as those we play at Home!   No Wonder it sounded so Familiar!  *Smiles*

As did many of the Outfits... which were just Our Style of Attire.   Well... perhaps no longer the bare midriff for Yours Truly... but I could still Rock those flowing Skirts and Bohemian Bling!  *LOL*

And we Enjoyed so many Wonderful Performances by the Animal Trainers... the Fire Whips Performers and Circus Troupes too.

And the Kiddos felt perfectly at Home wearing their Tails because everyone else was wearing theirs too!

And what items did we have to leave behind that I was kinda Jonesin' for... well, these Door Handles for one... but only becoz The G-Kid Force found them totally Inappropriate for New Villa Boheme's Entry Doors... too bad, huh?  *Bwahahahahahahahaha!*   You should have seen the Eye Rolling and loud embarrassed exclamations of "GRAMMA!!!" when I Suggested one of these would be Perfect for our New Front Door, no?!   *Giggle*

They steered me over to the Dragons... now that's a Door Handle they could Live with as their Friends or the Neighbors came to the Front Door a-calling for them or us.   Who knew they'd be so Inhibited, right?  I know... Bad Gramma!  *Bwahahahaha!*

Princess T is now still Wondering why Fairies don't speak?

And I'm left Wondering why every Community can't be just a little more like this one in Real Life... wouldn't it make Life a lot more Entertaining, Fun and Interesting?

Yes, I could be Living The Dream... or The Fantasy... three-hundred-sixty-five and twenty-four-seven myself... why not?  How about you my Friends?

To see People simply just Gathering and Enjoying each other's Company in Real Time rather than Distracted by Technology and Living Life at such a hectic pace that the Socialization takes a back seat.

To have our Towns, Cities and Architecture look Enchanting, Inviting, Festive and Welcoming... to stroll down the Streets looking however we Feel Best and not have it be someone else's "Issue" that it might just be Different...

Yes, Festivals are always such a Big Time and I see everyone Enjoying them so much it is rather a Pity that most days can't just be that way for us all in our Daily Surroundings.

But just even a little slice of it Annually for an entire Day was enough to Uplift us and make us realize that Mankind can get Together and really Live Life fully with a variety of people and personalities grouped in one spot and just Being who and how they are in Harmony and Peacefulness.

And all that Positive Energy converging in one spot was palpable!

And made it so that you can hardly wait to do it again!

So... have you never been my Friends?  Well then, you really MUST go!  To the Renaissance Festival of coarse!!!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I wouldn't ever leave. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful pics. You've made my day. Thank you. Blessings

  2. Wow! You did make a day of it! So glad you and the grandkids enjoyed it together!

  3. Wow! You did find your tribe!
    I love those door handles. So cool! Makes ours look positively boring.
    You must go dressed up next time. Although Young Prince's cape looked the part.
    As you say, why can't we be like this always.
    Thanks so much for the visit!
    Xo Jazzy Jack

  4. OMG, this was a gorgeous day---so nice weather..(it's 10 here and snowing). Our Renaissance is always so hot and humid you need to be
    imbibing to enjoy it. Yours looks so permanent. Too much fun for one day, lol. Thanks for the tour, love ALL your pictures. My BF has a rescue greyhound and she is a sweetie. Thanks, Sandi

  5. There's something immediately dignified about this venue - it is beautifully designed, tasteful, and understated. Went to this comfy event space recently, just the right temperature, good food and great experience.


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