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Sweet Salvage ~ Green Acres Event ~ Part II

We're continuing our Experience at the SWEET SALVAGE 'Green Acres' Event, which will run thru Sunday Afternoon, so if you want to see it in the flesh, Tomorrow will be your last chance!   I'm still Seriously Jonesin' for this Vintage European Meerschaum Religious Pendant Necklace of the Patron Saint of Dogs... so Unusual!   If only I'd already Sold the Old House, this would have been mine!  *Winks*

There's a New Stylist in the Warehouse, Kari Castillo of RENEGADE REMNANTS and of coarse I'm TOTALLY diggin' this Cabinet of Curiosities Vibe and Styling... just My Thing, right?  *Winks*  So... needless to say this was one of my Favorite Vignetted area of the Show... Macabre Farmhouse... how Fun!  *LOL* 

You will be duly Inspired in fact to see that there are many variations of Farm Styling that can go from Chic to Rustic and every spectrum in between.   Don't limit yourself to one way of thinking about a particular Style, you can always put your own Spin upon any of it and make it truly Unique and Interesting.


Just in time for Valentine's Day were these beyond Awesome Lacy Hearts by Amelia Clements... would Loved to have brought one of those Home too!

What a Romantic Vintage Valentine's Inspired Vignette... I was in Lust with it ALL!  *Winks*  Loved the Vintage Letter Bunting... what a Splendid way to Show Off your Vintage Ephemera!!!  I'm such a Fan of Ephemera that I have boxes of it stashed... and really it's so much more Special to have it on Display, so this is yet another way to incorporate your Collection in a more Visual way to Enjoy daily.

And speaking of Joy... we were Overjoyed that Tim Holtz was in the house this day, he's not only Superbly Talented and I J'Adore his whole Line, but he's such a Nice Guy too!   Here's my Friend Leslie with Tim... and as all my Friends know I'm such a Tim Holtz Groupie and my Studio is packed with his Products, which are all Wonderful and just My Style so I'm exceedingly Partial!  *Winks*

And here's my Friend Kim with Mario and Tim... BTW Tim did a really Fun Live Feed Video at the Event to take you along with him, you can catch it on Facebook... I've Shared it on my Wall... Thanks Tim for bringing everyone along that couldn't be there in Person, so they can all get a Taste of the Experience Virtually!

I was having Extreme Art Studio Cabinet Envy at this Event... so many to choose from... so Wishing I had the Budget to spring on at least one!   I mean, how many times do you even find ONE Perfect Storage Cabinet for your Studio... never mind SEVERAL all at one Show!  And the prices were a really good range for every Budget... well, except my present nonexistent one!  *Le Sigh*

But you know, even when dreaded Budget doesn't permit a purchase... I still get loaded up with Inspiration and have such a Wonderful Time at this Event each Month.   If you too are a Junkaholic like Yours Truly, well, you will definitely be in your Element at each and every Show!

And since the Theme changes every single Month, it's always so Varied and with a great variety of Inventory for every Style and Aesthetic you can possible Dream of!

Of coarse when I see My Style Represented, well, I'm in Seventh Heaven aren't I?   There were some Fab Creepy Dolls so I was Pouty to have to come away without Adopting any of them!  *LOL*

And this Sweet Bird carrying a Wire Basket in my Friend Myko's Space would have gone Beautifully in my Italian Tole Birdhouse!

I have this Thing for Vintage Birdhouses and a Funny Story of when Princess T was about three years old and thought perhaps her Gramma was quite Mad for having Birdhouses with no Birds!  *LOL*  In a Stage Whisper she once asked her Grandpa, "Doesn't Gramma KNOW she has NO Birds?!?"   So I went right out and bought some faux Birds to Appease her and make her Think Gramma might be Normal... Bwahahaha... to which the Lil Darling then says to her Grandpa, "Doesn't Gramma KNOW these Birds are DEAD!?!???!"   Well, so much for Appearing Normal, right?!  *Winks*

Now she's Old enough to actually Like and Appreciate that I'm not Normal and it's such a Subjective way of Being anyway!  *Ha ha ha*   In fact, she's following right in my Footsteps with having a Passion for the Macabre, Wednesday Addams Child that she Clearly is... which goes together well when you have a Morticia Style Gramma!  *Ha ha ha*

Now if you happen to Love Books, and especially those that you cannot usually Find in the Bookstores, the Event is always a wealth of Great hard to Find Books too!

And I'm still Contemplating the Perfect Vintage Industrial Style Ambient Lighting for the New Home.

Vintage Taxidermy is usually available at most of the Shows too, much to my Delight since it's not easy to Source Vintage Taxidermy anymore now that it's becoming more Trendy to Style with it.

And of coarse the Vintage Bling and OOAK Wardrobe it always a Draw for me.

Some of the Cribbed Images from the Shop's Website give a Perspective that I just couldn't give to you while Photographing the Event myself.   Loved this DINE Sign!   *Swooning*   I could see something like that hanging in one of our Courtyards where we'll be Dining Al Fresco. 

And I knew The Man would Appreciate a Vintage Wing Chair Upholstered like this!  *LOL*   Only not U.S.N. , it would definitely have to be U.S.M.C. for him in order to allow it into our Home!  *Smiles*    But a Cool Idea nonetheless and would definitely go with the Vibe we're looking for in our New Home's Decor.

And even tho' I have more than enough Antique Religious items in my Collections, I am always still drawn to them at Shows... especially the European Religious Treasures, which are my Personal Favorites.

This Vintage Industrial Light was certainly a Contender... The Man would have Loved that Vintage Pulley System and the Caged Lights above the Kitchen Island... but I'm looking for something a little more Massive.  {Of Coarse}

Another one of those Vintage Hats that I just Hated to have to leave behind... the Millinery on it was Ideal!   And it's even Black!   PERFECT!   Dammit!   *Winks*

I wanted to Rush ahead and get just a few Panoramic Shots of the Event for you, but I didn't manage to get very many before the swarms of Eager Shoppers caught up with me, since I didn't manage to get there early enough this Month to secure a front of the line Position.  Sorry!

But be sure to come back for yet another Post because I didn't Forget to Secure a wealth of Cribbed Images of those taken by other Fabulous Photographers... and some of my own, not quite as Fabulous Images... you just really have to BE THERE though to get the Full OMG Experience!

***NOTE: Several of the Beautiful Images were Cribbed from the SWEET SALVAGE sites and all Credit extended to those Talented Photographers that Shared them via the Internet.***

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. The religious medal, bug picture, black hat, crucifixes, silver teapots ... these are a few of my favourite things! But I may have to stop reading your blog Dawn, because when I see the prices and know that everything would sell for 2-3 times as much up here, I get too depressed! LOL Especially since I have a non-existent budget these days too! :)


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