Monday, January 4, 2016

K.I.S.S. ~ Keep It Simple Stupid!

"I think we should cut off all of my long hair...", she says quite matter-of-factly as Grandpa and I are trying in Vain once again to comb and brush the naturally forming Dreadlocks out of this Child's hip length hair!   She's not so Attached to it you see, as I am, and really, wasn't I trying to Simplify my Life in any way possible for 2016 she Reminded me?   Kid's can be so damned Profound, can't they?!?  *Winks*   And tho' I like long hair on little Girls I Confess hers has become a right pain in the Arse and all my aching joints the way it wants to behave!  *Le Sigh*

And so yes, next Week when I get Paid we'll be going to The Stylist to have it lobbed off... for the sake of Sanity and my aching arthritic joints.  And since The Young Prince and I weren't able to Convince her she'd look equally Adorable with Baby Dreads dangling down her back... even after umteen Pinterest Images of Dreadlocked Perfection that her hair wants to do Naturally anyways!  *Ha ha*  But you could put Beads in it and Dye it pretty Colors, those Dreads, I say...  Nope, she's not Buying it and is not as Enamored with Dreads as I.  *LOL*

Remember how Adorable you looked with Cornrows we said... well, you'd look just as Pretty with Dreads!   "But... I don't LIKE them, they're Ugly...", she retorts... so I guess we're just going with short hair!??!   *LOL*   I must say, I liked Cornrows, that meant no tangles, tears and I didn't have to Fuss with that Kid's hair for weeks!  *LOL*

"I want to Dye mine Pretty Colors!", the Young Prince pipes up now as he peeks at me from beneath the overgrown locks that partially obstruct his face now and remind me of Slash and a Guns N Roses Flashback!  *Winks*   "I want it Dyed Rainbow!", he says... "It will ONLY Cost about a Hundred and Twenty Dollars for John to Dye it Rainbow!", he says so nonchalant you would think I've got Benjamins stacked in my Wallet!  *LOL*  I think the only Color the Kid hasn't had his hair is Rainbow, he changes the Color of those locks more frequently than he changes his Wardrobe or his underpants, I swear!  *Smiles*  It's Brown now but it's been Gothic Black, Platinum Blonde, Golden Blonde, Purple, Green, Blue, Bozo the Clown Red, Frosted, Hi-lited, half and half Colored and every Shade under the Sun... long, short, Shogun, Mowhawk, you name it! 

And tho' I'm not at all as Opposed to Rainbow locks on my Grandson as I am short hair on my Grand-Daughter, and I dunno why... I'll probably Save up for both of them to have their Makeover since I barely Care, it's just hair after all... they could be wanting a Tattoo already instead!  Not that I'm Opposed to Tattoos at all, all of my Grown Daughters and Grown Grand-Daughters are already Tatted Up... I just want Good Judgment to prevail about what Skin Art is Chosen since it's a Permanent Decision, so wait 'til you're all Adults, Okay?!  *Winks*  With the Young Prince if he even washes said hair every so often I'm Happy!  *Smiles... he's Fifteen, what can I say!*

Actually this Simplifying Life Thing and not getting so Worked Up about most Things is Working Out mighty Nicely for me I must say.   Giving up Control, even tho' I'm still pretty much a Control Freak, is not so Difficult when it involves so much less Work!   Ah... that dirty four letter word... Work.   I'm not Opposed to Work either, I just wanna work Smart and not necessarily so Hard anymore... my Stamina is waning as I receive the Privilege of growing Older.

And actually I'm finding that with Aging comes the Joy of not Caring so much that it messes with your Head anymore.   It is quite Liberating not to Care so much about what someone else does, says or thinks or to just say, "I don't Care..." and mean it!  *LOL*   I've always been Rebellious enough, even in my Youth, to March to the beat of my own Drummer rather than Conform anyway, but with Age comes that real Joy of not giving a Damn so much of the time!  *Ha ha ha*

