Thursday, January 7, 2016

Inclement Weather ~ Weathering Life's Storms

Lately we've been dealing with a great deal of inclement weather, not only here, but across the Country.   It's as if the weather patterns are shifting and it's unseasonably different everywhere across the board!   For us here in the Desert it has been unabating torrential rains and flooding... a Desert cannot handle too much of what it usually lacks... it's just not designed by Nature to.

Desert plants don't like over watering and lately Nature has been dumping too much of a good thing upon that which has adapted and learned to thrive in a hostile arid environment.   I Wonder if everything will adapt again or perish eventually if things remain Changed in a profound way?  I sometimes Wonder that about people too, not everyone is good at Adaptation.  Not everyone has that tenacious Survival Instinct where they morph their way of Being to suit a profoundly Changed environment they must now Live in constantly.

Not everyone realizes that though their situation might have Changed drastically... if it hasn't for others, well, they're not even in the same lane anymore with you... and the course will Change for all of you in very different ways and direction too.   I've been Meditating upon how Nature mimics so many things I might also be Dealing with, Nature is a harsh but profound Teacher, if you're a Quick Study you might have a better chance at Surviving the Lessons.

So the Challenge of too much Rain has come and though some things might be struggling with Coping with all of this unusual moisture they're being hit hard with... others are taking full Advantage of the Storms and Showing Out thru it all.   We can be like that too if we just take what comes and somehow work it to be Beneficial rather than totally Destructive to us.  I usually Grow best during my Storms, it just Forces Growth in me and also shows me where I'm deficient and simply must Change or risk the consequences of not Adapting.

It's also a Fact that it can be a fierce Storm somewhere and yet completely Calm somewhere else, even somewhere close by.   Just because it's battering us here does not mean everyone is being battered by this same front.  It's the Luck of the Draw if you're not going thru the Storm or don't sustain Damage from it... Storms can be random like that.  Life can be random like that too... and what gets hit by more Storms than others Changes how each Adapts and Lives... or what Dies due to the Storms.   Relationships are like that too, I have Lost more Relationships during the Storms of Life than at any other time... everything can Blossom and Survive under Ideal Circumstances after all.

Relationships can be as Fragile as a Butterfly's Wings.  Butterflies are so Beautiful, but I have learned that they can also be very Specific.   Some only feed upon one thing, they all have Metamorphosis along their Life Journey and Look and Act completely different at the Stages they are in... just like some people and the Relationship they have with that which is around them.  It Changes for the Fragile Butterfly People... it has to because of how they were Designed by their very Nature and way of Being I suppose.   I don't profess to Understand the Nature of everything Created, but I do try to realize the Differences probably have Purpose in some Mysterious way beyond my Understanding.

And whether you are a Fragile Butterfly Person or the hardier Variety of Individual that sustains Storms better and so you Weather them and aren't so inclined to have to Bail when the going gets tough because you'll Adapt and stay put rather than move on... it's all Good.   There does not have to be any Judgment nor Condemnation, it's just that Inclement Weather does separate things from those and that which will Survive it and perhaps even Thrive in spite of it... and those and that which will Wither and Die because they don't handle the Changes nor the Storms so well.

Nature and Life can be so Beautiful and yet so Harsh all at the same time.  Some things I Wish had Survived my own Storms have not... including Cherished Relationships with Butterfly People.   Sometimes they did try to Weather numerous Storms, but by the very Nature of how they were Designed it was inevitable that we'd just have to go our separate ways eventually for each of us to fulfill our different Destinies.  I have the distinct Pleasure of having spent Quality Time with the Beautiful Butterflies, but I was never Created to be one... I have had to Morph my way of Being to suit a profoundly Changed environment I must now Live in constantly.

And come to Terms with the Fact that not everything or everyone could remain there with us to Endure the Storms or Adapt to the Changed environment because it wasn't Meant to.   And what has Endured along with us is what we are supposed to be Surrounded by.  It will all Look and Feel very Different than it was... because Change does that to it's surroundings.  And when things Change drastically and profoundly you will find yourself with very, very different surroundings... and people... because some things Survive it... and others do not... and we don't always get to Choose.

And the Remarkable People who Endure those Storms with us and alongside us and remain are what we should keep Investing ourselves in, they are certainly tied to our Destiny.   It's just a Wise Investment to pour our limited Resources into something or someone that has Lasting Power and that same Tenacity to Survive and be there through it ALL.   Those Relationships are all the more Precious because of what you have gone thru Together and come out the other side still Together... without falling out or away along that treacherous Journey you had to go thru during the Inclement Weather and Change.


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... where we're still having some mighty Inclement Weather... and yet, we're learning to Enjoy the Rains and Cold along with the Sunshine and Warmth interspersed... it's not necessarily Bad... it's just Different... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Glad you've had some down time to reflect on the past and future! You express it so well!

  2. Interesting post, unusual for you.

  3. Prolific, philosophical, metaphorical.
    I did not find this post unusual for you at all. This is what my grandson calls my "deep thinking" and is what draws me to you and your outlook on life. It's thought provoking.

    I have found that you RARELY get to choose. You must adapt to changes. Situations and events have a way of changing the way you think. Some politicians are accused of "Flip/Flopping". We must keep our mind open and see that what we think is not the only way and try to see another's point or at least understand it. If we are lucky, we have someone to support us through it all. I think it's true that the strong survive..but it is true as well that each of us have our own strengths.

  4. loved this post. I think the longer we are alive the more we learn to adapt to situations in our life and to learn to stand up for those that aren't right and immerse ourselves in those that are.

  5. Thumbs up, because we can't afford to look at life any other way. Thanks, Sandi, you are always a great read Dawn.


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