Monday, January 11, 2016

Unrealistic Expectations Versus Real Life Experience

On the Canvas of our Imaginations things tend to become Exaggerated, Magnified and blown way out of Proportion and this sets us up for unrealistic Expectations and some certain disappointments.   This is especially True when we have Hype thrown in and Build Up that couldn't possibly be played out exactly as we Envisioned when we finally have that Real Life Experience.  Usually it just doesn't match up with the Dreamy Vision and Hype because it was all rather an Illusion of sorts to begin with.  There are a few exceptions to this Rule, but not many I've Experienced, because my Imagination is pretty Fertile too and Reality is nothing like Fantasy, it just isn't.

It can and sometimes does burst our Bubble when we're completely Underwhelmed by an Experience because we built it up to such Epic proportions in our Heads that nothing could possibly line up in Reality to the Fantasy we had about any of it.   I am reminded of that Fact every time I read feedback from those who had Destinations on their Bucket Lists that they finally got to make the Pilgrimage to, only to Discover it wasn't "All That"... their Experience just didn't quite match their Expectation of it.  It's never quite what we Expect anyway, whether in a Good way or a Bad way... it will either Exceed our Expectations or never live up to them.  Very few things will Exceed Expectations, I have had it happen and it's Pure Bliss when it does... sometimes things will be just as we Expected... but it's not as Typical as the Let Down of something that didn't live up to it.

So you want an Example... Okay, lets just go with a Simple one that isn't a Dream Destination but is one of my Dream Vintage Treasures on the proverbial Bucket List of Desires that I've Envisioned many times Gracing a room in Bohemian Valhalla after I finally 'Score' one... the Killer Apothecary Cabinet.   I've certainly Built Up the Perfect Vision of the one I Want... and the Reality is they DO Exist... but not at a Fantasy Price Point I ever Envisioned I'd Find one at!  *Bwahahahahaha!*   Yes Dear Friends, the Reality Versus my Fantasy is the Wake-Up Call almost all of the time and disappointing to say the least.  To get my Unrealistic Expectation Satisfied I would have to Pony Up about Ten Grand, which is the usual Price Point every time I have Found THE Ideal Vision of said Cabinet in Real Life... clearly NOT gonna happen!  *Le Sigh*

I'll often read feedback about Popular Retail Destinations and typically hear such Negative things as it wasn't worth it, all the Hype was Exaggerated, it was smaller than they thought it would be or as it appeared on TV or in Publication.  It was more expensive than they expected or had too many NFS items from the Private Collections of the Stars of the Show on Display that they couldn't buy, and that much of what was for Sale was Promo and Souvenirs of the Brand now.   Well, I'm not Surprised, once something or someone becomes Legendary due to Popularity of their Show, Event, their Creations or their Shop, then that's just how the Marketing Strategy usually plays out for optimum Profit and further Promotion of the Branding.   Many Fans will still flock there and make the Pilgrimage just to BE THERE and have some Promotional Memento and Imagery of the Experience, even if the Build Up in their Mind doesn't line up with the Reality as it actually IS.

I know that there will still be many Destinations that will remain on my own Bucket List even after I've read enough feedback to realize that it will be different than I might have Expected on the Canvas of my Imagination or what is portrayed in the Media, Print, Online or through Promotional Advertising.   Perhaps I won't be so Let Down since the benefit of hearing various feedback from regular folks has put things in proper perspective that the Public at large has Shared of their particular Real Life Experience and Opinion.  You cannot always rely upon the Media and Promotional Claims for accurate Assessments because they will have the Job of making everything seem larger than Life and Extraordinary since that Sells.   Hype is their Business... Creating Illusions, Fantasies and Glamorizing everything is their particular Talent and don't we Love that really?  We WANT to buy into the Fantasy of it all.

Come on, everyone has enough every day Experiences that are so far removed from the Fantasy or Living the Dream that we Crave those Special Moments in Time that at least might come close.  That is why Special Occasions, once in a Lifetime Experiences, Celebrations, Carnivals, Fairs, Holidays, Popular Events, Vacation spots and the like are so Appealing to us all!   They can be our temporary little Escapes from Reality and the Ordinary so it's not so Surprising that we Magnify it all in Eager Anticipation of Experiencing any of it... the Build Up is part of the Rush.

