Saturday, December 5, 2015

Turning Hate Into Love Again...

So... since it has been on my Heart and my Mind to do a complete Make-Over of both Showrooms as a New Year's Resolution, I just couldn't wait until the New Year to begin!!!  We are having a Big Holiday Sale this Weekend and Crowds were already heavy in the Antique Mall... Thankfully some larger Expensive pieces had Sold out of Showroom One-Thirty-Three, so I thought, why wait?!   So you're going to get a glimpse of turning Hate into Love again in the smaller of my two Showrooms!  *Smiles*  I just don't Enjoy Hating anything or anyone, it's such a Negative Emotion and Energy... so I Needed it to be Banished... this Hating of my Spaces!  Love and Positive Energy is always better... ALWAYS!

Yes, who knew that just banging up some Old Reclaimed Boards from the Old Homestead, that happened to have the Ideal Patina of Time and Hues I wanted, would make SO much of a difference to my Psyche?!?   The Man had Volunteered to Help me with the Project and Implement my Vision, though he couldn't see any Vision behind a Jeep load of Old Lumber that I'd swept off and banged the nails flat on before we loaded it up from the Old Place and hauled it to the Mall!??!?  *Ha ha ha*

It was futile to try to explain my Vision to him, he's not a Dreamer or Abstract sort of Person that has any Visions.   "I don't think this is going to Work...", he kept saying... and I kept telling him to Trust me, we were gonna have a Tim Gunn Make It Work Moment once we started banging them up on that Wall!  *Winks*  "You want them SIDEWAYS??!", he was Mystified, Yep, Sideways... and don't Worry about Perfection or making them Fit or Match, I says to The Perfectionist!  *LOL*   Just screw them up there and don't Overthink this thing!   Well, I thought he might lose his Mind doing it that haphazard way, my way, since he was Convinced I didn't know what I was doing... but he Obediently Obliged his Crazy Visionary Wife!  *Bwahahaha*

You see, The Man's Hobby, and he's Masterful at it mind you, is Carpentry and Building things... PERFECTLY... so the very Thought of what he sees as a half-assed Project just banged up there in less than twenty minutes makes him cringe!  *Smiles*   His Motor Skills no longer being what they used to be before the Catastrophic Accident he was so Worried he wasn't going to do it Well enough... and when I told him it was Exceeding my Vision for The Project, I could see him Bask in the Praise!   Because Truly it HAD Exceeded my Expectations... even though it's not yet Complete since we'll do the Finishing Work on that Wall after the Sale.

And I've got enough of this Old Lumber to extend the Project to the Black Wall to the Left, so we'll get to that after the Sale ends and we won't be squashed in there trying to Work on a Construction Project around a slew of Customers coming into the narrow Room!  *Smiles*   Trust and Believe that once a Project begins, Customers are Attracted to the Activity like Moths to a Flame... even doing this, on a Non-Sale Day we sometimes ended up with four or five Customers crowding in to see and ask what was Up?  *Smiles*   Great for increased Sales though so we didn't mind and the Positive Feedback about the New Wall Facade was Encouraging... People dug it!

I'm diggin' it myself actually... I just Love Walls of very Old mismatched Lumber with Great Patina and two or more Colors of Old Paint that is Chippy, Faded and has Knotholes and Old Nails banged flat into the Wood.   I also didn't really Plan it at all, but just look at how much of my Inventory coincidentally Mirrored those Colors of Rust, Off-White and Forrest Green!!!   WOW... it kinda gave me Goosebumps actually!   {BTW: The hideous Art to the far Right is NOT mine, it's on a Wall Space Rented just outside my Showroom... one day I Hope it Vacates and I can Rent that Wall just to have proper Synergy and Flow of my Aesthetic!  Yeah, I'm just that OCD and Anal!  LOL}

Along with existing Inventory I pulled and Styled the Newly Remodeled Corner with... I brought in some New Inventory from the Old House.   I'm really just about down to only having Stuff there that will be Sold and not Kept now, which is handy since it's closer to the Antique Mall than our New Home.  And it's emptying out quicker now I'm slapping prices on Stuff or hauling it off to be Donated.  Just about all of the rooms of the Main House, Art Studio Cottage and Storage Cottage are now empty of contents.  *Yay!*

And now I'm going thru the Stash of Old Lumber and either using it for this Project... taking a few Choice Pieces Home for Future Projects and setting the rest Curbside for Bulk Garbage Pick-Up this Week.  *Gasp!*  I had thought about Selling some of it, and I still might since that Sells quite Well and is getting more difficult to Find anymore unless you're tearing down your own Historic Property.  Here in Arizona they Rarely have a Salvage Team come in and Harvest Old Lumber from an Old Place being Razed, it usually is all just Landfill Bound unless you show up as a Tear Down is in Progress... so I Hate to Waste any of it.   But some of it requires more Work in pulling Screws and Nails than I'm up to, so I won't bother.

