Thursday, January 14, 2016

Total Transparency Equals Accountability

It's a bit of a Joke that I'm Welcoming you to the total transparency of my Shame... but to me total transparency equals accountability... and I do much better when being held accountable to my messy bits of Life.  *Smiles*   It's Cathartic to me really to just put this out there... my messy bits...

 As the Old Property is quickly emptying out it's looking very Promising and Encouraging to me since most of it now is devoid of contents and it makes everything look so much bigger and shows off the Historic Architectural Features better.   But it also means a great deal of what used to be there is now HERE and not yet unpacked or put away... so there are some messy Hoarded bits that will have to be Dealt with eventually... and this is where the accountability part comes into Play!

Yes, at first when I was bringing the Keeper Stuff over I was Organizing it as I went along.  Or at least throwing it all into specific piles in a sort of Organized Chaos Method that didn't get me Down when I had to look at it or walk past it during my very full days when I just couldn't Deal with any of it.   And since ALL of my days since the Epic Move have been very full days and Moving Out had more Priority than Moving In... it kinda snowballed out of control as Stuff came in faster than I could give it a semblance of Order!  *Le Sigh*


And so very soon a lot of it was beginning to look a lot like this, especially in the Garages, which was not Okay, it was all Hoarded up and it was Depressing me.   Thus I began to have very Pissy days like Yesterday on account of how Overwhelming it all can seem when taken in Visually at a glance!  I Thrive on Order... I unravel in Chaotic or Cluttered Environments.   Having a lot of Stuff doesn't bother me so much if it is Vignetted or Stored in an Orderly Fashion waiting to be Dealt with properly.  I can Live with a Beautiful Mess... but if it ain't Pretty... forget about it!  *LOL*

So after my Epic Pissy Day Yesterday it seems The Man decided he better spring into Action and actually accomplish one of the Tasks I'd given him Dominion over... Organizing the Storage in the double car Garage.  Box it, Crate it, Stack it so that it at least APPEARS Neat and Tidy... we can then Deal with it later without me unraveling or Obsessing about it in the meantime!   *Smiles*  He Surprised and Amazed me by getting one whole side DONE by himself and without drifting Off Task!  *Yay, I Felt Better already!*  He has the Strength of being a Master Organizer... it's just getting him Motivated now that is the major obstacle to Doing it!

You see, even tho' it IS a lot to take in and will certainly be a lot of Work when the Time comes that I can Devote Exclusively to it being unpacked and Dealt with some kind of way... if it looks like this, I can Handle it and it can take however long it takes without me going absolutely Mental about it!  *Winks*  He doesn't want me Mental and so it's just easier to do what he does best and make Order out of my Chaos and get some skin in this game!  *Winks*  He knows how Hard I've been Working and having an unfair burden of doing most of it without any present Help... but I was Stalling Out now.  I Needed my Big Strong Marine to Rescue me... I was definitely a Damsel in Distress!  *Ha ha ha*

You see, there are very few piles INSIDE the New Villa Boheme' anymore since I Conquered those Mountains and when I am on a Roll I do get a lot DONE.   The few remaining visible piles are Obscure enough that traipsing past them doesn't get me all discombobulated and Worked Up.  Neither does the fact that Christmas hasn't been taken down... it doesn't Disgust me at all that we may be having some Christmas clear up to Valentine's Day actually before it all gets taken down and packed away.

After all, when I FINALLY Dealt with Halloween and Autumn Decor it got taken down and stashed away pretty expediently.  It hasn't found it's Permanent Seasonal Storage Home yet, I still have the Logistics of all that to Work Out after we finally get the Old Homestead squared away... but a box of Pumpkins here and there in a somewhat Orderly Fashion doesn't Disturb me.   And so long as I don't get Disturbed we're absolutely Golden!  *Ha ha ha*

