Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Visions Of 2016 Dancing In My Head

At the close of every year I get rather Excited and filled with Anticipation of a brand New Year beginning.   I don't exactly know why the changing of a Calendar Year does that for me and seems so significant, but it does and is so I don't try to get too Deep about Why?!  *LOL*

I have been thinking about all of the Changes that have occurred this last year... and actually for a few consecutive years really when I take a look back.   So many of my Favorite Shops closed down and so many of my Favorite Blogs ceased... just like that they were no more... and it wouldn't be such a Void if others had replaced them... but they didn't.

I'm very Glad for those that have Endured though... and I feel as though we have Endured too.  Maybe not the same as we were... but any Transformations have been Necessary and in many ways prompted Improvements and Re-Assessments that I'm Glad about.   Maybe I wasn't so Glad in the beginning because significant Change can be daunting and so different that it takes time to adjust.

I have adjusted just Fine... in fact, smoldering Passions have even reignited and are burning brightly now.  There are things I Expected that didn't come to pass and were rather a disappointment... and things I didn't Expect that exceeded my wildest Expectations... so it all balanced out well even if it wasn't what I initially had in Mind.

I'm finding that if I just Flow with things fluidly and Expect the Best, it meets up with me eventually even if what the current brought my way was different than what I was fishing for.  I've been pouring over some of my Inspiration Books and Imagery lately to see what stands out as a definite Connection?   Because patterns do emerge between what is just Lovely to behold and what you Connect to on a visceral level and is YOU.

My patterns are distinctive that emerge so there's no doubt in my Mind or my Heart what I Connect to at that level.   I'm following that Natural Connection more intently for 2016 because I know it will lead me to where I definitely want to go on so many levels.  Of Feathering our New Nest, filling my Showrooms, Creating my Art, Living my Life and Living the Dream. 

I actually feel closer to Living the Dream than I ever have... days are unfolding in such a way that the Destiny of that is unstoppable and quite evident now as barriers are falling away and no longer getting in the way so much anymore.   Maybe I'm just not paying attention to barriers anymore because I have so much Clarity of Purpose that it's all I'm intently focused upon now, I dunno?

I just know there's a difference and doors are Opening and I'm ready to walk thru some without hesitation or feeling like anything is holding me back anymore.   That is a very good feeling because restlessness was not a very good feeling so I didn't mind it being replaced with something so much more Positive!

I know that as 2016 begins I have a lot of Hope of it being one of the best years ever... and a New Beginning in so many ways that I can't help but be Excited about it unfolding.   The Issues of Life will come as they will... they always do, that's almost a Given... but I'm not deterred by what could or might happen that will be something to overcome and move through.

I've been Reflective and in doing so realize how much has already been overcome and we've somehow managed to move through just Fine already.   As the G-Kid Force matures I'm finding glimmers of new found Personal Freedom emerging for myself where I can carve out more Time to Do Me.   Or to find Time to spend with The Man without an entourage in tow, which is Nice because we've never had that Luxury since we've always been Raising Children Together our entire Relationship.

The Raising of Children has been a Great Joy and Calling upon our Lives so we Devoted ourselves to it wholeheartedly and are Dedicated about Parenting.   But I doubt we will be among those morose Empty Nesters, since almost five decades of it will be more than enough by the time the last one leaves the Nest!  *LOL*   Yes, about eight more Brand New Years from now you can come back and touch Base with me about that, but I'm pretty Sure... *Winks*


With Great Anticipation and Excitement for a brand New Year unfolding... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Love the Excitement and Anticipation in your words! You do have an Exciting New Year Ahead! Go For It! Love Marlynne

  2. Ditto, Dawn. If we don't look forward, we are simply repeating the past...and been there, done that, LOL. Onward! Sandi

  3. Oh so happy the holiday is almost over. January is my time to regroup and renew starting with new paint on the walls. You may never know how you touch your readers and how darned inspiring you are in ways you would never ever think about. At this moment, I am thinking WHY do my walls have to be a muted color!!!
    xx, Carol


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