It sure takes the Edge off of Parenting when you're Raising some of your Grandkids and you're not nearly as Obsessed about doing everything Right or them turning out some kind of way as you were when you were a Young Person Parenting!   You know... Parents of a Normal Age for Young Kids!  *Bwahahaha!*   When Princess T drags me Home a Boosted Bouquet I'm not nearly so inclined now to fret over where she got it.   The Interrogation is brief now, so long as she didn't get Caught Harvesting them from the Community Park... and Assures me they weren't Liberated from someone's Garden that I might actually be Confronted by, I Receive her Heartfelt Gift Graciously without a Speech from the Dreaded Soapbox!  *Ha ha ha*

Lord knows the Child has Harvested every damned Flower that's ever been Brave enough to Bloom in my Garden and drag it in as a Present... tho' I am trying to Teach her we'll Enjoy them longer if you just let them be a Living Bouquet in the Garden!   So much for my Curb Appeal efforts, all the Beauty of the Garden has been dragged inside as soon as it is spied and she can reach it!  *LOL*  With the exception of Cactus Blossoms, which are Magnificent, and protect themselves from Fanatical Bouquet Pickers!   This is why I opt for Cacti for Landscape Blossoms, but this New Home came Professionally Landscaped and apparently they didn't have inhabitants like her in Mind!?!

But not Maintaining an Acreage has been quite Liberating as well... on the Simplifying of my Life Journey I've embarked upon.   Sure, I haven't Sold the Old Homestead yet since I haven't even put it up for Sale 'til we cleared it out completely, which was and has been a Project and a half and damned near a Year in the making already!   But The Son and Friends did their Indiana Jones clearing of the overgrowth over there for me and recently emptied out The Man's Workshop Cottage and Adobe Outbuilding to haul away about ninety percent of it to their Homes!  *Yay... Color me Happy!*

You cannot even Imagine how deliriously Happy I was that he finally Trusted us to go thru it all on his behalf, since his Decision making Process is now so Impaired with the Traumatic Brain Injury that he finally came to terms with the Reality that he couldn't do it himself.   I think he was Relieved actually that it's done and he didn't have to Agonize over any of it... so much of it he could no longer utilize or Enjoy properly.   But Letting Go and being Reminded of that Fact was just very Painful... and much less so if we just did it for him and I kept what little I knew wouldn't hold Painful Memories of what Was and no longer Is.   He was quite Content with what little I brought Home as Keepers.

It Helped that The Son and his Childhood Friends, who are like Sons to us since we've known them all their lives... would have it all as our Gift to them for being there for us thruout this Move when they could be.  Rather than Pickers who were willing to Negotiate for it, but which he felt he was Compromising his Value of it in order to Sell his Tools and Recreational Equipment he'd Invested so much in over the years.  It was just too Personal to him to hawk like that... much easier to Gift to those he knows and have been a Blessing to us, especially during a very difficult time in our lives where a lot of Transition had to be made and a lot had to be Let Go of.

It was high Time to Let Go... to Simplify... to Downsize... we all reach that place eventually where it just becomes Necessary and Prudent to Release most of what has accumulated over a Lifetime.  I still Love my Stuff, don't get me wrong... and have the Passion for what the Love Of Old and Rescuing  History one piece at a time seems to be embedded in my DNA... but I don't Keep so much of it anymore, don't Need to and don't even Want to.   Not everyone is a Natural Born Scavenger or the Hunter Gatherer Type and so there is still Purpose to what I truly Feel Purposed to do and derive great Joy from.

I've taken The Young Prince's Advice and given the Eye somewhere to Rest in my Decor now... and who knew Simplicity could be so Embraced by a Maximalist so easily as it has been?!??!   Well, we won't go so far as to say I'm becoming a Minimalist mind you... but anyone who knows me well realizes what a turnaround I'm making in my Style of Living nowadays!  *Ha ha ha*

I even have some Blank Spaces around here!  *Gasp!*  Yes, it's True... and some simple Window Treatments that came with the Home Grace the majority of the Windows and I don't Feel completely Compelled to Create Gypsy Curtains for them ALL!  *Double Gasp!!*   I can even look at a Vignette now and NOT add to it constantly!  *Triple Gasp!!!*