Now Disturbed Dawn can become very Pissy indeed... and rather Maniacal in her Obsessions about what hasn't gotten accomplished.  She also gets to where she talks about herself in the third person... which is too close to the Edge and not Good!  *Ha ha ha*   So we Needed to take the Edge off of all that and back away from a Free Fall for a while so I could Focus upon getting the Old Homestead readied for Sale and not Feel quite so Scattered and spread too thin.  Going over the Edge right now would not be Good.  Actually at no time is going over the Edge a Good thing come to think about it!  *Winks*

But the Desire to Hibernate in Winter and Hole Up to go completely Dormant and Off The Grid during this inclement Weather has been very Strong and made me Procrastinate a great deal... and I'm not Normally a Procrastinator, in fact, it's a Pet Peeve of mine when people are.   And I was becoming one of THOSE people so my Self Loathing was being Amplified the more I put things off that Needed and Should get Done.   Sure, I had plenty of Legit Excuses to Justify why very little was getting Done in a Reasonable Time Frame... but I needed more accountability to get a complete Resurrection of Purpose!

And so the total transparency Post came to Mind as being just the Motivating Factor I would Need not to still be stuck in a Rut exactly where I am Today but several Months from now instead!   Yes, I would Share my Shame... and the Dirty little Secret of just how Stashed the Garages had become... so that I would be Motivated sufficiently to Deal with it all once the Old House gets put up for Sale!

The Third Car Garage... slash my eventual Work Shop Space for prepping Inventory and doing big Projects that Inside Studio Work won't be possible or feasible, well, it is the worst Hoard.  But it's all really Good Stuff... the Creme de la Creme of my Salvaged Treasures awaiting something... so it's not like they're just going away in an Epic Edit and Purge... they are Keepers just waiting to be Transformed into something Fantastical either for the Home or the Showrooms!  *Winks* 

It is my Beautiful Mess which will probably stay somewhat of a Beautiful Stored Mess... but I'll need better pathways of Mobility and a Work Area in there so that it becomes a Functional Space... so it will have to be Dealt with better than it currently is.

I'm not so much Disturbed by the actual Contents of this Space as I am that it looks rather Disastrous right now since it hasn't been Dealt with appropriately yet, so I rarely go in there unless I absolutely have to!   I have a Vision for this Space though and when it comes to Fruition it will be more Organized and Functional for containing a Temporary Hoard of Great Stuff.

The Majority of my Architectural Salvage is pretty much Organized, but it has just gotten buried amid the Stuff that just had to be unceremoniously dumped in there any which way for a while.  That While has been Extended... and so long as it's not indefinitely Extended I'll be Okay with kicking back those Extensions if I have to a few times more!?!    It will become rather like putting away Christmas has.  *Smiles*   We probably won't have Christmas in July, but we might have it all Winter long, I dunno yet?!?

And where I have made Progress I Feel very Good about it... so I just have to remember that eventually it all will get done and I don't really have a Deadline in which to accomplish that.  The lack of a Deadline takes a lot of the pressure off to Organize where we're Living now... and having a loose Deadline with the Old Place Inspires me to try to meet the Goal I set for Selling it.  Once that Goal is attained then I can Focus exclusively upon completing our Move In here.

My ultimate Goal of coarse in Exposing my Challenge Publicly is that I too can look back at Images such as this Chaos and then compare it later with what it WILL look like when I'm Done!   Several Treasures in this particular pile will end up being Vintage Industrial Decor in our New Home so they are Future Projects I'm looking forward to working on later when we have the Time to Devote to them.   Right now they're a Dusty Jumble of seemingly random Objects I've Found... but since I know that I have a Purpose for them I'm not at all Anxious about Storing them.

