Wednesday, December 30, 2015

What Will You Be Seeking In 2016?

Yes, I don't know about you but I'm already compiling my Laundry List of Treasures I'll be seeking in 2016 during my Junquing forrays!

The List will be more Refined and the items more Curated than previous years and that will be Intentional.   No more picking up of items just because they're a Deal.

And yet the Margins will have to be there as well since the only thing I Hate more than Picker's Remorse is overpaying for anything just because I happened to Love it and thought it would Showcase well.  *LOL*

I'll be on the Lookout for more Box Lot Treasures as well... because buying the Coolest Stuff in Volume usually pays off well in Re-Sale.

I will also be Laser Focused upon digging up as many unusual Treasures as I can possibly Find... the Funkier and the more of an Oddity the better.

I want to make it a particular Challenge to myself to Fine Tune my Picks of the Future so that it becomes Second Nature to bypass anything not up to the Standards I've set in my Mind's Eye of what I want to stock the Showrooms with.

Now that they're Purged and I'm totally Seeking to Change Up the Vibe I want the Transformation to be Pleasing to me even if it takes a while to be Received well.

Since I know what I'm totally Diggin' it won't be that difficult to spot it when I come across it and my Hope for 2016 is that the Seed Money for Picks will have increased enough not to have to Pass on any Awesomeness that Opportunity presents!?!

And of coarse I'll still be doing an even deeper Purge of what has been brought over to the New Home and awaits unpacking.   Since it's the better Stuff I was on the fence about parting with during the Epic Move, it will be Perfect Showroom fodder if I decide to Let Go of any of it.  *Smiles*

Rest assured there will be some Letting Go, I've already made up my Mind firmly about that... so there is definitely Inventory Showroom bound from some of those Crates, piles and Boxes that presently are stashed in the Garages.  *LOL*

And I can't wait to Source some Vintage Canning Jars to fill up with Smalls that I Intend to Let Go of and Package in Vintage Containers.   I have this Obsession with Smalls and have more than Enough to Let Go of some now that probably won't end up in my Creative Art Projects.

I like looking at them in the various Containers in my Art Studio Spaces... but it's Time for a Purge of some of that as well to rid myself of the Excess I don't really Need and have an Abundance of.

I'll also either be Seeking the Supplies to Create a Lighting Fixture such as this one for over the Kitchen Island... or have one Fabricated by one of my Talented Friends that Specializes in Creative Lighting Fabrication.   This is the Look I'm preferring overall after pouring over Inspiration Images for Months now of different Fixtures.

And last, but certainly not least, my Hope is that in 2016 we can begin to Seek a Contractor that could fulfill our Vision for a back yard Water Feature as similar to this one as we can manage.  Been pouring over Inspiration Images for Months now too of Natural looking Swimming Ponds and this is the hands down Favorite Visually and for the Purpose we Need.

What will YOU be Seeking in 2016 my Friends?

Here's to us Finding it... and here's to a Happy and Prosperous New Year... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Dawn, we have much in common. The hardest thing for me after quitting the antique business was seeing things I knew were worth more. I finally had to stop looking altogether as I have so much stuff it is coming out my ears. That is another resolution, get rid of all the stuff left over from my junking days. Happy new year.

    1. Ha ha ha... I can certainly relate to that dilemma Donna... our recent Epic Move and Life Change gave me just that opportunity to Purge what wasn't necessary, Loved or relevant... and begin afresh! I don't know that I could ever stop Looking altogether as my Hunter/Gatherer Instinct is just too strong... but I do find that Letting Go is so easy for me that much of it will just pass thru my hands briefly and it was just my Purpose to Rescue or Salvage it... not necessarily Keep it... it always ends up finding it's Forever Home somewhere. Blessings and Thanks for coming for a Blog Visit... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. I love your plans and ideas for 2016. I hope you are able to achieve every one of them.
    Audrey Z.

    1. Well Audrey I Hope you too are able to achieve every one of your Plans, Dreams and Ideas too for this Wonderful New Year's Journey we are just about to embark upon! Thank You for stopping by for a Blog Visit... Blessings... Dawn... The Bohemian


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