And I don't even Care if something is left Undone for a Change... I would rather go DO something Memorable instead part of the time now!   Does this mean my OCD is Cured??!??!??  *LOL*   Doubt it... but it's a lot less Intense than it used to be, that's for sure!  *Winks*   And just about everything now stays Tidy... now that there is Less of it... which is a great Stress Reducer!   I can even have the unexpected Guest drop by without any Shame or Apology of what a Hot Mess everything has gotten to... because it's NOT a Hot Mess!  *Whew!*

Why Yes, the K.I.S.S. Method is Proving itself to Work out quite Nicely for us and so I'm even more Determined in 2016 to Continue this Journey of Simplifying Life... Paring Down... Culling... Letting Go even sometimes with Reckless Abandon!   It's actually part of the Coming Alive Process for me and the easier it becomes the more momentum is building to break Free of anything Restrictive that I can just cut loose.


And to put things into Greater Perspective... what really Matters... what doesn't so much... what doesn't at all!?!   The Priority of all of that can get so mixed up and muddied as Life plays out.  Sometimes we just Fail to think about it very much and Contemplate what is seriously out of Order in our Lives that needs to get back to Center because we've drifted from our Center too far!?!??!

Sure, there's still some Organized Chaos around the New Home because most of the Art Studio Furnishings are temporarily Stored in the Third Car Garage Space awaiting either Painting Projects or just to be schlepped Upstairs to their Locations to hold it all.   But there's something about even a Beautiful Mess... like all my Beloved Antique and Velvet Fabrics stacked randomly and waiting to be Transformed into something that is quite Lovely to Behold... and so I don't mind so much that they're not yet where they're supposed to be Stored.  I'm not being so Conventional anymore about where things are Stored or supposed to be either.

I don't Care and it doesn't really Matter... and that is so Freeing.  Freeing enough that I don't even Care when I take the Christmas Decor down... tho' it seems to be bothering my little OCD Princess a Great Deal and so she took the Exterior Decor down on New Year's Day with the Help of Recruiting Grandpa while I was at Work!  *Ha ha ha*   With any Luck they'll be bothered enough to do the rest and I won't even have to bother... Bwahahahahaha!??!??

And I didn't even bother to bring the Beautiful Old Ornate Iron Headboard over from the Old Art Studio Cottage Bedroom for the Guest Bed... because I just couldn't get the damned thing apart enough to Transport it... so it will have to be left behind... and I don't Care!   *Yay!*  It's rather Zen seeing the Guest Bed without a Frame or a Headboard on the floor and Simplified so I may just leave it that way actually now.   


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... where Change and Keeping it Simple is being Embraced Daily now... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Have you considered donating your little princesses hair to the "Locks of Love" organization which makes wigs for cancer patients? I love your stack of Velvets right where they are!

    1. That's a splendid idea Marlynne, we'll ask our Stylist... I had thought about asking for the considerable amount we'll cut off and making an Art Piece out of a Braid of it in a Shadowbox, but your idea is much more meaningful. Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. So lovely to discover your blog!
    I'm enjoying the simplifying process lately as well.
    I find it helps me find the really best of my stuff and live amongst that rather than just a lot of also ran stuff.
    Sounds like your move is a positive one.
    My sons have shoulder length hair too, but not so much of the colouring.
    I totally get the whole brushing out the dreads everyday thing, when their hair was longer! Grr!
    I wrote an answer to your comment on my OCD post. Hope you get it! Never quite sure in this interweb world :-) xo Jazzy Jack

    1. I'll look for that response... still figuring out this interweb world myself, often with the assistance of The G-Kid Force! All of my Grandchildren dragged The Man and I kicking and screaming with much Protest into the twenty-first Century and lo and behold, we found we rather liked it! *Winks* Their only complaint now is that I'm such a slow learner... of coarse they have no idea how far we've come, from a Time when there weren't even computers and when they were invented they took up an entire floor of a building! *Ha ha ha* Thanks for returning the Blog Visit, always a Joy to meet New Blog Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. I was going to recommend Lock of Love too. One of my daughters did that when she cut a bunch off.

    1. I think the Locks of Love idea is a unanimous choice for Blessing someone else with something we no longer need or want... my Grand-Daughter does have luxurious hair, it's just a lot to Maintain and it locks up naturally into dreadlocks once it begins to get lengthy. Thanks for stopping by for a Blog Visit Lori... Dawn... The Bohemian


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