This was some Old Barn Wood I Salvaged years ago and was going to put up in much this same way as this... but in the Storage Cottage one day, because I had Dreamed about it becoming a Potting Shed Type Cottage eventually... but Clearly that never actually happened!  *Le Sigh*   It was a Big Cottage anyway so I would have had to Hoard up much more than this... which is part of why the Project never happened... but I'm Glad now, since it's better off in my Showroom Project, right?  Since I'll be Selling the Old Homestead and wouldn't have been able to take it with me otherwise and would have had to start Hoarding up Old Lumber from Scratch again!  *Ha ha ha*

I was Working Tonight at the Mall so before my Shift I brought in some more Inventory after I dropped The Man off back Home and came back to finish Foofing the Space.    I actually Realized I have this complete Obsession with Walls that have Old Plank Wood... and of coarse I'm not gonna be hammering any up here at the New Tuscan Villa, so being able to do it in the Showrooms will Satisfy that NEED for some Walls of MINE to look like this Idyllic Visual of an Old Clapboard House.  *Winks*

Yeah, I always wanted to Rescue one... an Old Falling Down Clapboard Ranch or Farm House, I'm totally Mental that way!  *Smiles*  But they tend to just Tear them Down here in the Arizona Desert and they never come up for Sale. Trust me, over the years I've tried to buy some and make inquiries about Abandoned ones that were so Cool.   The Land they sit on is usually far more Valuable for Development than a Restoration Project of the Old Clapboard Places that Survived... now Sadly hardly any have Survived, even in an Abandoned State of Beautiful Ruin.   Most had a lot of Acreage since they were Agricultural Property, so when an Old Farm or Ranch Sells it's usually going to be replaced with a New Subdivision of numerous Homes... or be re-zoned Commercial or Industrial.  So it's going to be Razed and Sold Off to Deep Pocket Investors and Greedy Developers that don't Care one iota about History and Preserving it!

Besides, though The Man and I still Lust after Old Falling Down Ruins of Property like we always have... we're no longer in the Season of Life to Rescue any and do a complete Restoration anymore.  Remember, in part that is why the Old Homestead is being Sold Off... never got Completely Restored and became too much for me to handle Caring for by myself now that he can't do so much after his Catastrophic Accident.  So, we know our Project Days are over... for those Grandiose Projects that is!  *Le Sigh*

But... we're totally Down for a Twenty Minute Project!  *Ha ha ha*   I think the only reason it even took that long was due to his compromised Motor Skills... in better days he would have had this done in a blink of an Eye!   But I was really Proud of him for sticking with me and actually doing the Job without a Meltdown... his Frustration Levels now are Magnified by the TBI so I never know what might be too much for him to Handle... but he Handled this so well that it gave him renewed Confidence.

Yeah, I know it's not much, but for us it was a Big Deal just because it came Together Well and began the Momentum for Change that has been Overdue and long awaited!    Anymore Small Accomplishments is better than none and it is making me able to Fall in Love again with my Showroom, which IS HUGE!   Because I didn't Like that I had begun to Loathe my Retail Spaces so much that I actually began to Hate them!  Which also meant I didn't want to spend any time in them... which just isn't good for Business!  *Ha ha ha*

When I really Love my Spaces... be they at Home or somewhere else, well, I don't mind spending Quality Time in them doing whatever is necessary and just Enjoying being there.    I could tell that the Energy just Felt more Positive after even this Small Change and Humble Beginning to the Project of Remodeling the entire Showroom.   And after we get the smaller one done... we'll move on to the much larger Showroom One-Fourteen.

The Purge is coming very soon too of Inventory I Hate... it's being Donated and I'm just not Dealing with even marking it down, I want it just out of there completely and only have what I really Want to Sell and Source.   No more of this just buying anything that I know I can make a buck on... that's what squashed the Passion before and I'm just not having a repeat performance of that.   Whatever goes in from now on has to Appeal to me some kinda way... and of coarse also have a good Profit Margin.  *Winks*   I Insist upon making Money on the Buy... I never Buy anything to Re-Sell that I just Love and thus will pay too much for...  if the Margins just aren't there for Resale at a healthy Profit, it makes no sense and I walk away.   

