Saturday, January 16, 2016

Krazy About Kitsch

  1. Art, objects, or design considered to be in poor taste because of excessive garishness or sentimentality, but sometimes appreciated in an ironic or knowing way. 

You DO know that it's Tacky my Mother used to say?!    Yeah, Mom, but I still totally Dig It I would respond, much to her chagrin!  *LOL*  Mom always had Exquisite Taste... how could she possibly have Spawned this Child that was Krazy about Kitsch?!?  *Bwahahaha!*

It must have come from my Dad's Side I concluded, Dad could also Appreciate the Vintage Hawaiian Hula Girl Souvenirs, Gaudy Embellished Clocks, Carnival Kitsch and the Ceramic Monkey... he owned quite a few... Mom would never let them be Showcased front and center... but Secretly they were some of my Favorite Family Heirlooms!  *Smiles*

Many got 'Lost' during our many Moves, Nomads that we were many things indeed did get 'Lost'... but sometimes I Wondered if the Kitsch didn't get left behind or go MIA on Purpose?  *Ha ha ha*  I do Miss those pieces and have often Searched for Replacement Kitsch reminiscent of Childhood Favs I recalled.

Alas, some Kitsch has become quite Collectible, Hawaiian Hula Girl Souvenir Kitsch can be quite spendy when you can even Find it for example.   Thus I had to Pass on this Magnificent Specimen of Exotic Classic Carny Kitsch!  *Le Sigh*

But over the years I have managed to amass my own Collection of it... even tho' it would certainly cause Mom to Shudder and be totally repulsed by the poor taste of it all!  *LMAO*   It's not bad enough it is so poorly painted she would point out... and made of Chalk of all things...

But some of it has badly affixed random Glitter bits too!!!   She simply could not see it's Appeal to her very Odd Child... hadn't she Raised me better, to Appreciate the Finer things in Life and to know the Good Stuff?   *Smiles*   Well, Yes, she did... but that does not necessarily mean that the Finer things in Life will be Favored all of the time!  *Gasp!*

Now her being Bohemian and all in her preferred Aesthetic I thought she could be swayed... but she was more the very Refined Boheme' Spirit... I on the other hand... well... I could be Tacky on Purpose and thoroughly Enjoy flaunting it with absolutely no Shame or Reservations!  *Winks*

Yes, I could be Proud as a Peacock about my Kitsch... and Covet those Pieces that were Garishly Gorgeous in my Eyes and which many might consider the type of things you'd Re-Gift if you received them as a Present because Lord have Mercy, that's not going on Display in our Home!  *LOL*

Sometimes the Cheap Art can be so Sweet... and what about Paint By Numbered Pieces too... yep, LOVE 'em!!!!!   Own several in fact... mostly unframed and some not even Painted all that well... but Perfect IN their Imperfection and Rawness!

And those badly painted, Glitterized Chalkware Vintage Carnival Prize Pieces... totally Coveted by Yours Truly!   You couldn't buy me a more Cherished Gift to add to my ever expanding Collection of them in fact!

It's akin to owning Cheap Silver Plate... No, it's not the Real Deal, but if you dig Silverized Stuff and Appreciate a Good Tarnish, well, it has it's Place as a Legit Collectible for those who Dig It regardless that it's not Sterling or necessarily Valuable.

So Yes Mom, I DO know that it's Tacky and I suppose I'm not necessarily a Class Act when it comes to Tasteful Decor... or even having any Decorum for that matter... *Ha ha ha*... and I'm Perfectly Content in my Tackiness and Behavior in NOT keeping with Good Taste and Propriety... Blame it on Dad!  *Winks*

And because she Loved Dad and all his Quirks I know that it never really mattered to her in the Grand Scheme of things that some of the ones she Loved could have such Questionable Taste... it was part of Who we are... so this Post is about Celebrating that... Viva la Differences and let your own Aura Shine Brightly even if it be Gaudy and Garishly Bright!  *Winks*


Coming to you with Questionable Taste from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Yay You!! Absolutely LOVE that Indian. I still have our Parchissi game and Chinese Checkers. Better than cardboard Aggravation any day.
    xx, Carol

  2. Cheers cheers! I agree, here is to celebrating your own aura shining brightly....and you do it beautifully! Leslie

  3. You make it all look desirable Dawn!

  4. Chinese Dominoes! Loved that growing up.


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