I remember when we went House Hunting and had decided upon the Big Move... how Eagerly we sought out the Perfect Location and New Home... and how Underwhelming the majority of the Options turned out to be.   When you are looking for that Dream Home or Dream Anything it is a Tall Order to fill after all and often Compromises have to be made!   The Checklist can be long and not always Reality Based.   We were Fortunate that what we eventually Found did Exceed all Expectations and had Bonuses not even on our List, but my Lord it took more than a Minute for us to Find THE one that took our Breath away AND was within our Budget!   Sometimes all of the Stars, Moon and Sun DO line up and the Ideal is achieved and the Real Life Experience melds with our Lofty Expectations... Sometimes.

And if you go into any Experience with the knowledge that Reality can often be quite different than the Sugarplums dancing around in your Head... well, you can still Enjoy a tremendous Reality Based Experience of whatever it is, even with those differences that Reality Exposed.  It's all really more a matter of Perspective actually and to make the Best of every Experience you might have and look at it all through Appreciative Eyes for what it IS.   Have a Good Time in spite of whatever wasn't as it might have been Portrayed.   And realize too that not everyone can or will be Satisfied... as the Old Saying goes... you can please some of the people all of the time... all of the people some of the time... but you cannot please all of the people all of the time! 

So... here's to Real Life Experiences being what they are... REAL LIFE Experiences... Live it... Experience it... decide to be your own Critic about any of it... and yet, keep Dreaming... keep Fantasizing... after all, it's only Imagining what one Wants to happen and the Ideal of anything... and that's not such a Bad thing now is it? 


Daydreaming and Living the Dream here in the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Hi Dawn, just reading through your previous post and geez do you and P.T have your pickin' skills honed...I can't believe the BARGAINS you girls found for next to that's skill...l agree with what you're saying about things living up to expectations, it's seems the best things happen when we least expect them to and in the most unlikely of the times l remember was in 09 when we went to Europe, beforehand so many people said don't go to Venice it's smelly and difficult to navigate (that bit's true:-)but l'd always wanted to go there so we included it....and it was such a WOW experience, everything about it was amazing and l still thank my lucky stars we did:-) Anyway Dawn since you have the best pickin' skills ever it's only a matter of time before you find your dream apothocary cabinet for a BARGAIN price:-)

    1. Thanks for the Vote of Confidence on me Finding that Apothecary Cabinet at a Price Point I am comfortable with... I do Believe in the Laws of Attraction and holding out until the right item and price line up. I agree with you that we should form our own opinions regarding anywhere, anything and anyone... so many times the opinions of others were not my particular experience, though input can give you a heads up about potential issues so you can be prepared for what the reality might be. Venice certainly is somewhere so unique that I think it would be a WOW experience if only for the History of the place alone and how much of it has survived the various eras. Closest I ever got to a Venice Experience is the Casino Inspired by it in Vegas. *Winks* Thanks for coming for a Blog visit... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. I hope you find TWO apothecary cabinets at a bargain price, Dawn - one for you and one for me! :D

    1. Yeah, I could Bundle like Frank on American Pickers for that First Cousin Bargain Price, right? *winks* Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Yup, I say "when I win the lottery I'll buy" and that's as far as it gets with me, because then I think I can't just say when I win the lottery because I actually hit the lottery pretty darned often....for free tickets. So then I have to go back and qualify it with "when I win the BIG lottery jackpot I will buy". That's how my mind goes. I rarely accept another's opinion of a place in a review. I don't expect much...just an enjoyable moment. Some expect the moon and I certainly don't want to base my expectations on THEIRS!!

    Have a most wonderful day. I'm watching 5 inches of snow fall at 18 degree weather at 6 AM.
    xx, Carol

    1. Sounds too Cold for me Carol... smiles... luckily our inclement weather eased up so I could get back to the Project of finishing up clearing out the Old Homestead to ready it for Sale. All that rain has made the acreage have too many weeds and the inside so Cold for working that I had to wait til it warmed back up. Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. Will keep my eye out---lol, but its a long schlepp from here. 10K seems extreme to my senses---more often than not---large monsters become a negative around here even with the large homes in the burbs of Chicagoland. Will keep my eye out though---you just never know!

    1. I agree Sandi, it was way too rich for my blood and probably any killer Apothecary Vintage Industrial Cabinet is not gonna come cheap so it might be a stretch to expect to find one within Budget now that they're so popular, I dunno? My New Home has large enough rooms now to Showcase larger oversized pieces and wouldn't you know now I can't find them at a decent price because so many Shops and Restaurants are now coveting that type of Styling and buying them up. *sadness* Ah well, will have to keep up the Thrill of Hunting for one... you just never know is absolutely True! Dawn... The Bohemian


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