I'm just Glad that MOST of the Inventory doesn't seem to be Stuff I Hate... a lot of the Hated Stuff actually Sold... ha ha ha... I know, Ironically Crazy, but what are ya gonna do?  *LOL*  But there are still some Hated things left and them just being in there makes me Crazy, so they'll be soon Banished... so if you really Like and Want Stuff you think I'd probably Loathe and I might have, better get in there fast!  *Bwahaha!*

Good News is my Seasonal Decor is almost all Sold already... it didn't last very long, most Sold same day I brought them into Inventory actually.   Remnants of Vintage Christmas that was Purged from the Old Homestead's ample Stash of it are still left... but my Hope is it will ALL be gone before Christmas... or it's down the road too, I'm NOT Storing it for next Season!  

Don't get me wrong, I Love Selling Seasonal Inventory, I really do because it makes the Showrooms look like whatever Season, Holiday or Event is being Celebrated and really Creates Ambiance.  But... after the Season, Holiday or Event is OVER, well, I don't want it in there anymore... unless it's so uber Cool or Rare and Valuable that I'll make an exception.

There is nothing left that I shall have to make an exception for tho', so it must go before Christmas... or you'll just have to go Goodwill Hunting for it... and they'll probably mark it up from the price I had on it... LOL... dontcha find that hilarious when Secondhand Stores do that with Donated items?  And what is funnier still to me... is that sometimes they Sell it faster at the marked up price when I couldn't Sell it at all at my Bargain Price... go figure!!!   *Ha ha ha*

And I'll end this Post with a Wonderful Idea that isn't mine at all but was in another Vendor's Booth and Worthy to Share because I thought it was Brilliant and so Heartfelt and Important!   As the Daughter, Daughter-In-Law, Cousin and Wife of Veterans I have to tell you this actually choked me up!   Wonderful Idea and I Sincerely Hope this box of Toy Soldiers empties out and is a Daily Reminder to those that took one...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Good for you and "The Man"! It does make such a difference! I love it too! Ah yes your left over lumber would sell in your booth! Be sure and save some for doing the wall next to your booth that you don't like. Proud of you for jumping right in and getting it done!!!

  2. I really like the new look of your booth! And you're right - a 20 minute project is so much more do-able than a complete restoration! LOL

    I sold some of my old personal Christmas inventory and what didn't go went immediately to the thrift store so I couldn't bring it back into the house! I might do one more Xmas market next year to try and get rid of the remainder. I'm tired of hanging onto things! I've often thought of getting a little booth at an antique mall but I'm just not sure I even have the energy to keep scouting for things anymore either. Pickings up here don't seem to be as good as where you live. I'd have to be on the road an awful lot, and then there goes the profits. :)

    1. Yes, I too am at the point I don't want to hold onto anything not necessary or that isn't truly Loved or mega Sentimental to me. I've even let go of some things that I do Love or were Sentimental just because it seemed time to cull even the better things I've accumulated and were Keeper Quality. Sourcing Product isn't as easy or inexpensive as it used to be but I find the additional Challenge rather Stimulating and makes Scoring something even Sweeter! I Live after all thru The Thrill Of The Hunt and my Hunter-Gatherer Instinct is Satisfied by having a place to flow it all thru at my Showrooms since Lord knows I can't and don't want to or intend to keep it all. *smiles* Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. The booth looks good. My Terry used to do carpentry when he still could and I know exactly how that whole scenerio with the barn siding went. Like your soldier give a way. When Corey was about 4, we woke up to find his army men all over the house on shelves, TV, top of the frig, etc. He said they were there to protect us. We still have a few of them in the hutch. One of those endearing memories that squeezes your heart.
    xx, Carol

  4. I think your space looks great...and will so much fun to work with throughout the year. Love the needlepoint pieces...and the veteran soldiers...are an excellent idea. In our antique/gift mall we had an angel tree...for a local homeless shelter...little super/shiny angels we bought by the gross for 13 cents a piece. We sold them for $1.00 and surprisingly---many went for as much as $5.00...and was an excellent way to raise money. Each angel had a little saying attached explaining where the money went and its own code number so at the end of the month---the donation was all tallied in the mall payout. All the angels were gone by December 9th. So very cool Dawn, I will mention it to my old manager on FB. Thanks, Sandi


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