But eventually I'd like for the Storage of all that will be Kept to be more Orderly and easily accessible to me so that is definitely a Future Project I Hope to get around to in this New Year.  We're quickly coming up upon our First Anniversary of Moving In to our New Home and it seems as though that Time has flown by so quickly... and yet taken much longer to unpack and Organize what we brought with us than I ever Imagined!  *Smiles*

The Man thinks that I'm making too many Comparisons to our Past Nomadic Life when we used to be able to Pack Up and Move quickly and Settle In just as quickly because we Traveled light knowing we had a Nomadic Existence.  I think he could be right, once we did Settle into what we Imagined would be our Forever Home we ended up with a lot more because we never thought we'd be Moving it.   Fast Forward almost two decades and it's not Surprising really we needed ample Time to wade thru it and it wasn't Realistic to Expect to Move two decades worth of Life lived in one place in less than a few Months!  *Ha ha ha*

And so I am trying now to cut myself a Break and not be so Driven to try to accomplish something in an unreasonable Deadline I've Self-Imposed and which really isn't so Necessary to get Done during that Time frame.   We're closer than we were to accomplishing Phase One, the Moving Out... and once that Chapter Closes in The Process I think that Phase Two, the Moving In... won't seem so Daunting after all because the most Challenging part will have been Done already.

And after all... we're not Living IN the Storage Spaces now are we?  *Winks*  And the majority of where we're actively Living looks just Fine...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. OmGosh, I have never seen so much stuff in my life. I don't think I could deal with it all. It would make me nervous. But then I will be 65 this year and I'm thinking of what my family will have to deal with when I'm gone. And Terry is not in good health which worries me more every day. I'm definitely in the "culling" stage. But then I saw your rosaries, which I collect, and their are several things they will just have to deal with!!
    Your husband did a good job of stacking!!
    xx, Carol

    1. Yes, a lot of it will have to GO... probably to the Showrooms or to Pickers... when I've got everything Styled in the New Home the way I want it anything that is left over will be banished. *smiles* Hard to edit and purge it properly during an epic Move when time constraints about just getting it out of the Old Property make it so that I can't take my time to go thru it the way I wanted to. I Culled a lot and Donated a lot already... but this made me realize I still have a lot to dispose of when I finally Sell the other place and have the Time to do the second wave of Editing and Purging. Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. You know what...
    You are just fine~!
    I work out of piles too, when I'm in the mood. Neat and tidy, pretty piles. Then, when I'm not in the mood - I just shut the door, or move my pile somewhere I can't see it. But, I don't mind tidy piles laying around here and there. Messy piles make me scream... lol
    Girl, you have awesome stuff - wow - I found myself slowly stalking all of your pictures in complete awe of your vintage talent...
    And, if it's any consulation... I'm still not moved out of my other house yet either - It is still full of pretty piles of beautifully organized stuff. I still can't decide what to do with that house - sell it, rent it, go visit it once in a while - lol
    Good Luck with your adventure.

    1. Ha ha ha, you sound just like me about the Old House... cannot decide what to do with it either really... so been languishing about seven plus months emptying it out and Hoping that I'll just get so fed up with visiting it once in a while I'll finally just Sell it to the first one that makes me an Offer I cannot refuse! LOL At least now I know I'm not the Lone Ranger in my habits! Winks Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Good for You and Good for the Man! Yeah! your almost to your goal of getting the OLD HOMESTEAD SOLD!

    1. Yes, it is Liberating to be ALMOST THERE! It's been such an Epic Journey... Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. That was wonderful of your hubby to come and help, he was probably very happy afterwards that he did that for you, having a TBI and accomplishing that for you was a wonderful thing to do! My garage is full too. I am getting ready to downsize and I am freaking out about what to do with all of this stuff. Tried having a garage sale but was surprised at how few people garage sale out in my area of phoenix. I may have to have you over and you can go pickin! I am glad you have your piles all organized and it feels less stressful. I love your pretty and organized binders! Leslie

    1. Ha ha ha, Leslie I'll have to Pass on the Pick or I'd get all Hoarded up again... winks... my own Purge in Progress is pretty Epic, but I do find the more you Let Go of it becomes to cathartic that you gain momentum and it becomes habitual to get rid of stuff you don't need, don't want or can simply live without! I don't think they're big on Yard Sales here in our new area either, but I'm okay with that since I abhor Hosting a Yard Sale, I'd rather set it all on Fire! LOL Dawn... The Bohemian

    2. I am holding my side laughing so hard, Dawn, because that is just about how I felt by the end of the garage sale, lol, it was terrible, lol! Leslie


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